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Motorways as foodforests, fish farms, free food delivery without Lorries

Growing perennial & seasonal food in new ways at scale between urban areas… it’s easy if we look beyond the present design :) Across uk 2300 mile long farm linked to france 6000 mile farm linked to Spain – Italy and so on. It’s a way to combine all foods into one big AISLE, it links the farmlands into it and all the developments where old food used to retail can be used to move people from flood zones? Lots of energy & Conflict saved?

Agriculture has the number one planet burner – using larger quantities of water than needed & how about seeds that grow 50% faster with roots 3-4x bigger & yeild 70% more – we’re loosing 10 tonnes of soil per person per year with current annual plough farming – have you heard of NOTTILL ARABLE where you don’t need a plough? – Then we drive beef, salad n milk 1000′s of miles – some ideas below…

Lets remember  what the M1 looked like in 1968 -  oh yes, it was a farmers feild. Time to rewind a little & upgrade our thinking? It doesn’t require any major world wars – lots of new occupations assembling the permaculture longfarm?

Inspired by Alissa Walkers modest proposal of banning cars…. so how else could we move the food from the farms?

Take a motorway

Cover it with industrial grade polytunnels, greenhouses etc. So it’s one long farm.


Grow alot of food in it close to towns and cities and like Oxford Real Farming conference have been saying…

The current agroindustrial food system is “serving the world so badly it needs to wither on the vine,” said Colin Tudge, founder of the ORFC.

Calling for a complete rethink of the way we farm and cook, he said step by step reform of the status quo would not address the crisis in the global food system, which currently leaves a billion people worldwide chronically hungry, another billion suffering from food that is not fit for purpose but makes them ill, and endangers many species and wild habitats.


Since Poland’s new government was elected last October it has moved to protect the country’s 1.3 million small farmers, writes Julian Rose. First it freed those arrested for protesting corporate land grabs, now it is seeking to lighten oppressive hygiene regulations, and next it may support a new Food Act that would ban GMOs, and legislate for national food security and food sovereignty. More on how they did that

There are about 800 varieties of tomatoes we could grow in cities – or on motorways :) – but big ass vulture agriculture only grows the ones that travel on lorries for thousands of miles or look good. & these urban farms receive 500k of free energy every year.

Re-inventing the greenhouse – Picture D – imagine the motorway down the middle.

And not just tomatoes…

FISH too ..

Aquaponics is a combination of Aquaculture (rearing fish in tanks) and Hydroponics (growing vegetables in water, not soil). It is a sustainable way of growing food.

It is a sustainable way of producing food because the fish and plants work in harmony – the fish produce waste which provides the nutrients for the plants and the plants soak up the nutrients leaving clean, fresh water for the fish.  Once the system is up and running, no extra water is added (apart from small amounts to counteract evaporation) – the same water circulates around and around. Thanky

So the plants on the old motorway embankments & special crops in the local feilds could could feed the fishy? Maybe.


At the old roundabouts or down the sides of the old motorways – it’s not hard to imagine a fish canal with floating food. Can you see those #iot #rfid trays en route to urban centres?


Seeing old motorways as food growing areas that already link all the farms up too!

Add HighspeedTransport down the centre & OFFGRID EARTHBANK FRIDGES near the old motorway service stations. Free transport & space for food processing.  Free food delivery up the centre a high speed vacume transport system for all the farm foods?

PING 4 minutes (whatever) and food’s delivered from Scotland to Italy? Jerico to Wigan?Washington to Canada?Whatever.

LowSpeed TOO :) @hs2ltd

Down the side of the old motorways there were a simple train track & you could get off at the next town up or down and walk though a jungle of food into the village.

It were low tech but super effective. It didn’t compete with HS2 so Patrick Mcgloughlin our transport minister didn’t have to worry & he saw the benefits for local farms to get involved in local food chain & hopefully understood the food security issues of our times – it were called LOWSPEED TOO and it were based on common sense & simplicity. We only had to get a few junctions down so it didn’t need much and with it being in the polytunnel we didn’t need expensive carriages with fancy price tags.

You could load up wi yer tomatoes n fish n algae proteins (hang on gromit – that’s for later) & go home without getting the car out and without worrying about getting wet.

Keep it simple.

Zooming down polytunnel food corridors next to local farms with lots of local fresh food rather than zooming down supermarket aisles? Even more space for cheap housing in non flood zones where old redundent food retailing ideas were taking up valuable space & wasting planet wrecking energy?

Oh – those super foods your local farmer is growing :) :) :)

Have you seen the new superfoodALGAE farms that could complement the polytunnels?

Glad we got rid of the old landfill culture – in UK we need 6,500 waste firms to cope with the adverts on TV for stuff you chuck that were badvertising that were but it kept alot of fake jobs going and made the financial centres of the world look affluent for 20 years or so.

Fancy a local home that costs £20 a year to heat? Ask your construction companies why they don’t build like this… on the sites where the old supermrkets were.

Love the new offgrid bankseveryone gets paid not to waste essential stufflots of new occupations now we’ve got a much more balanced economy – knowing that the purpose of finance it to make these things happen not to destroy the natural world & call it and economy or wealth.

Thank to St Mary’s flower park for the low speed train inspiration … :)


Why don’t we compromise on creating more food at a much more robust local industrial scale, loads of new occupations adapting local infrastructure that we’ve already got? Great fun ?

Punk Economics – The Global Food Economy

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For dry regions. check the oleifera tree. Another nutri food. Spain? North Africa? Jerusalem?



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