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Doctor Doctor please – meet me at the … on time.


Hi Su @sulongnhs :)

You’d like Martha Lane Fox’s .Everyone speech – it pretty much calls for a totally DIFF approach to public private service.

We suffer from a lack of digital imagination … Martha

We also waste vaste fortunes on KACK processes and bad tech.

So goodbye baby baby goodbye (its so funny that 3d printed kitchen bank flooring in southport) – from public private to ublic rivate to blic ivate to lic vate – get rid of our DIIFerences before it’s too late and we get another four years of warmongering childabuse unaffordable housing , dinosaur travel manufacturing & banking. You know in the Northern n Southern Hempishpere – we’re together again – ha ha ha – yes we are.

Railway Children – Airport Children – Ocean children – Motorway Children – like martha says – we have to go much much much much faster and make sure everyone is involved.

Lets not muck about – keep yukky private and yukky gov out of our peoples health service lives and lets opensource this across the uk starting with the whole island – greater manchester region?

Tis a peice of cako – don’t be lato :)

Anyway shall we save some lives Gromit by eliminating private and government?

Miow Miow Woof woof :) together again :)

Now yer talkin – peeoooople are sick of jaw dropping KACK.

So on trains planes and yesterway hub stations (motorways)

PING – the moment someone’s health is affected you can see it on the screen. An accident a fire – a crash – a fight – a rape attempt – a kidnap – a firearms – a this a that – your neighbours cat – press YOUR #IOTFOB (see later)

PING in RED – Doctor Doctor Please – save my life please.

Doctor DOALOT has instant access to – ha ha ha – don’t laugh too much Gromit.

  • RAW EEG Signal
  • Attention
  • Meditation
  • Eye Blink
  • Delta, Theta, low apha, high alpha, low beta, high beta and gamma waves
  • heartbeat

all fer under £100 – ha ha ha ha ha ha – transmitted down the opensource #IOT backbone @flexeye fer not alot? – wey aye – PING to Doctor Doctor please weasy – goodbye keep yukky private and yukky gov out

And can prioratise which teams go where – but open source ALGO might SUGGEST the best team to go based on the skill sets available? ho ho ho – keep laughing.

To keep your personal DATA safe perhaps it’s on a FOB? and so the medic FOBBS the #IOT reader and POP goes the data neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeded. unless yer not bothered about having yer meditails fer all to read? FOBB’s the way to keep the *****SAFE ethical and hackywackysafe?

RED – quick quick

AMBER – quick

GREEN – fancy a butty?

Donkey see – Donkey doo – Angels lookin’ after you. :)

How hard do you wanna make it ? Lets get rid of 300 years of Donkey doo

Any Doctor Any Place Any where. ha ha ha – have you seen the sliced cars in London – crakin. :)

Also of great interest to evolving humans are the wonderful Nutrastructure holidays that D-octors N-urser T-eachers P-olicae A-rmy B-uilder L-awyer songwriter and other very interesting people can go on – what a great new health service we can have at trains planes and yesterway hub stations (motorways) – all rigged up with the ha ha ha ha anonomous health data of anyone who wants to buy into this NOKACK travel and health lifestyle service.

We’re all the same because we’re all DIFFO – ha ha ha.

So – D-octors N-urser T-eachers P-olicae A-rmy B-uilder L-awyer songwriters poets and other very interesting people can go on PERMANENT LONG and MEANINGFUL holidays across the UK and PING if the need arrises – go and help out.

Gromit – there’s even a VET about – ha ha ha

But Gromit that would mean the end of zero hours contracts and snnoooozy boring lifestyles watching crazy people talk at each other on tv – rickin heck we could all get about a bit n improve our health and have NHS cafes at all sorts of ports train stations wi PING doctors if we need em.

It get better Gromit :) :) :)

We all get paid £$€250,000 to do it. ha ha ha ha ah ha.

The FAKE DIFFISION west and the east is what’s caused the lack of Goals between all humans for sure

tis the only way we can wash the CommanDoH’s smalls

Wey Aye – tis a canny way to get around and all the resources are on the front line serving people.

Hang on a minute – where do you get that 1BN footfall from?

Well – those are the figures given by BETTER NOT FAIL – the thing we know as networkrail – but Gromit – don’t you know they are looking to sell it off  – yes i know – but they’ll get consortium rash and it’s really $58BN expensive consortium rash isn’t it Gromit?

Oh yes all those pension funds wiped out and rich men jumping over the edge of boats and all sorts of CONsortium RASH when we could make it so easy peasy weasy – We all get paid £$€250,000 to do it. ha ha ha ha ah ha.

Have you seen Manchester AirPort could also be rigged up with crowdprinting crowd planting – freight farms – and Doctor Doctor Please.

You know that i would be untrue – you know that i would be a liar – if i said to you – come on maybe light my doctor doctor #IOT wire – why not set the #anks on fire.

Crikey Gromit that’s a bit evolutionary — sounds kind of reasonable and so non violent though – nobody looses wi ecological cruises :)

It were gettin’ very interesting outside of Londonia – them people in the shires…

Thi were settin world records fer all sorts of new inspires :)

Tis a no brainer Gromit – if Manchester and the great Northern shower house can’t – nobody can.

Sailing on motorways today 31.3.15 Gromit :)

RED BOTTOM DAY coming up in MAY – thi better get ready fer a rickin big upgrade.

God bless thi Doctor Doctor services please :)

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REAL democracy and money 7 and International Peace Policies via 7 @blindspotting agreements — Foxy maybe?

Gromit – just had a thought …

Could do it across Europe too – same ting’ – no brainer?

And no more of this!

@Coventry_Police are investigating after a woman was beaten with a baseball bat in an attempted car-jacking. More:

Ola – lets all laugh :) ha ha ha.

Did you hear about the BAR analogy of our global economy – tis so funny – ha ha ha …


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