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What frequency reverses / heals brain tumers?

Cell   Biology


Before Edison’s light bulb there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment.

Liquid aspirin breakthrough in brain tumour research –

Nikki Boyd, Robin’s sister explained: “Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer with incidences increasing at an alarming rate. Only 14% of those diagnosed with brain cancer survive beyond five years compared to 50% for most other cancers, rising to as high as 80% for others. Yet when Robin was diagnosed, we discovered that research into this disease, which devastates families, leaving children without a parent, and parents without a child, is shockingly underfunded with less than 1% of cancer research spending over the last ten years being used on sustainable, scientific research to discover more effective treatments and ultimately a cure.  That is why we set up the Robin Menary Foundation to raise much needed funds for research into brain tumours.

“When someone you love is told that they have cancer it is devastating, but when they are told that it is incurable and that the prognosis is extremely poor, it is beyond anyone’s worst nightmare.  We should be looking forward to celebrating Robin’s 40th birthday on the 28th May this year and he should be enjoying seeing his beautiful twins, Rachel and Rory – now three years old – growing up.  They are the image of Robin.” -

This from an army officer in Canada

For the last couple decades, countless scientific studies have been warning us of the serious damage being done to our brains and bodies as a consequence of our excessive cellphone habits. The radiation literally fries our neurons, alters our DNA with fractured strand breaks, and causes rising rates of brain cancer, tumors and associated other life threatening diseases. A new study from the British Medical Journal led by Dr. Enrique Navarro concludes that living near cell towers inhibits brain functioning, diminishes memory, disrupts the normal sleep cycle and causes widespread irritability. And an analytical review of all research conducted a half dozen years ago determined that 80% of all studies have determined that a direct correlation does exist between tower proximity and adverse symptoms, tumors and cancer.


Meanwhile, it’s been shown that children absorb twice as much cell phone and tower radiation in the brain, up to three times in the hypothalamus and hippocampus regions, and their blood brain barrier leaks at the smallest traces of radiation. And incredibly kids’ bone marrow takes in ten times the amount of harmful RF waves as adults.

Do you recall the french being outraged that children were allowed mobiles?




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