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Farming in the BLOCKCHAIN using distributed ATMs.

Maybe you’ll like it- an offgrid bank that generates electricity & powers it’s own blockchain ledger that could pay for a new way to join farms & move food with way less oil moving farm ‘produce’ at 800mph without oil – all powered by accounting for each litre of water saved daily in the long farm.

Key building blocks are the human agreements needed to glue it together.

Seeds (some of which are hidden in the seed bank) & Bacteria + More Perennial Crops + Aerial ropeways to the hyperloop + iot + rfid + water + design + assembly lines.

Farming in the BLOCKCHAIN using peer to peer ATM.

We’ve tried all sorts to keep track of money from shells, tally sticks, you name it – Here’s the old ledger incase yours blows out – it’s called an abacus - thats your account.

The new distributed off grid bank is a waterless toilet that powers & credits it’s own Distributed BLOCKCHAIN LEDGER with the value of ever liter of water saved by the act of  sitting down daily.

So now you have your own account, you can link it to your phone or a debit card and participate in life without having to go to an ATM.

Sitting down. A banking qualification that we all have.

There’s even a new law that’s been passed that pays people not to use UTILITY rather than paying the ‘producer to increase UTILITY seee below.

Getting bathrooms offgrid is becoming more and more important with mass migration, global flooding and drought. You can also move them around up and down floors if towns flood.

If this is done properly – all properties would have their own fixed income based on saving the most valuable commodity in the world. Fresh drinking water.

Property portfolios hotels etc with their own water saved income – shared with tennants fairshare – as a landlord it works? It’s a permaculture design.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea for offgrid banking with it’s own debit card came from a trip to Brighton. It’s an electronic version of BLOCKCHAIN that’s tied to something real that’s needed in all flooding or dry water stressed towns and cities. Think BATM your own ATM. You could even call it BOGCHAIN if you wanted to laugh about it. A toilet bank is not a daft idea – considering we’ve made the world into one – what is the first thing you need in the land of milk & honey? Water and shade and a waterless looperhaps we can begin to consider the way it can be used to finance the backpedaling from our industrial linear ways?

Is it legal?

Is being paid for saving utilities Legal – yes here is a recent case.

In a recent Legal case – another precedent has been set – in America people can now get paid for NOT using utilities.

“by paying users to dial down their consumption rather than by paying utility plants to ramp up their production.”

A legal precendent has been set – Water is a utility and a global one at that.

Welcome to BATM?

So we have a new legal precedent based on water saved – are you ready for watersavedcurrency?

For every litre of water saved we agree to pay households $£€ wwwhatever value.

Water saved is one of the only ways to tie water savings into the fabric of our lives every day – You have a hotel chain? – people will come to repair the soil and re-build – remake forests using the toyota method – cheaper than iphones? Can you see? We can all move around doing things that work & still get paid – our old occupations as such are no longer available unless we want to MASH the planet… but the new ones are endless :)

Then we mass manufacture BATMS on the old car assembly lines & retrofit the motorways to long farms

Automated opensource Abacus ledgers will link BATM to BATM without global riots and violence #iiot #3dprinting #4th UN-dustrial evolution anytime anyplace anywhere.


Industrial Farming and the old supermarket model as we know it will be forced to change – landowners will be forced to agree new ways of using landscapes and working with others at bioregional scales – using the bees and bacteria to raise crops and trading clearly in the Distributed Ledger BLOCKCHAIN – money has to be linked to healing & to ecological savings linked to our everyday needs and actions BOGCHAIN BATM – is worth more than gold or oil or warmongery usery fakery.

We can no longer afford to hide the temporary HFT shareholders of corporations & their destruction of the global commons & related crimes against humanity.

Lets talk about ideas to repair earth. Gift land and tech into the longfarm batm.

Blessings to Dove Sweet Banking & equal pay for Wo&Men :)

Escaping the present transport design

At a local level anywhere – it’s simple to get crops from farms to market without trucks or oil. The first step needs an arial ropeway.

We’ve already got simple technology – it works all over the world… no matter – if you are on the flats or up in the hills.

Cauliflowers not coal :)

We’re  now down by the old motorways where lots of seasonal food is grown as and when it’s possible food processing at the old motorway service stations.

Just by the old motorway junctions and at the old service stations do some food processing & earth bank storage then…

Ping – this is part of nutrastructure – it transports grub without lorries or war. We can all help build and maintain nutrastructure?

Can you see the Abacus BATM transactions in the motorway hyperloop?

Check the vine firing Cauliflowers 800mph :)

1. Nutrastructure is in everyones interest – it’s a common asset -  Repairing agriculture using permaculture & delivering those goods to market for free – small organic bioregionalpropogating useful plants at scale in bioregionsseasonal baking when the cars hv been retrofittedconnecting long farms -

2. Manufacturing – but not as you know it based on new skills :)

3. New Health service – only possible by usshering in number 1.

4. New ways to manufacture components for structures … & ways of doing it in our present towns and cities crowd printinganytime anyplace anywhere

5. New ways to travel. with families slowly – through nutrastructure – making water & shade in the deserts

6. Get paid to – remake forests using the toyota method – cheaper than iphones? Can you see? We can all move around doing things that work & still get paid – our old occupations as such are no longer available… but the new ones are endless :)

Big storms like haiyan chennai storm desmond whatever are the results of 300 years of linear trading ideology & leave communities battered and offgrid – having this BATM increases everyones resilience to bounceback and repair things every day in non industrial ways.

Automated opensource Abacus ledgers will link BATM to BATM #iiot #3dprinting #4th UN-dustrial evolution anytime anyplace anywhere.

Yes this simple throne has all the elements needed for real liquidity in the distributed ledger BATM blockshain.

She lives on Dove Sweet – where all the Angels tweet. I wonder what they do in there – praying for heavens to open on earthlings to care.

She lives on Dove Sweet.

The 12 steps down from our high energy thrones & the more utility we save the more we get paid.

Blessings to water saved money :)

Them potatoes just got a speeding ticket passing though france :)


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