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She lives on dove sweet

The worlds first offgrid bank could be a way of basing our economy on NOT extracting daily amounts of revenues from everything that moves but on saving enough of the the one vital commodity called WATER that all cities need and using that as a citizens income to drive the economy in a new direction without fear or violence?… With the water saved income a new way of farming could be introduced as the oil age fades in our memories and motorways become longfarms?

Yes it’s very different but a 12 year old warned the UN 30 years ago

“Loosing my future is not like loosing an election or a few points on the stockmarket.”

“I’m only a child and i don;t know how to fix all these things, but i want you to realise, neither do you.”

Ecological destruction is slow, complex, and doesn’t change much on a day-to-day basis — making it poorly visible to the key decision makers.

She lives on dove sweet

With lovely stickers on the ground. Around thi edges herbs could be found.

Wonder whats under thi cover – oh yeah – flash flooding causes floody offshore tax avoiding coporations sewers to flood so that towns and cities in every nation swim in summer time poo.

Even the owners of the corporations have to breath the same air as everyone else, their cities are dying their children too. Can we change it with a new waterless loo?

Don’t get political Gromit – it’s a dogs life remember :)

At least you knew what you were voting for – whoever you voted for.

There were red hell blue hell yellow hell and green hell and every shade hell – 50 shades of it actually.

Every four years.

Come on Gromit – looks like yer need a drink.

Ok then…

Looks like thi public don’t drink – what a good idea – no drinks companies. Just clean fountains.

No drinks waggons blockin thi streets. Every driver on 250k a year fer sittin on the new waterless loo.

Thi were very busy people in Brighton & all the litter were on this drivers seat.

Pebble Power – it were a 3d printed power station in thi end of the pier – that’s more like it Gromit.

Donkey money is just perfect for having the time to get these things up and running anywhere on earth.

Eve were on thi beach – smart welded to it – them temperatures were risin n dryin soils n water supplies so fast that people could not get their brain around the fact that 30% of the earth woould soon be desert and at least 300 million people in so called ‘developed countries’ were just waking up to the new ha ha ha ha REALITY  – Doctor Doctor please were a popular service because we could all move about n adapt to the new smart welding sun welder – loads more chance of us survivin wi doctor doalot.

In Englando thi were still arguing about PFI contracts – ha – pointless. Check how many London Hospitals have no value.


At least there were real theatre people that made yer laugh yer Donkey off.

They’d’ signed up n got 250k a year fer the rest of their lives for sittin on this new bog. when the storms came in at least they had a few quid to spend in the ecological economy and their phones wd charge n play music n make a brew n the water saved could go to agriculture + fertiliszzzor fer that stuff called food – there were some new public balconies goin in around Brighton n Hove (down a bit) being made using the crowd printing idea.

Lets just take stock of the offer.

the Tsiky Toilet uses Loowatt’s patented technology to harness value from human waste by producing energy and fertilizer. Easy to transport and simple to install, the durable Tsiky Toilet is suitable for cities.

The Tsiky Toilets provide clean, safe sanitation, electricity & hot water.

Well – that sounds useful if there were a major storm n blackouts – but that doesn’t ever happen on this island does it Gromit?

ha ha ha

Just think its that easy on RED BOTTOM DAY 7th May :)

Whatever you vote for you can also sign up for this and we’ve instantly created REAL ECOLOGICAL CASH & demand for the assembly lines.

We can easily make our own 0% debit card type system so we can just carry on as if nothing has changed – except you could pay researchers in hospitals – buy a new guitar – you name it – never ever get  a loan again or be financially raped all your life.

Fit 2 to an old bus like this and you’d have 500k a year coming in forever to rejuvinate agriculture n be useful.

They could have their own self powered bank ledger in each of them and you could swipe yer card near one to pay it or withdraw from it.

ha ha ha

A bog bank.

Always earning money and always available to trade wi in new ways – Gromit that’s very foxy woxy.

So what you’re saying is that 7 billion of these we could make over the next few years could rip ALL of the existing cash machines – computers servers – power stations – offices full of bank staff – keyboard imputters loan forms – credit card fraud – financial journalism offices – security hacks – software licencing fer old CROCK – police raids – armed robberies – divorces broken families – forced prostitution – child trafficking for cash – gang warefare over territory to sell drugs – car loans – mortgages – voting – you name it. GONE forever so we can repurpose thi lovely Mother EArhto…

Hell yes :)

We had to consider our options at the election.

Every van a bank.

Every boat a bank.

Every flat / house / school / hospital / office block / policestation / football stadium – hotel chain – a bank – you get the picture wicture?

ha ha ha

Hell no.

And you say all we have to do is go along to a church or cafe with your mates and create a list of how many BOG BANKS you want ?

Aye – wi like making things simple in Bolton.

Don’t mess wi us  or you’ll end up wi a BOG bank on yer head.

We were gettin’ Foxy …

Crikey MI5 are in Horwich Gromit,

Thi not undercover anymore – looks like thi might be sniffin around considering thi greatest evolution since the flushing bog.

Sorry MI5 FXX – i didn’t mean t’ chase yer – i’m just a laughin guy. :) :) :)

Would yer like a BOG BANK on RED BOTTOM DAY?

Give yer 2 if yer want em :) tell all yer mates too :) pretty soon we’ll be the world biggest offgrid branch network :)

The only banking qualifications yer’ll ever need to be able to s*it!

That’s just blown a few fuses Gromit – we’d better stay low fer a while.

Slatt bottom curls – they make the off grid banks go round :)

oo heck… it were a nose job.

She lives on Dove Sweet … where the balconies reach right across the street – children play safe up above as the lekky bikes wiz around town… stakk up some olives trees n hang around dreamin up thi water power station designs. Miniature freigh farm slifted up there or on thi roofs? If it snows thi road is still clear?

She lives on Dove Sweet -  do you?

Same :) bigger freight farms on thi  flat roofs?

Remember – without water nothing has value. Do anything apart from four more years of nothing.

Comin up soon – 7 trees, an hours work and you’ve got food for life. Here’s one in Hove.

PING em all over. Now you’ve killed the man off.

Every day :)

Lowry once noticed how alone we all were – even though we were surrounded by people. He’s watchin us :)

Of course we now know it was designed that way a long way back.

Together again lets brake our various prisons n laugh :)

Strange days :)

Just to be clear this is a non private and non governmental bank controlled by the people.

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God bless thi :)

If you like this post – it’s the result of billions of people hurting really badly in the present system.

For 8 years our tiny SWcompany (webshak) have sponsored hosting – film events – research – @TTBolton asking why we tear each other and the planet apart to keep a roof over our head.

Very very grateful.

The worlds first offgrid bank could be a way of basing our economy on NOT extracting daily amounts of revenues from everything that moves – instead – get paid not to do that but to go into reverse & retrofit our towns and cities…

Could make various interesting changes to economies.

1. Providing people with an equal income for all based on saving water – if you have 1 bathroom = £250,000 a year every year. If you have a hotel = rooms x £250,000 a year. If the Hospital has 200 bathrooms = 200 x £250,000 a year – If you have a camper van fit one and get £250,000 a year – you get the picture? If you have a boat with a bathroom = £250,000 a year EVERY YEAR. If you rent a flat the landlord has to give at least half of that £250,000 to the tennant. If it’s a family – perhaps they need to give 70% to that family and in eqaul share to Wo&Man Wo&Wo or M&M?

2. Repairing agriculture using permaculture & delivering those goods to market for free – small organic bioregionalpropogating useful plants at scale in bioregionsseasonal baking when the cars hv been retrofittedconnecting long farms -

At a local level anywhere – it’s simple to get crops from farms to market.

We’ve already got simple technology – it works all over the world… wheather you are on the flats or up in the hills.

Cauliflowers not coal :)

Just by the old motorway junctions and at the old service stations do some food processing & earth bank storage then…


Check the vine firing Cauliflowers 800mph :)

2. Manufacturing – but not as you know it based on new skills :)

3. New Health service – only possible by usshering in number 1.

4. New ways to manufacture components for structures … & ways of doing it in our present towns and cities crowd printinganytime anyplace anywhere

5. New ways to travel. with families slowly – through nutrastructure – making water & shade in the deserts

Have you seen – Going Commando -  California Dreaming?




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