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California dreaming – on such a winter day

As good things go – she went.

That’s a Hovis Poem. (Richard McFarlane from Bolton)

40 Million people have very little access to Water in the new song California Dreaming.

There were this BLOKE we saw in India Gromit when thi first gulf war were on – he’s a very good friend of George Bush senior.

He were Governor of California he were. Wonder wot he thinks – 40 Million people have very little access to Water

Maybe there were a clue in Arnie’s movie …

That one day he’d be going commando in California because there’d be no water anywhere in the state to wash his smalls.

But there were lots of mega malls where yer could buy acres of yer smalls.

Go on zoom in Gromit…

It were the the the the the the Big action movie of the decade it were.

Co ManDoh!

Luckily Arnold had heard about retrofittng military pop pop pop guns to rejuvinate dry lands and his military connections and sheer volume of defunct military equipment were available fer retrofitting and seed bombing California.

To SAVE WATER and establish a new common $£€ currency – Thi fitted waterless toilets wot England were making at Liverpool and Across the Great northern Power house. Thi also renovated LOADS of containers into Freight Farms wot used little water

Thi had to stop making Cars in England and redirect their efforts to helping thi sistas n bro’s in Mama’s n Papa’s land.

Thi order book were building fast and the delivery date were not to be late.

SaoPaulo 12M – June 2015

California 40M – June 2016 latest.

London – 12M June 2016 Latest

The Whole UK island 45M domestic ones and ????? for the HOTELS like in London so they can have a permanent income and go Permaculture on thi Islando of Inglessa dell bingo bongo.

Over in England thi GOVERN MEN were discussing giving people an extra .20p on the lowest slave wagery to bring their boot licking salary up to snot drivelling levels of snivel while thi tried desperatley to wriggle out of a full blown vip Child Rape n Murder investigation & prison sentences.

The Gettes were Laughin at the new look London and Parliamen.

The Great Northern Power House were gettin ready few a revolution in Manufacturing and DEVOLUTION where thi could manufacture and send anything anywhere wi out transport or packaging so that were gonna leave alot of forests in place.

People get ready – Beautiful California people – Time for MAINSTREAMING Permaculture design …

And so you would have an extra 40M x 250,000 litres of fresh clean drinking water and for irrigation if thi ADAPT now :)

Are you going to San Francisco – be sure to wear a flower in your hair.

the rest of the nation is very heavily dependent on the fruits and vegetables grown in California.

-99 percent of the artichokes

-44 percent of asparagus

-two-thirds of carrots

-half of bell peppers

-89 percent of cauliflower

-94 percent of broccoli

-95 percent of celery

-90 percent of the leaf lettuce

-83 percent of Romaine lettuce

-83 percent of fresh spinach

-a third of the fresh tomatoes

-86 percent of lemons

-90 percent of avocados

-84 percent of peaches

-88 percent of fresh strawberries

-97 percent of fresh plums

We had a lot to learn from other nations about Simplicity.

You could fish together wi out a boat. Chuffin heck’

Pull in thi net… :)

Be happy :)

Wi a stick n a straw hat Gromit – Crikey – we found some Clogs n a Cardboard hat in London – what a Laugh :)

It’s on his head all that water wot thi didn’t flush down thi super flushin power shower toilet bathroom wot cost 200K – yer wot.

And in that Lovely ocean – no plastic micro beads from shower products and no cruise ship sewage – we can do it yer know knowknow :) :) :) thi gonna be some ace ECO HOLIDAYS holidays with Thomas Cooker from Manchester to Goa – how slow do you wanna goa?

Noahs laughin his Bob hat off in Bolton Art Gallery – ha ha ha

Yer could learn to make n repair shoes by hand if thi didn’t fancy crowdprinting wi an Artisan family on thi streets of California n make sandals fer thi flower people of San Cisco. Talking about Cisco – Across England thi were configuring secure 3d print hubs fer manufacturing on thi go go go fer it man :) :) :)

God bless thi and yours :)

Tis a new day a new dawn to get it simple n right?

Please don’t fus n fight :)

Get thi Pimping thi rides – sounds superb?

ha – don’t show all yer cards n gamble all yer water away – looks like he’s holding an umbrella like wot thi have in Englando :)

That’s a heck of an opportunity fer thi Great Northern Power house?

Aye Gromit – if thi business people of thi great northern power house miss makin freight farms and waterless toilets – thi might need to be a Probe

- like on thi Album :)


25 facts about water – thanky


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