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Using water scarcity to evolve our thinking as a civilisation?

Hi George, @LATimesSkelton @waltersbee @davidsiders i was tempted to just send you a link to a single post about how we could step into a new economy that gives people a very good income based on the quantity of clean drinking water saved and use that to re-make undoo – repair our souls. I accept that this is a u turn from lending money to keep extracting stuff we haven’t got – putting it on lorries – discounting it on shelves – landfilling it – reporting quarterly earnings. Going to the baseball / football match. Ooops ran out of everything.

It means we have to see past out historical differencesget out of out old view points before they break every family, town and city on mummy eartho.

You don’t have to worry about old fashioned politics – it melted away – check england -  two articles sum it up – the politics of soulthe only way is down.

& that brings us to …

Dear California (groundwater), London (square brain farming floods), Middle East (groundwater), India (groundwater), China (groundwater beijing big pipe from south), San Paulo (amazon), do you know the logging gangs of the Amazon & the droughts caused by lack of rain?

Check the lasted City 12M people – #sanpaulo water

Can we work together as one family – not selling each other a wooden table from Amazon or indonesia to keep our ‘economies growing’ … insane.

We Share the same planet – we all need drinking water.

But we live in post industrial society that’s struggling to come to terms with the reality of radical but advanced simplicity.

Stuck on a banged out economic roundabout wi crocky old signs pointing to post industrial factories manufacturing landfill for cities that have no water… no idea how to grow potatoes and herbs or spices -  a political system with financial interests in the above collapsing dinosaurus-man system… That’s why we need to EVOLVE fast into the circular economy – got nothing to do with ‘growth’.

What would be sad – is to see civil breakdown at city wide levels – cities collapsing because the consortium rash people fund the peacock people who just keep rabbitting out the same old peacock people story margaret – t-blair – cameron – cartoon with extra poo topping each week.

Once in a lifetime :)

Don’t forget the lessons the hill tribes left – how to farm hills the easy water way and scaling that idea up

Wondering what to do with them old motorways?

God bless :) :) :) its so funny – laugh all away – get on with a new day – a new dawn for civilisation :) :) :)

Yours @TTBolton

ha ha ha – from Lancashire.


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