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Modular Strawbale on stilts for flood zones…

Something is needed that supports construction & living in flood zones so that those communities are above the water? This has to be a cross party gov issue and industrial priority – could create a whole new industry that never existed before?


Take something like scaffolding

Fill in with straw. Up one floor to save flooding.

Clip a facade on it. A fancy one – or a fabric one like this.

If you can get this look – you can make it look like anything but all the buildings behind it are eco dry and cheap and provide new climate jobs. Fund it with the Guernsey bank method until the BLOCK chains up and running.


Whatever the flooded high street needs to look like – print it on the facade – leave the guts of the building coming off the Modular Strabale eco-assembly lines – easy to clip n go with any shape you need?

Clip together scaffolding frame – pop the home in – put a facade on? Live up a floor or make new homes back from the flood zones in new ways?

Fancy facades if you want later.


If you think about construction for smaller projects, they compete for the same materials that big housebuilders do. Big housebuilders have ordered all the bricks up and have them sat in yards waiting for new estates to build in the many flood zones.

Eveyone knows that construction grade sand has run out (google sand wars) and so conventional materials for all builders on the planet are at risk.

Have you thought about StrawBale? UK has enough waste straw to build 500k homes every year… Building with natural materials is a practical solution and putting natural materials back in forests is a complimentary activity too – planting forests cheaper than Iphones works too :)


It’s obvious that if permission to build this was has been given, that permission to change building can be given – it’s obvious.

We need a new way to adapt live in and around flood zones. It can’t be based on repeating bad ideas – realistically – we need a whole new open source building code and supplychain for flood zones – it can’t be attached to the old ways.

Flooded land has no value and therefore should have no rent or mortgage.

We need an open source freezone freeport R&D fund to get the next buildings delivered. Perhaps cancel the morgages and rent in the flood zones and direct it to this new venture – perhaps PMQ’s are about asking how relevent parliament is if towns are drowning?

The local council, landowners and central government will not like it but it has to be said – the age of the mortgage is over. This is an opportunity to repair our way of living by creating something new. Fund it by cancelling the morgages and rent in the floood zones and or mixing that idea with the Guernsey experiment?


* Cliptogether housing frames – new eco climate jobs – Revolutionary steel treatment paves the way for radically lighter, stronger steel. That could be used in new scaffolding kind of ways?

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