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Confused by recent events?

Please watch Richard Branson’s 1 minute video and watch Chris Martenson & Jeff Rubin join the dots of the emerging economy that we are becoming a part of. When do you think any government will have this grown up conversation with you, after the next economic crisis, just before the next riots or just after they retire?

If you’ve been in business a while, you know something isn’t quite right.. it’s as though the world is in a Transition phase, mixed signals and all sorts of volatile headlines. You know the crash started late 2007 but at the time no-one of any public significance had stated that the world had used about half of it’s oil reserves by 2006.

But now in 2011 all of a sudden you’ll have noticed.. Distance MATTERS – Of the 37 global risks discussed at the Davos economic forum in 2011, financial instability and oil price volatility are top of the list. So why does this matter for every business in Bolton?

Some of the Transition Town Bolton members are employers, we haven’t been immune to events since 2007 but we are coming to terms with some pressing global realities that caused it and we are sufficiently concerned to take on board what Richard Branson and others are talking about.

At TT Bolton we understand business, and want to see the towns local business firstly come to terms with what Richard Branson and others are talking about on this page and secondly get involved in the design of a new more local or regional economy  in response to what many experts now say is a gradual 2-6% annual decline in the physical availability of oil.

Our advice for business leaders before they make plans for 2011-2015 is to step back a moment, forget what you think you know about your industry and REALLY listen to the problem explained by Branson (1.5 mins), Rubin (59 mins) and then the real predicament by Martenson (45 mins). These 3 video’s could save your health and your business from immense damage. If you take this seriously you may have a chance to adjust your thinking and avoid unnecessary liabilities whilst moving your activities & capital away from risk and towards more useful LOCAL projects.

In February 2010, a group of business leaders (including Richard Branson) came together to issue the government a warning: we’ve had the credit crisis, the next crisis will be a peak oil crisis in 2015. (When he said this, we hadn’t had the Arab Spring or had the Wikileaks cables showing that Saudi Arabia has overstated it’s oil reserves)

The report he mentions is here –

We HIGHLY recommend you set time aside to get a realistic perspective on your business future – Chris Martenson.

Thanks for watching.

UK Crash Course – Part One – Why is the economy still unsettled? 5 minutes.

UK Crash Course – Part Two – 9 minutes.

UK Crash Course – Part Three – 6 minutes

UK Crash Course – Part Four – 9 minutes

UK Crash Course – Part Five – 4 minutes

UK Crash Course – Part Six – 9 Minutes

Jeff Rubin is a leading economist and explains some key business concepts that will drive our business planning in the very  near future.

His book Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the Death of Globalization won this year’s Canadian NBA Business Book of the Year award so perhaps it’s worth paying attention.

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