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Never had a dad – May the source be with you


Can you imagine that?

Angel of Hope – is above you :)

He really really loved you.

We climbed mountains and hills…

prayed in Mosques too…

Very privaledged …

to have known you.

Been at the very bottom too.

11 days after my dad passed so did you raped at 10 at hordle house by the head master. Came back from Malta in a plastic bag – black and blue. Man in the dock wouldn’t touch the bible – Coroner smiling all the way though – explaining very clearly how to hang yourself… Can i have the transcript of the tape please alan – yer know what he said – i’ll have to charge you an admin fee – then mumbles to the police offices on the way out.

Lets forgive but never forget or repeat the hurt we do to children.

To not have a dad…

very sad.

I’m hurtin like you – but healing all the time.

Rolling though the years - walking wi the times

It’s very very funny – what we’re gonna do next

And who would a guessed…

Twas only coz we like walking & laughing all the time…

my dad said to me… son everything is in the wrong place.

Ha – PING now it’s not…

Changes every nation – PINGY Ping ping.

I’ve rolled with curls from Basque  – all over Bayonne

Guitared wi Lady’s from Yemen too hoo!

She’s so fine …

Please lets start healing our crazy crazy zoo.

I think to my self what a wonderful world…

three step from heaven on the 7th of May RED BOTTOM DAY!

What a wonderful world…

Wow – what an upgrade :)

Lets do it !

Heaven on the 7th :)

St Poo!

Give up the fussin n a fightin :)

All over the World :)

Based on a toilet not holding back children or thi girls.

Ha ha ha

We used to fight over extracting and protecting supply chains – ape stone age basher men walking though trees & you see them asking fer votes on TV’s today.

Now we get paid 250,000 every year for each bathroom for life for not wasting it – ha ha ha – take yer crash hats off n laugh!

Lets heal the world – Don’t wanna be a commanDOH! man

A TOILET WASTES HALF OF ALL HOUSEHOLD WATER 250,000 litres /year @1€£$/litre saved  x everybody = permanent income – ding dong merry merry bells – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha )

When our towns floody flood flood – no sewage leaks …

haa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Walk this way …

And no currency transactions as we trade in new ways!

Bye bye Libor rates – rip them computers off grid – yabba dabba doo.

As it was in the beggining – so it will be in the end

We’ll give to each other in a never ending loop.

Lets make the rest of our lives the best of our lives.

I give all of mine to you :)

Come on Gromit – we got some laughin n healing to do…

Cost to coast La to MiWhyPAD East t’ West.

Together again and say goodbye to our prisons

ha ha ha :)

 We’ll soon find the money fer some of these won’t we Gromit :)

Lots of maybes :)

Zingy Zing zing

Singy Sing Sing

May the 7th let’s do that ting’

Eat just enough – n have a beautiful life.

Lets fix this global slum doggy poo poo sewage idea ting’


God bless :)

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