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Natural & Built Environment

The focus of this theme group is to look at how we can improve the state of our natural and built environment.  The kinds of things we want to see are clean, attractive rivers and streams, teeming with wildlife.  Nature thriving, even in the more built up areas of town – making more green spaces near where we live and work.  Our uplands functioning better and providing us with many of the ‘ecosystem services’ that we take for granted like water gathering and storage, carbon sequestration through functioning blanket peat and bogs, space for wildlife to spread and flourish, etc.

The focus for 2014 – is MASS acceptance in the UK of housing that costs only £20 a year to heat - they are mking these homes in Oldham Manchester. We want to see these go mainstream in 2014. We’d also like to promote Dissembly rather than demolition. This will save landfill and save REMAKING building materials that can go to smaller building projects. Construction firms in Chroley interested too in this new IDEA.


The focus for 2013 was low energy housing

The focus for 2012 will be around bees  – both wild and domesticated – and how to ensure that Bolton helps to support them.  Have we got enough places in the town providing nectar sources for bees?  Where could we plant up more?


Watch this space for information on forthcoming meetings.