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The Guernsey banking method… to pay for new ‘infrastructure’?

#flint or any other place on earth

We all live in 200-300 year old towns and cities that were based on old fashioned ways of doing things – like old sewage&water systems – gradually the limitation of this way of thinking are coming back to bite us everywhere.

Lets say you have 33,000 residents in one of these many places.

With the agreement of the locals you could create a locally acceptable legal agreement based on a whole new way of doing things that was self funding and did not involve bank loans and tax. Ok you might get some angry power or money bullies saying you can’t do it , but it’s not their lives that are at stake.

Lets go back to how it worked before banks.

What you do is apply the Guensey experiment to #flint or your town and create a local fund out of thin air to revive your water systems and new jobs within that agreement (like central bankers fed @bis_org do but without interest).

You look at the future drinking water needs and the many new water saving devices and jobs for #Flint and you make one big Guernesy loan at no interest – WRITE that amount of FLINT Dollars into your FlintDollar Ledger and that is what drives the local Flint assembly lines and you get clean water and new industry and much less aggravation. Do the whole lot. Cut out the usary. As long as locals agree to it – then it’s legal – they are agreeing to help manufacture and use a whole lot less water in a whole new way in return for being paid in water saved money (part of the guensey loan – open a ledger in the state councils building or post offices and that’s that – you’ve created a local loan paying people forward savings – no bullies – no gangsters – that drives the results needed across the region – simple) – If you are smart you’ll write an annual income into the FLINTDollars fund for every one – a bit like the game of thrones ideas a few years ago. That way everyones got an income while the old Dollar+interest system goes away – BUT you’ll be basing your economy on water saved ideas & products rather than quantity of water extracted and sold to residents (that’s the old brain 300yr old dino banker thinking).

If you look forward you’ll find that one decision is what saves #flint from evacuation & abandonment. Eventually & quickly you’ll get clean drinking water to Flint residents without ecologically or financially killing the residents off and without driving the residents away from Flint. The key is using Guernsey methods to create money & reviving skills in the new local economy not the global usary way where things come from far off & yonder at great ecological and financial usary engineered cost.

All settlements based on extraction based tax & usary have to abandon them at some point. They all become unworkable – it may mean counselling or anger management classes or outright jailing some of the most aggravating financial bullies in the region or at national level – you may already know some of the angry bullies involved – we have them here in our region – it’s an old way of thinking.

The Guensey money experiment was how they managed before global banking bullies took over & it’s time has come again.

Have faith in new ways :) counselling or anger management classes or outright jailing some of the most aggravating financial bullies in the region or at national level.

Simple actions

A. Find out the real cost of the membrane water system from Dow – for 33k residents it can’t be that expensive.

Lets say its X and you carry on with the X economy as per last 300 years.

B. Find out if residents want to be paid to save water by making water saving devices (new climate jobs apprenticehips etc) put a real value on water saved of at least $1 a litre saved and if the new bathrooms and toilets and kitchens use an embedded 100,000 or 200,000 a year savings then write that into the FlintWaterDollar Guernsey Loan? Every kilo of beef you don’t eat saves the local farmer FlintWaterSaved £18,000 – Water Saved is your new income in a world with less and less water.

Work out in Water Saved what is most beneficial for people living in Flint who want to live there with clean water and new jobs – but without usary.

If you adopt waterless washing machines & toilets and some AD cooking gas – You should find that the water filter from Dow will be making less drinking water – and so the cost of A will reduce and Economy of Flint will be RISE as it regenerates itself after 300 years of the same usary & bullies that Guernsey nearly got away with.

Lets call this new Guernsey based economy Y

Put these ideas to Flint and discuss X & Y economies & vote for the one people think will work. You may need help from other towns with manufacturing some things but that’s ok – they too might adopt similar trades and ideas – anything that does not involve falling out with everyone because of financial bullies who are ecological vandals from the extraction age of thinking to put it mildly.

Thank God for the Geurnsey experiment.

Godspeed & God bless :)


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