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Upstairs downstairs – the cheapest homes in the UK.


This is about different ways of thinking to provide affordable homes in areas that don’t flood for families who want to live nearby but can’t because of the lack of imagination in the authoritarian brains of westminster and other inflexible square brain thinking authoritarian head bangers who seem to keep finding ways to perpetuate expensive housing solutions that always lead to tax death & war and other authoritarian outcomes.  No land needed for this design – must be pretty cheap to supply a home then? Woof woof – you’d think so.

Let’s just get this right. No land needed, kickstarts a new light frame buildings that don’t use forests. Uses abundant agriwaste that saves friction over heating gas & cooling energy. Very cheap homes for people who want to live near the people the love and cherish.

There is NO new drinking water so all homes have to have a water income for water saved? Residents can share the income equally thus DELETING thousands of years of shortages of ‘money’ by authoritarian gangs that have left the family in tatters. It’s like a self funding ecological village where you don’t have to vote for stupid ideas every four years.

People want to live near their family and the world is aging.

Take any row of houses that are above the flood zone. What could we do?

Pop a light steel frame up above to take the weight, like scaffold (loads of new jobs).

Put a wire frame together to hold the natural insulated walls as close to passiv haus as possible – so we don’t have to frack the frack out of the fraking frack frack gas heating fraker death tank jet fighter bomber 1000′s of years of tax tax tax tax & bomb kill ‘intelligence agency’ gang.


Fill in with straw.

Clip a facade on it. A fancy one – or a fabric one like this.

If you can get this look – you can make it look like anything but all the buildings behind it are eco dry and cheap and provide new climate jobs. Fund it with the Guernsey bank method until the BLOCK chain and BogBanks up and running that’s been mentioned at the top of this page so that nobody has to go grovelling to a deathgrip mortgage gang.

Is that a reasonable design?


Whatever the flooded high street needs to look like – print it on the facade – leave the guts of the building coming off the Modular Strabale eco-assembly lines owned by the local towns using Water Money as above & their own skills to pay for it – easy to clip n go with any shape you need?

Clip together scaffolding frame – pop the home in – put a facade on? Live up a floor or make new homes back from the flood zones in new ways?

Also – There are NO new trees – lets make some wire kitchens, steel framed upstairs downstairs and wire frames that clip ON big retail to take straw so they are cozy too – AND wire frames for greenhouses down the long farm????

Tata kitchens & long farms or say tata biosphere – made in Wales

If you have a bad STRAW year – here’s another way – there’s always another way – always always.

 Oh – Lowry’s got a passiv studio – do you know. Could be a hospital, a retirement village – something useful to do with old steel shopping centre SHEDS – ha ha ha – all over the world – ha ha ha.

Oohh an airwall – ventilation and insulation all in one block – clip clip clip – good bye mr war zone – goodbye mr frak head.

Would you like a nice cozy building instead?

Wi no war needed to heat or cool them… these passiv buildings stay at around 20 degrees C all year round perfect for young and old people – fantastic air quality with no ventilation equipment needed – you’d think towns and cities & what’s left of global pension funds + the introduction of Dove Sweet banks - would go for the idea? How many Lowry bricks do you need in your town / village / city?

How many new power plants does the world really neeed?

Low energy homes near the long farms – Long Term Plan on steroids x fast x faster = now-ish really?

Saw you in Westhoughton earlier @chrisgreenMP what do you think?

the cheapest homes in the UK that don’t need land or exteeme violence in the supply chain to heat or cool them?

Nice place to aim for asap?

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