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The longest farm in the world – delivers food for free – permaculture – iot blockchain rfid

The longest farm in the UK is about 2300 miles long.

It’s a new way of farming – trading – storing – distributing food without competing & it provides all that we need – we just have to do it & trust the new design. On the longfarm your grub turns up without the lorry thing like it does now. Weird but true :)

Landowners Property Bankers of old – Gift the social / farming and tech assets into the new distributed os ledger blockchain & get on & make it? Totally open source and everyone can see it working.

LongFarming on the OS Blockchain.

The longest farm in the UK is about 2300 miles long.

In France a 9,500km farm (6,000mi) and so on, Holland?Italy?China?India?Iran?Syria?Iraq?Russia?America? Funny how you’ve never seen them until now… soon they could revolutionise the way you get your food?

Wayback – there were real trees.

Luckily we can put them back – Heijunka – using Car Assembly lines to make forests cheaper than Iphones. That’s part of the LongFarm – but read on.

Speed up gromit you’re boring me.

Now all motorways pass though old forests that became farmlands in the NorthSouthHemisphere and all have motorway service stations on them. All food moves up&down them daily on Lorry Lorries to shelves that you often need to drive to (very old fashioned & lots of waste).

What if they stopped one day – what could we do with all that space?

Eventually… the cars stopped in what was a forest beside what we call a field (that was a forest) if we go to war because we think we need oil they’ll stop even quicker or float around due to margerine dreamers?

Might as well design something better with the mass of tarmac that could feed us? Welcome to the LongFarm :)

The longest farm in the world is what you end up with when you join all the motorways with a variety of polly tunnels over them and grow food in them. You keep a few e-cars for bobbling about in town & down the A&B roads and the farmers send all their crops to what was the old motorway service stations where food is either processed and stored in offgrid fridges to locals or pinged down the vacume tube transport system #iot #rfid where it’s been ordered by whowwwever on the long farm? All transactions can be done in the blockchain down a wire in the longfarm? Those food trays you see stacked at supermarkets would stack straight on the tube transport with an #rfid tag on them and #iot robot would pick them off at the old junction 41 for that event? Hi Mary – here’s yer grub – came from kent, scotland, normandy 4 minutes ago. No Lorry. Fresh off the LongFarm.

Motorway food forests – Grow Useful plants and fungi for – food  – cosmetics – fibres – gums – medicine – building materials… Founding farmers would love it?

Agriculture uses 70% of the earths water – in a long farm we use local water in a loop and this takes the pressure off the feilds and provides new climate / resource saving jobs / permaculture people care earth care?

Funding it is about power and agreements between the same old powerful people that designed the present one – we could pay everyone not to compete by wrecking the planet share the £300TN on his island and build & maintain the long farm in the block chain – everyone in NorthSouthHemisphere is in the same boat so Italy Spain China France Germany India Australia do same – easy?

We could calculate the amount of war – water – oil – saved each (200k + year is the possibly the real ecological cost of our present lifestyle) So pay everyone a new universal salary to roll out the LongFarm a kind of basic income for the people living down the motorways and retrofit the assembly lines to make water saving devices for towns & cities down the LongFarm like washing machines that use 90% less water? So keep all the assembly lines going  just make some new basic products that we all really need? Trains can still take the heavy stuff but a dedicated LongFarm and solid effort could pull us back from the agricultural madness we call farming today.

Plant seeds using some kind of crowd planting idea ?

Park the cars up & retrofit them & ‘bake on parts of the motorways in summers down the long farm?‘ NewYork could grow it’s own mushrooms down the long farm? flying them over 7420 miles just ain’t possible?

When your loafs ready – in summer it’s fired up the vacumme transport system to market in minutes – no lorries?

70M of these pointing at the sun in summer time = 70M baked loafs without blazing gun battles for Gas or Coal – ping down the LongFarm? Ok may need a bit of gas in winter – but much less.

Fish farms – every roundabout could be a massive spiral fish farm? Sorry if you’re Vegan – how about we talk the some of the dairy farmers around to something new?

Every roundabout could be an Algae protein food farm in the long farm – very easy for humans to digest – high protein – no VET – No winter feed needed – no moo moo or baa ba black sheep no sheep ruslers no anti biotics – just pure protein growing away next to your long farm close to market – where protein keeps ppl alive – while the farm lands & soils are healed and some re-planted with a permaculture of pppperenials?

While yer doing that install the new opensource factoriesfire these amazing designs down the longfarm to where they are needed?

Out at sea but still part of the LongFarm network – 3D farms also clean millions of gallons of ocean waters daily

Up the LongFarm at every old motorway junction – it’d be normal – Seeds treated with bacteria sprout 50% faster & Roots Grow 3-4 x bigger with less fertiliser….

How your ancestors farms shaped your thinking – can you snap out of it? Yep you sure can :)

Welcome to the age of the LongFarm :) have a great day

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BLOCKCHAIN + #iot + #rfid on Motorways as foodforests, fish farms and SLOW transport.  :)

Negative emissions @MAC_europa @blindspotting @wef  @JohnKerry Leaves room for NewFoodchain


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