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Motorways as foodforests, fish farms, free food delivery without Lorries

Growing perennial & seasonal food in new ways at scale between urban areas… it’s easy if we look beyond the present design Across uk 2300 mile long farm linked to france 6000 mile farm linked to Spain – Italy and so on. It’s a way to combine all foods into one big AISLE, it links [...]

City Harvest – demonstrating the benefits of urban agriculture

The Dervaes Family – Urban Farming

  Surrounded by urban sprawl and just a short distance from a freeway, the Urban Homestead project is a family operated and highly productive city farm.     Path to Freedom presents ‘A Homegrown Revolution’ A collaboration of selective media clips which feature their urban homestead and farm which focus on the need of radical [...]

Half Farmer, Half Something Else: “New” Lifestyles for an Eco-Friendly 21st Century

An interesting story from the slow movement.