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Tata kitchens & long farms or say tata biosphere – made in Wales


Why not try something new with steel?

New industry 1 – New ways to make kitchens – mean new ways of working = new opportunities to develop a new industry & let the forests regrow, a kind of upgrade for the kitchen industry before the easter island story blossoms into global reality – better be quick & makeup before we run out of marg. Hopefully you’ll see the possibilities below? Hopefully :)

Ooh look gromit – they make wire! all those new kitchens & saved forests on the floor – bet that chap walking along ain’t thinking that!



New industry 2 – Making components for the long farms (ideas here here here here here ) .The present way we farm globally is insane x mad + would you like a mushroom for an example?

Hey, you already make somthing that looks like a long farm component – are you sure you can’t make & export the parts for the long farms across europe & work with a few folk to join them up?


New industry 3 – Prefab Passiv – Making clip together passiv spaces to line old old retail buildings for taking care of youngers & elders before too many storms and floods. So if long farm food above is important to feed towns cities, then obviously there will be space to retrofit some of the old buildings? So they can be modified to provide shelter for people? think M&S passiv haus town centre living (we pointed this out a few years ago but obvious things are not immediatley obvious & now there’s anew CEO – passiv elder living way to go? Passiv offers high quality air, £100 a year bills for elders & new water money ATM technology could provide their pension and so avoid planet drilling madness?) So some kind of very energy efficient designs could be made and clipped into existing shells – something has started in yorkshire like this – have you thought about fitting out town centre retail – it’ll be nice when all the cars have gone from towns & people won’t have to breath those horrible fumes 24/7? Back to Steel; Steel is useful because half the worlds forests have gone. Kind of scary but obvious really that uk has water to manufacure these things so it would be stupid to shut down steel if it avoids making plans for a more common sense future across europe where kitchens – longfarms & clip in refurbs could be the main staple of the low energy manufacturing economies.

All of the above will reduce biosphere & financial capital wipe out – forest shredding – war – transportation of food & degrading of agricultural soils and depletions of aquafers to feed some salad or fruit for your half eaten lunch.

While we have the materials :)

We use alot of materials that move around in traffic jams globally – more than we realised but never mind.

80% of the $3.2TN of materials used in consumer goods each year are not recovered !!! @charles_haine @janpaulkimmel

Every Seven years. $3.2TN $3.2TN $3.2TN $3.2TN $3.2TN $3.2TN $3.2TN

Kitchens – are made of shreded forests – we can make them from tata steel and save steel jobs and make forests cheaper than iphones by incentivising toyota forestry things with a permacaulture slant and use way less timber in kitchens in ways we’ve never had to think about before.

The Materials for the new kitchen range are already in towns and cities. The design is not exact and needs help – the smart manufacture is probably within reach of every major town in the world especially if the idea were released open source.

Here’s the basic concept.

Scan the kitchen room. Send the details to the regional wire bender @corecities @gmlowcarbonhub paid for by divesting from oil war – pension pot saved from complete wipe out.

The UNITS themselves are made to last and standard or custom as they are now.

Think wire.

You can bend wire to any shape you want –

So what looks like a shopping trolly could easily be custom bent kitchen & wall units with a thin non timber custom facade/doors – might even have ocean waste cupboard doors & save the ocean fishy’s – more great designs?

Mmmmm? Local design manufacturing and installation jobs in the circular economy. Bye-Pass global forest meltdown and making creative use of steel plants while global forests are regrown so we can breath?


STEEL NOT TREES – VERY STRONG – Lasts a long time. Make Kitchen/Bedroom/Bathroom base cabinets and wardrobes out of it to take the weight of the worktops?

So everyone gets a custom kitchen that does not blow the planet off it’s hinges every day?

You get the IDEA?

Think it over – put a work top on – made of recycled ocean waste – clip some lightweight doors on your food storage – 3d print your door handles or carve them from waste wood?

The wire gives you strength and lasts longer than burning forests – it can be recycled again in 100 years or whatever your design lifecycle ..

Remember what you were told! Listen guys — listen – loosing your future is not like loosing a few points on the stock market

You can take it with you if you grow to love it. But remember the farmers need to be able to get the food to you from the long farm – so developers need to seek permission to install a new kind of income distributed banking technology so that long farms can be put in place  provide your kitchen food and everyone gets paid by not trashing the biosphere 24/7?

A self regulating construction industry that provides affordable housing by including an income with all properties in the form of distributed ledger technology and low energy farming technology.

Wonder if devolution & city mayors get this – hope so?

Wire frame kitchen by Phillip torrone and Jann Jannes dijkstra

Steel frame kitchen – thanks + a waterless bank! :)

Not difficult to imagine wire or steel frames with thin recycled panels clipped to the fronts if you want the traditional look – surfaces are useful in modern kitchens – SO ARE TREES IN FORESTS.

Here is the sort of wire frame internal shelving – could be made pretty universal – easy to clean – take it when u move home – lasts a lifetime – ps we’ll have loads of old metal cars when the oil goes – pimp them rides – please lets survive?

More steel products needed.

Steel in Long farms – long farms link all the old farms up across europe and transport food between towns and cities. They are like a new market farm. When developers obtain permission to make a building, it would be a an ideal time to also obtain new permissions for the buildings to have their own income based on energy and water saved so that real long term capital (ecology energy and water saved) is availabe to for everyone from investments in longfarms for settlements.

Main components needed for the long farm are visible here.

Small guage steel trains to move goods between towns in the long farm.


 A 500 year old washing machine anyone?

Remanufacturing uses 80 percent less energy & almost 90 percent less water than new !! @charles_haine @janpaulkimmel


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