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London meets Venice in a very nice way…

If only we understood the value of water in cities… water saved could be the ecological currency that saves us?

Hopefully you’ve been following the advances in modern day commerce where we can send goods anywhere in the world without using the global transport network? It’s opened up a whole new set of possibilities and makes thi think in new ways – like what if – and so on.

When you walk around what was London you can see what it might be in a future story of itself – let it be, pray let it be :)

- New Look Thames – Wider – New Bridges – New vertical Port Storage

- Nutrastructure = food and travel in new ways – Airports Ports Railway Stations UNShopping Centres – understanding urban heat islands and growing food in freight farms above or near food outlets – No more LUGGAGE at Airports or anywhere – No more SECURITY problems @airports or bombs on planes or boring waiting times – No more baggage handling systems = use the energy for freight farms = Lighter Aircraft – NEW ROBOT TUBE TRAIN FARMS BELOW ha ha ha :) – new CARDBOARD villages in empty shopping centres and other spaces – loads of spare cardboard in a direct delivery global CROWD3Dprinting economy? SLICED CARS park 4 in a bay book wi #IOT? – WindowFARMS windowfarm aquaculture? – Vaccum food crate delivery into London, so fast you prob don’t need to refrigerate so even less fossil GRID nonsense?

- PALLET BAY PRINTERS – FLOORING – decorative surfaces – cupboard doors – kitchens – using 3d printers and PALLET BAYS #circulareconomy

- SHOPPINGO – ShoeTrees – get any shoe you want off the 3dPRINT trees. Same with Canoes – Watches – Phones – Window Farmers :) so it;s the end of the LUGG AGE lugging crock around in fancy suitcase – ha – gone #IOT new kinds of shelving – get it anywhere.

Adapting – Urban flower Farms – Scaffold Farms – Scaffold Villages – Scaffold Winter Snow Cover saves streets from SNOWDOM streets. If the Underground floods? Until it Floods? If it wasn’t a TUBE system what could it be?

- Hotels and all buildings with a permanent ecological income. Perfec for attracting ecological visitors. New ways to do & Deliver Laundry #iot. Self cleaning toilets.


Hello :)

We’re at St Brides in 1700′s – daughter of an Irish prince.

Spritual home of the fleet street media  :)

Fast forward on thi whyphone – ‘ping’ it’s 2015 and thi could send products from St Brides Church to Venice in a few minutes wi out boats trains planes or automobiles

On the one hand – It changes everything from the reason to go to war to the value of ports to transport ‘infrasructure’ to banks and pensions. ha sublime.

On the other hand it clears the path to a new way of living together on the surface of the earth.

Zoomy zoomy

Christoper Wren again.

Anyway – not in the fleet st news were thi water flood issue cause by too much war over fossil donkey commerce.

Found an old water filter…

Lucky you :)

Herb tea wi river water – aye tis thi future in a warming planet growin food, tea n herbs closer to thi spiritual home in fleet street :)


Are you in London or Venice today?

Ha ha ha

South or the Northbank – does it really matter?


Meet Lo Nice

London please say hello to Venice

Welcome to the new city of

Lo Nice  :)

we could make it …

So Nice?

The rising risk of London becoming Venice = FEAR of flooding

= HA HA HA – just don’t panic.

Climate change will bring wetter winters with more extreme downpours, rising sea levels and higher tidal surges. All of which increases flood risk for London significantly.

Nahh thi jokin Gromit :)

49 railway stations

75 underground stations

10 hospitals.

Sea levels are set to rise by a metre by 2100.

5 inches already in New York!

A child born today will paddle their canoe over … ha ha ha

the lost city of yer what?

And that’s a serious point – what matters are the humans not the bricks and mortar.

Take care of the humans and we can repair the city – and perhaps our souls too gromit – to love everyone – we’re all crowdprint farmers now? Get it right and we’ll all avoid refugee status?

London is already vulnerable to flooding. Some 15% of London lies on river floodplains and within this area lies much of the infrastructure we rely on day to day and in emergencies – 49 railway stations, 75 underground stations and 10 hospitals. Around 680,000 London properties are at risk of surface water flooding, including properties in some of the poorest neighbourhoods.

Around 680,000 London properties are at risk

Pssss – good job there isn’t a housing crisis :) and that we’ve got 500,000 new low energy homes we can build of WASTE Straw every year – oh happy happy farmers and the 16M homes in the spaces we already have for the people who want to downsize or resize hecky wecky lots of choice :)

The Thames Barrier has been protecting the capital for more than 30 years. But how long will it be able to hold out against rising sea levels?

East of London, some 25 miles downstream, the barrier is being used to make sure the Thames does not burst its banks in the centre of the city.

Look Gromit, one banks hiding – thi so ashamed — H and Arclays Ank lost another £750M today – that’s enough to build about 20 eden projects across various UK cities using open source crowdprinting?


10 x 300 tonne blobs have held back the water so far but it’s getting to boogy woogy time.

Do we build a new barrier and allow Canaries in the Wharf to keep on blowing interplanetary financial bubbles that basically cause storm waters to flood thi city – hoping that the good folk in the northern shires or Brazil can be taxed of their children’s blood sweat and tears to pay for more really bad ideas?


Do we let mother nature take her natural course and recover the building materials (that we’ve run out of globally) and rebuild a new river bank and make a new low carbon core a city of eco villages?

So Nice :) :) :)


Do we use the old banks as water towers – so when the storms surge – we pump water into the former trading floors and generate ‘real power’ from it as we let it back out into the river (thanks Alf @makerofthings) – that’s what they do in Wales when there is excess power they pump water up into a reservoir & let it down the next day?

Can you imagine a storm surge comes in – we open some valves on part of the tube station and it fills canary wharf with water?

Canary Water Towers?

Could even retrofit them with hexayurts – ideal for low energy living in cities by retrofitting UNtrading floors with hexayurts and bread ovens – Untrading – nothing to trade in a circular economy but love & human repair of the earth together? Oh and some banged out old trading boats as freight farms too?

Book a hexayurt campsite stay on your opensource WHYPAD – got some urban farming to do on an old barge for a month or two while you visit yer relli’s – ha ha ha.

Do we let the ground floors of a good part of london flood and raise the ‘roads’ up on some kind of scaffolding for the whole flood area and begin cycling walking above the flood zones and gear up for row boat tours around the new venice So Nice in LoNice?

Let’s face it we don’t need lorries to deliver anything into Central London if we retrofit the ports airports and stations and UNshoppingcentres – so yeah – let it flow & pay residents $£€250,000/yr to retrofit Lo Nice so it’s so Nice?

Heck – Kensington below – London Feb 2015

& 75 years t’ go – ho ho ho

Fossil Donkey’s or Boaty Woaties wi Solar Ovens in Summer?

The barrier keeps more than 1 million people and £200bn worth of property dry, including historic landmarks like the Houses of Parliament, the Canary Wharf business district and most of the London Underground network.

just update that Gromit…

Lords and Ladies – thi speaker of thi house would just like to annunciate the birth of the water poundo€$ at St Brides so that we can set about the immaculate task of repairing the habitats of the families of thi perculiar and historic island of Inglessa del Wetto and fellow neighbouring landmasses.

and so and so.

A child born today will paddle their canoe over … ha ha ha

the nearly lost city of ?

Including a magical mystery tour of …

Houses of Parliament, the Canary Wharf business district and most of the London Underground network.

Skuba dooba London here we come :) ecological diving holidays wi underwater commentry on thi watertight whyphones?

Wonder if Thomas cook in Manchester would get booked up wi that one?

don’t panic… just a laugh :)

and thi speaker of the house today announced 3.3.15 he want to spend 3BN on repairing the seat of democracy.

Move it north Gromit so we can plan thi great ecological City …


Lo Nice.

Noah’s laughin Lowry too :)

Direct out of the Thames you could pour water into a filter and get clean drinking water.

That saved alot of storage and messing and wastn’t too difficult to retrofit the airports stations and villages of the city… A Noria Wheel like the ones we used in Jerusalem could lift the water fer NOWT into a channels t’ filters like these up thi new river banks and back into thi city villages in SoNice?

Water – your daughter – sustainer of life – on earth.

there’s yer doggi drink Gromit in thi pot under neatho… no power station or violence fer energy pumps or wiring or piping & just move it up a floor as thi arctic melts a bit more :)


Depending what the general consensus soup is…


Are we ploughing on regardless as a global rudderless blah herd, fending off mother nature wi a new and expensive barrier and ploughing on regardless with the financial canary violence and vote for your favourite MP or moving to the Lo Nice n So Nice Postion n pay every house on thi Island t’ go backwards wi kindness?

Perhaps it’d be worth retrofitting Lo Nice?

that would be So Nice… :)

Have thi heard about Liverpool eco cruise boats? Thi makin our new toilets fer London Dubai and Sydney Droughts.

Is thi Daft Gromit – London, Drought?

Meeting the challenge of droughts

We are responding to the rising risk of droughts in a number of ways – from encouraging less use of treated water  to reducing leakage from the mains (how much mains water will work if London is underwater or drought? prob none? Recover the materials n reuse elsewhere in So Nice?).

Grosvnenor House Hotel in LoNice struggling financially today Gromit – very sad when people loose their livelyhoods – very sad and time to reflect on the real value that water can bring to a just, fair and creative society.

If Lo Nice were to base it’s currency on water saved  permanently then in the Northern powerhouses we can bang out some waterless toilets permanently and guess wot – all hotels on thi island have permanent income? wi a freight farm thi roofs coz we don’t need containers any more – coz we print cargo at destination ports… ha ha ha.

Every room earns £$€250,000 water pounds / year wi the Postman pat loo… that way London can save water and attract tourists still at VERY cheap rates and still fend off water shortages and still fend off flooded sewage heading fer the Thames… Aye.

Tis a new dawn a new day Gromit… woof woof miow miow…

It would be a strategic advantage Gromit for a city to actually have water … Something that the city of Sao Paolo in Brazil is finding out and LOnon is just beginning to ponder wonder. Massive amounts of water are also used in growing salads that could come off the roof freight farms. Even more reason for visitors to be attracted to a city that gives a monkey about doing something real about global resource depletions and water variations. They come to London for an ecological repair holiday to learn about repairing cities the new fashioned way – not to be ripped off – as one Family felt in the hotel last week.

The rising risk of droughts – from Boris the london mayor

“You might not think it as you turn on a tap to run a bath or fill a kettle, but London and the south east of England is already seriously water stressed.

A TOILET WASTES HALF OF ALL HOUSEHOLD WATER 250,000 litres /year @1€£$/litre saved  x 12M = permanent income – ding dong.

To meet our demands for water, we already take more water out of the environment than it can sustain. In an average current year, supply and demand pretty much balance out. But in a dry year, Thames Water forecasts that current demand would be 80Ml/d greater than available supply. And the thing is, thanks to climate change those dry years are set to become more frequent and more extreme.

We’re under pressure from both sides. London’s growing population, changing demographics and hotter summers will increase the demand for water, while drier summers will reduce supply.

Hotter, drier summers will mean that flows will fall. More water will evaporate. The water mains will come under greater pressure, breaking more frequently as London’s soils dry out, and so further contributing to the loss of water. Put this all together and a London drought is a very real and rising risk.”

With all that economic Global Growth wot thi city controls Gromit at least there is one benefit fer Lo Nice.

water mains will come under greater pressure, breaking more frequently as London’s soils dry out.

Heck Gromit – wait till thi sewage pipe break wi thi heat – ha – lovely jubbley.

source Better not puttting new water mains or sewage pipes in the soil then? Banged out ideas = Donkey doo.

Do you have ding dong moments?

So Boris points out the issues and the present acting PM David promises 200,000 more flushing toilet homes in Lowater-London if you vote conservatives onservatives nservatives servatices ervatives rvatives vatives atives tives ives ves es back in as their HeroinSexBatteryCocaine bank backers water down the meaning of human life on earth. At a time when half of the worlds worlds forests are Gone you have wonder about investing in Londone – sorry to say it but London needs an ecological plan that adds up for everyone because what is coming in the next 5 years from a climatic point of view and other directions are more floods and less water. We need a human response rather than fearing loss or violence to our families any more – time fer a human sim card upgrade.

Perhaps you can allow yourself to think about the world as a campsite?

You and your friends live in the northern hemishphere where we all share the same breathable air space 4000 meters above our heads and we all share every particle of that air.

It’s the best campsite you’ve ever been and the only one. We can retro-fit the ports/airports/boats/railways to make us what we really need and we can use robots to make things at speed to fix cities and landscapes with permaculture based thinking – starting with water… imagine Londons permanent ecological income from water saved? Shove that in PMQ’s … ha waterless loos as a fixed income vehicle… crikey… could work everywhere for the big earth repair?

Every Hotel – Home – Library – School -kickstart the assembly lines 45 million waterless loos on this little island in the northern hemisphere? Could do it in 2 years with our factories if we wanted?

Take another look at your fellow campers in other cities – they’re gonna flood too and go dry – how good would it be to be able to remotley print or manufacture their infrastructure from Dublin Cork London Manchester Glasgow Edinburgh and go on ecological holidays as a mass way to fix share swap open source ideas in towns and cities too – not just consumers but international producers of what’s needed? A third UNdustrial evolution so to speak?

Lifeboats in a changing world – who knows what we can do?

Why speed trains?

Did you read about the Railways that will never be paid + 49 more rail stations in how many years? – only 10 big 300 tonne lumps hold back storm surges and if they go then you’ve got a multi billion high speed train to the shires?

Can you remember when you first ran backwards as the first big wave came in at you on the beach?

Lets choose to adapt?

We have the climate change act – the legal powers to act :) :) :)

Anyway lets try and see if we can sort BORIS out wi some mussels n oysters maybe fer thi new city of SoNice…

“We want London to be the low carbon capital that leads the way and makes the most of the global low carbon economy.”

“London is an untapped green gold mine. We consume roughly £12 billion of energy each year and produce 22 million tonnes of waste. In sheer scale, these are both tremendous opportunities for new, low-carbon technologies. If you consider this scale along with London’s world-leading research institutions and financial and business services sector, the capital is tremendously well-positioned to take a lead in catalysing the green economy.”

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

22 million tonnes of waste – that’s about 2 tonnes each – fancy that stored in yer appartment :) by the time you’ve paid yer mortgage off thi would have 50 tonnes of waste by the side of thi telly in 12M homes – imagine on thi campsite thi can’t just chuck it in thi neighbours garden :) very very smelly.

Or wi 22M tonnnes of waste – ha – enough to block the mouth of the Thames up and stop that naughty storm surge rollin in ? :)

Not quite – when the waterless toilets have been fitted and there are no storm sewage backteria and snapping mains or sewage pipes bursting sludge and goo into the Thames it’s our sea food mussell bed and so much more?



Donk some sea food sticks in thi Thames and in the lower basements of thi old lost basement City called London wi two fer one offers on slobile phones, 2 tonnes each of cack n consumer landfill …


Fresh clean sea food – remember with the new ways to deliver goods around thi planet thi won’t be any packaging and associated deforestation fer burgers n paper pulp to get a nice advert fer a nice kettle – or oil spillage adverts – or failing sewage plants of englando flooding the sea with new bacteria so powerful doctors say NO.

Wow Boris – just imagin thi grandkids waking up to this much fresh sea food n fishy wishy’s at the local So Nice waterless toilet methaneless cooking gas, solar oven, freshnel lense solar bake restaurants dotted over the dotty city :)

Wow seafood – water cress  – seaweed … what ever or try working against mother nature for another boring 4 politcal years… snory snoozy boring.


So hang on, we’ve let it flood and we’ve moved up a floor a two and perhaps backwards and remade a new river bank?

We’ve got light weight walkways above the flood zones… under the board walk – down by the new piers is where i met my love – in sonice town.

We’ve got waterless toilets so that we never get bacteria in the River Thames and we’re using mainly solar to heat and cook food and we’re generating algae proteins fer proteins too and we’re doing freight farms and we’re getting paid £€$YuanRubbleSheckelYuan250,000 a year to build an ecological paradise by the river Thames called So Nice or Lo Nice?

And thi locals have traded in their banged out gas homes fer 500,000 new Straw ones every year – wo&man – 2 years and thi place could be rockin :)

And wi make waste concrete powerstations wi 3d printers n pass em out on eco cruises?

And we’ve got Ecological CruiseLiners with tourists from other nations coming over to help us repair Lo Nice

Are thi daft?

And because the Thames is wider we made new bridges to get across it in new ways that could even be a massive eco washing machines – ha ha ha :)

this could catch on Gromit :)

humans playing together again :)


It were that clean thi ecological toursists could swim in it :) jumpin off the new boats wot had power generators in em…


La ville de So Nice :)

Looks like St Pauls is high enough to miss the swampo :) who knows? There old London Bridge could be like the new one from Liverpool to Dublin? Chuck yer hotel washing in overnight in thi FAST vacuum tube washing capsule & it pings it twice over the river and it’s eco biologically clean? Ding dong… another industry – who knows thi could even use laser clean or dry laundry? Japan had some washing machines that cleaned clothes with ozone gas – no water? Yabba dabba do hey?

Can you see the windmill on the river bank?

Have you ever thought about folding windmills on thse boat – so when the wind blows they fold up and catch the wind and then drop when you need a clearer view. Could do that in all the shires where people complain that windmills spoil their view – popup windmills when thi not lookin – ha – only jokin but a compromise as well as spinning jenny tiles?

Lets go Walkabout in so Nice?

 Nice veg food @

only 100 agricultural growing seasons left in the UK’s soils – would you like a derivative sandwich and some frack chutney just to finish your retirement food menu off?

or Click and collect thi new freight farms Gromit – yummy yum and more to come in So Nice city of villages…

Big Ben in the background, only a short walk & lovely ceilings – westminster sheesh question time. Are we going for full flood economic bingo or ecological SoNice? One fer Subprime Minister time…

Part of the 22M tonnes of waste we don’t need wi local food – no packaging, shoes printed in thi locality (but hecky wekcy thi were designed by whoever all over thi globo – so if thi fav designer were in veitnam – bam – there it were – downloaded to you you you) using CrowdPrintingDesigners and 3d printed ‘goods’ and some hand made ones too. And look at that wooden draw from a mexican forrest 5 years back maybe & perhaps growin beef fer thi planet wreckin beefburger today? Half thi forests gone Gromit… never mind… Could make a nice pair of wooden cloggs Gromit from thi side of the vanished forrest disguised as a sock draw :)

Aye :) could do wi some right northern shoes wot don’t get holes in – these shoes thi make today r’ designed defective Gromit…

Zorbas – Greece is also in the NorthernHemissphere – ooh would be great wi the water € too & they’s have a bit of cookin gas too? Everyone saving precious water and getting paid fer it – Scooby – theres some So Nice work to do? Might even get invited t’ Greece Gromit with our cloggs n straw coats…

Ooh – half thi menus got washed away by thi Thames – hope not?

Loads of room fer a water saving energy saving planet saving Freight farm above too? ha ha ha

Phone goes – hello is that zorbas – can we book a table fer 2 donkey’s next week – thankyou – CLICK freight farm delivery from off thi roof fer thi greek salado :) #iot Great what you can do with these new 3d printer refurbished ports and airports?

Solar Ovens – retrofitted on south facing properties across Lo Nice? The whole thing could be container farms and summer time solar ovens on thi south side? (less wind in summer so it’s a reasonable design thingy)

Freight Farms? Click on thi IOT internet of things app fer London and it gets a survey and farm delivery asap?

Can yer see thi residents out in the summer cookin on thi freshnel lense cookers? Music – ha

No more waste?

Oo heck Gromit Cloggs and wi could make a Cardboard hat – bet no ones got one of them round here – thi like paying fer hats year after year… that’s it our Greek holiday outfit is sorted – Cloggs – PaperHat - just have to see if we can get on thi ecological train hey – that shoudl be fun Gromit… All those boring stickers – what box do we put in what box – just go out to eat with other like thi do in europe – don’t sit alone as a family or alone alone – get out n chatalot – make thi self a cardboard hat – better than a snappy brolly :)

A Massive stack of Freight Farms? & residents get a Stawbale home? ha ha ha win win

Laundry going to the big eco vacuum washer somewhere at the end of the street – gotta be a smarter way?

Hotels & homes could use Aerial Ropways like the Southport farmers but fer Laundry rather than trucksnobody looses their job or their planet using water money :)

Ooh look Gromit – Mr Gooch, a railway engineer from Horwich – Crikey we lived on Gooch St once :) Aye we’re living in a world of ideas that were made by men who are no longer here and none of the ideas really work anymore – tis a day dream believer we’re livin in hey? Well one of the ex presidential advisors goes one further to say it another way. Anyway — Good old Mr Gooch hey – them were the days :) Unlearning trade and War gromit – we must learn from the men who drove though trees before we walk though the last tree :)

The Local Library could be earning €£$250,000 a year wi a waterless toilet (every toilet in the world flushes about 250,000 clean drinking water litres away /yr – so at £1 a litre saved theres your global finance for repair) ? Aye Gromit :) & some brewing gas too? There’s also a toilet laser cleaner that kills all germs dead – so no cleaning chemicals either? Something to think about that we can chuck in the bin after centuries – cleaning toilets and yucky poo spilling into the Thames – we need it clean Gromit! Yeahhh human progress a toilet wot gives thi income – gas – and cleans it’self – ha – fancy that :)

That’s why Lowry’s laughin … hangin around to check us out :)

When the sheets came back fer thi Hotels thi had RFID tags on thi bags and the big solar dryer had dried em in the summer times & something else did it in the winter (think)? & the internet of things APP dropped thi bags in a cage on thi hotel walls. A bit like thi old wild west when the mail were delivered or dropped by trains. Might even deliver a bag of veg for those that need home delivery (think #iot) from the farmers Southport feild or freight farm so to speak to thi home/cafe/restaurant/trainstation – aye why not we’ll have loads of time wi water money?

Bag lands on thi balcony :) ha ha ha – no more lorries banging into cyclists, way les vehicles …

Walky walky chatty chatty laughy laughy – we’re we dafty? YessyYessy :)

Freight farms at all the trains stations? Yepperoony?

REtrofitting Paddington Station – industrial 3d printers & how many freight farms do thi need & straw bale hotels wi aerial ropeway laundry and food delivery? #IOT lots to do hey? good job wi getting paid 250k a year then?

Freight Farms Paddington… :) Hello – do yer speak bear? Have we ripped yer forrests down fer meat burgers furniture soya whatever? Come n stay in our floody city n help us make it So Nice?

Can thi think in Thermals gromit? wi local food there’s even more packaging and refrigeration you can get rid of n take off the grid – and by the way the temperatures on the roofs are 30degrees + most of the year – that’s like Tennerife! So yes we can take loads of stuff off grid and reduce city footprints way loads.

Anyway – can thi think in thermals – It’s when thi look at spaces and thi try to get new uses fer existing spaces using the thermal heat of the places that you already have – perhaps to propogate or perhaps to dry something important.

So, when thi look at Paddington thi see a curved roof and thi imagine wi climate change and hotter cities thi can feel the heat and see the light and can think about using this in a new way. If you’ve read the Crowd Planting and seen the little greenhouses that could be seeded at Paddington – then you could imagine them slowly rising up thi Paddington columns and to thi ROOF nice n warm and seeds have hatched and then thi come down thi other side maybe a week later and thi are ready to go into the freight farms or to tables as fresh seeded salado? That kind of thing where millions of plants are seeded at train stations & airports everydayo everydayo everydayo YOSEEDING?

And thi could have some of thi montreal farms on thi roof too that feed 2000 people a week?

And thi could grow appropriate flowers too like June does in Southport – ha ha ha

If you’ve seen the new look Southport – we ripped out cash machines and the ticket machines and all those stupid variations on travel prices with all those computers and power crock machines wurring away burning the planet our time and our patience and we’ve used that spare energy to drive freight farms in urban areas and paid everyone €£$rubble-YUANSHEKEL250,000 a year to stop wasting energy on defunct planet wrecking ideas by men whos ideas & technology is from yesteryesteryesteryessiryessiryessiryessiryessir yes sir years ago thi were a dinasore library of fuddy duddy ideas walkin round london – it’s still here man :) . Much easier to travel about wiout tickets and even less trees gone – more chance of having a low energy ISLAND… Cities – whatever. Remember no freight is moving because we print it at destination port – just humans wheelchairs bikes prams? Guess what, some of the carriages are going to be freight farms and you pick another one up coming back? ho ho ho … a whole new industry retrofitting stations fer food , 3d printing and low energy intelligent travello :) You have read about nutrastructure – it’s so funny when bankers write off so much cash – we call it consortium rash – ha ha ha?

Ooh look – another reason to rip out the ticket machines on the underground…


Look at that poor guy on the floor – that’s someones husband dad son granson in the most advanced city on earth – crawling under a ticket barrier. Makes yer want to cry Gromit… civilsation? Come on Wo&men lets put it together again :)

God Bless thi ticketless Paddington Stations of thi worldo :) & all the energy saved growing clean foodo?

YO SEEDING – spreads to PADDINGTON in LONICE – used to be LONDON

WINDOW FARMS growing high human and doggy nutrient thingys in windows wi special lights – looks good at night Gromit…

Thi put HumanScarers in thi windows to fend off thi Pigeons :)

Windowfarms could easily do  aquaculture too?

If it floods?

Hang on a minute – were you on your way to your zero hour breakdown and become a slave job? How many of them were there in London using the old flood tube? CrowdPrinting is above ground & if it’s close to flooding do we take out the metals and materials needed above ground and retreat & carry on building So Nice?

Until it FLOODS?

Might even be warmer to live down there in winter if there were no energy what would you do? Or could propagate seeds and yo seed upwards? Could be warm enough down there to dry the City’s laundry on a slow moving washing line? Whatever you like when we’re not running round in someone elses rat race?

Ocean Fish Mussels sea foods – Seaweeds?

Seaweed wi suitcases :)

Could be some high quality grub down here if the oceans call by?

Or could seal it all off an make it into an underground compressed air chamber powered by the Thames – so take the catalan forge idea or the 470 oil rig we retrofit  and use the compressed air for refrigeration upstairs and airtools above ground rather than using fossil or wind power wot might be lower in summer – anyway just a passing thought on the way to canoe and scuba dooba tours of the worlds biggest laughing city :)

someones growing SHARKS in thi window – heck… lucky it’s got a zip on it’s mouth.

Didn’t have to wait long fer a rose of the roof… ?

Todays 3d exports – ha no fuel or packaging used. @sirrichardleese @PeelPorts @PeelLogistics @cbitweets @corecities @gmchamber were bowled over – a few clicks and done – lets not wake up in yesterdays ideas please Gromit :)

It were concrete water power stations 3d printed in Anchorage & Vancover, motorbikes in Toronto n Orlando. Not an Ounce of vomit fuel or war used Gromit.


Step back … freight farm coming through fer Zorbas :)

Mind the hungry food gap …

Well hopefully Gromit if we can argue our case that London might want to be come LoNice or even SoNice – So, who knows no one goes down thi gap or runs out of foodo?

Do you remember when Barcelona ran out of Water about 8 years ago? Hotels shutting down etc etc… and they had to build a big power hungry water making donkey… Imagine if Barcelona too did the waterless loo and powered down a bit too – eco-planet ed’ be rockin n rollin?

Anyway London x 12M+ waterless loos x 250,000 litres saved – residents only  + visitors = water saved = ha ha ha we’re in the Aquarius age – respecting each other and VALUING genuine resource savings made – wow that’s a heck of a real value on our new campsite eartho?

12M loos x 30 seconds each to make (ps you can make a car every 30 secs you can deffo make these 100 x faster?) = ha ha ha. SoNice :)

And as London floods more often – we’d have a plan – not the man trap plan – but thi can retreat and take thi stuff with you and adapt to suit the changing world we live in and we can sell or trade or give them like fury abroad to help our bros n sisters to survive water water – Brazil Gaza California Australiana – where do you want to stop – you wouldn’t would you once we get going in the new world?

Go on lets bob in t’ National Gallery – on strike because culture has no value Gromit – only cocaine – child abuse – arms dealing – high frequency currency manipulation and pension fund mashup.

Looks like a very familiar leader FROZEN seconds before the national elections on may 7.3.15 by an ICESTORM of immense magnitudus, 4M tonnes of snow hit London in one day in May – ooh heck. Front benches were frozen in time just as thi were about to vote fer a 3BN refurbishmental.

POMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EYPOMP EY – POMP EY smothered in volcanic shredded expense forms – home office abuse of the nation – and expert naziciafbimi5-elite-pedo opinions – just add Water and it might all come back to life?

Oh we flushed all the water away and …

Yesterday, all our frozen leaders heard about the possibility of averting global war and shortages of all sorts of ‘tings’ by sharing ‘tings’ in new crowdprinting #iot ways, exporting anywhere anytime anyplace (distributed manufacturing) and generally mulling about doing some ultra important things to save not only this island but others too from the need to feed the habits of frozen slave driving men of time.

A rhyme …

‘Are thi coming a crowdseeding wi mi’ – no contracts or bankers fer thi – governmen frozen in time – say goodbye it’s donkey time – bye bye men of greed and of must – power and lies have lost you our trust.

If we see your family lost – looking all frozen and all out of touch – we’ll try try try to sing sing them to life… maybe find them a very fun life… show show show them a new crowdprinted life…

Ohh come come come wi us to the fair – pay pay pay – wi 250k – water saved we must must must must – build a planet on water & trust ….

So are thi coming to Scarborough print (MusselBeds) fair?

Or does thi want to live frozen in lair?

Let it be, Pray Let it be – thi ports were reconfigured wi laughing Noah :) … God bless thi :) :) :)

When Peter Day wrote about the world being turned upside down – he were right Gromit.

Ooh look it’s square brain farming.

You can learn alot from square brain farmers – etched in the brains of centuries of miltary & banking men and their massive estates of violently begot lands is the very picture of what farming should be to them – square feilds on rounded hills on a round planet. Pass it on – pass it on – pass it on – generations of it and we carried that copy and paste ideas to flushing toilets? Aye wi did..

Yer can’t get dafter than that – on contour farming preserves the soils on the ridgelines and when the 4M tonnes of snow ice and shredded expense forms lands on thi farmlands then if thi have RIPPED on contour the soil does not wash down to the village post office and swamp Mr Jone’s cheese stall.

But travelling back though the costswolds Gromit – Square brain farmers and all the roads are eroding at thi edges because thi RAIN hit thi HILLOCKS and skids off thi fields and down thi lanes – blocks thi drains and washes the soil from under thi tarmac and when Mr Jones goes home after work in his 800 wheel SPORTS DRAMA it SNAPS the edge of the road off and a month later thi rain has done it all again and the next big TRUCK snaps it again and the square brain farmers go insane coz thi roads canny move anyone and thi local council budget goes insane because thi road budget keeps getting SNAPPED by this lovely old painpainpain‘ting’ of how to do SQUARE BRAIN FARMING = SNAPPED ROADS = NO COUNCIL BUDGET = NO TREASURY BUDGET = WATER N SOIL FLOODS LONDON = even less SOIL that is needed to keep SoNice people alive = Goodbye to another ‘civilsation’ – ha ha ha – have you tried on contour RIP farming 2- 4 years and you get it back – less than a politically violent election term – infact bin parliament and spend it on RIP farming?

We have cobbles in Bolton – wi hard as nails up here yer see – but we still suffer from SNAPPED ROADS – can you see the global pattern wi SQUARE BRAIN FARMING? Aye – very funny hey? Keep on flushing and keep on snapping or something totally postman pat new? What yer wanna do?

Basically if this were the cotswolds and you wanted to start on contour farming to stop snapping roads and loosing soil and stand some chance of repairing landscapes and quadroooooooopling perennial crops and new plantings up thi valley from the So Nice people …

So what yer lookin at is moving away from the square brain feild on the left where soil does the snappy wappy and dumps soil and road gravel (derived from mining – is the second biggest planet burner)  in the villages and towards curly wurly farming or on on contour permaculture farming WAY upstream from Lo Nice on every floody hillock in Inglesso. A quick aerial survey and some perma plantings and you’ve got materials and perennial biodiverse NON-ROADSNAPPING landscapes n Mr Jones chess stall ney floods. Ps drop the crops down t’ valley with a small fence height aerial ropeway?

Lets do a better drawing Gromit…

So when the increased rainfall outside of London falls on the shires it hits thi hillock toppo and because thi round brain farmers cut a swale on contour, thi very wet deluge soaks around thi new swale and soaks DOWN into the hillside wiout moving soil off thi hillock but into the mound of the swale – where thi make new plantings and it becomes re-tree’d and over a few years it massivly increases biodiversity and your yeilds from hillsides increase as beehives and other things rejuvinate the landscapes around floody woody London – thus saving immense deluges of KAK taking out thi good residents of London.

Just have to convince thi farmers and foxy landowners coming round thi mountain on thi left that snapping roads is not their fault as such but was painted into their great grandfathers foxy brains by artists from way back and in the temples of law @theinnertemple @inner_temple there may even be a foxy square brain farming law or two? Who knows? Anyway lets hope and PRAY curley wurly farming has it’s day asap?

Let there be on contour hilltop farming :)

Anyway lets pop back into LoNice shall we… funny old place Gromit…

Scaffold Farms – protecting valuable plants from windchill – could even be vertical potatoe farms on thi outside of freight farms – if thi material were a bit transparent – who knows? Don’t forget thi can stick Spinning Jenny generators on all the lamposts and scaffolding to boost power if thi storms take out the offshore windmills …. so there’s another industry – how many lamposts are there and how many corners of buildings too in ultra turbulent northern & southern hemisphere? Retrofit a coke cola factory n make open source spinning jenny’s? ha ha ha.

Did thi see the Boston Snow DUMP in America recently – well…

Next year maybe – before thi Winter – maybe…

Fit thi Scaffold in thi Grooves up to thi ROOF

This structure is a GeodisicDome – one of the strongest structures on earth. Made out of scrap plastic bottles – We could cover whole streets with them before winter and when the East of America gets it or Ingles we just look up and shrug our shoulder – so what – no snow on the street. Cheap way to hunker down fer some winters – saves panicking and hybernate a bit – ha – do some crowd printing few thi hospital or spinning jenny’s – yer gettin it? Pemaculture is a way to design problems out of our lives permanently – that’s why it’s called permaculture we build the culture – with love for people – peoplecare -earthcarefairshare  – can you see it working fer LoNice too @arup ?

Humanity Gromit – one woof at a time woof woof

It’s Raining Gromit – quick – have thi see thi seen thi new sliced cars fer rainy days?

Just big enough fer four people max n a cat or a dog – if thi can balance a segway thi can balance a sliced electric car wi a bench seat in fer bobbin around rainy town? – ha – in something that thin yer less likely to hit anything – groovy bumper – there’s another industry – ha.

Ha – looks like pimp my ride – i wanna pizza oven in mi car has reached LoNice :)

Over in Portabello Road area – thi could just see it…

Could get three slices in one bay, maybe four? – book it on thi WHYPAD #IOT click n go.

PING – what’s that noise Gromit?

It’s the new vaccum delivery system from Ireland Scotland Wales Isle of Wight and Europe and Soon Iceland Norway Russia then America

Crikey – that’s amazin, a small box of food or crops fired all over thi world by vaccum t’ save peoples lives and energy flyin em & thi still arrive – 6000MPH or whatever – thi Clever them oil boys when thi get em on a real cool transport problemo?

Ullapool – Kings Lynn – South China! weh hey

Hang on a minute – don’t fancy thi 1887 batch – ha – anyway thi get thi picture?

Have thi seen thi Mushrooms wot fly 7000 miles? Could do same hey? Whatever wi want Gromit wi water pounds all over thi worldo :)

Next up a magical mystery shoe tree

It’s ace PortoBello Road :)

On thi WHYPAD thi could see any designer shoe in thi worldo and CLICK overnight thi revolving 3dprinter shelf made thi style thi needed – pop in and yabba doo – just fer you – gettin bordo? Put it back 3d scanner scans the shoe – repairs the heel – or maybe craft repair – bangs it back out again fer next WHYPADER wi ‘new heel’ ?

A tree wot makes shoes – Aye Gromit – all over thi worldo – another industry?

3d print trees?

Can you see now how you’ll never need LUGGAGE?

No Luggage?

That’s right no need to buy yer shoes in SingaMORE so thi could put em on in LoNICE – just turn up n thi there?

Ha ha ha ha …

Back in SingaMORE pick some more?

Ha ha ha… les trucks n cars – goodbye oily woily wars – packaging and printed forrest adverts? Nice knowin ya.

No more container of shoes cars bikes washing machines & now no LUGGAGE!

Kiss goodbye to the LUGG AGE  – it’s history like the HAUL AGE

no more baggage handling systems at airports.

no more bomb threats and security headaches.

CLICK thi WHYPAD get it there either new borrow or repaired?

JUST YOU and your family or friends travelling light :) NO LUGGING LUGG AGE ha 1000 years of crock gone!


Much Lighter Planes n very light cargo boats fer some stuff?

Maybe even CARDBOARD Planes (bottom of page) :)

SHIPPING FORECAST were lookin a bit slow – good job thi retrofitted thi ports n made thi containers into freight farms and cheap homes?

Ha – Donkey money is so great – so kind fer everyone :)

Freight Farms on thi roofs?

Tulip Farms too? CLICK – can i have a few more flowers please – yep travel from 500 yards away.

PORTABELLO farms – all the way down the road?

Could be lightweight ones too – eg – if they can make a cardbaord plane then thi can make a cardboard roof farm?

Maybe Gromit…

And we’ll have LOADS of spare cardboard n warehouses n boats when thi is no packaging or parcel delivery?

AYE – could even make cardboard homes?

Wey Aye man :) Millions of em wot look ACE and thi could fill empty shopping centres thi could look ACE wi any print on em – tudor edwardian -funy wood print – hand painted – grafitti punk whatever man – thi could be used fer festivals too – cardboard miniHOMES – anyway thi gets the picture – another massive industry re-using DEFUNCT cardboard WASTE ?

Oh look KITE scaffolding’s got 10 orders to stick temporary CARDBOARD homes fer summer time – someone from Birkdale were staying over – spinning jenny’s were wizzin on thi scaffolding too – that’s the LED lighting sorted. PING can you see the other temporary family homes being clipped on thi homes fer summer down thi street? Aye…

Take em down n store em in thi empty warehouses over winter and get out thi GEODISIC DOME’s fer thi streets?

No need fer a waste skip one day - just put floors in the Southport way – no waste?

ha ha ha.

Oooh look AUDI person’s got a cannoe fer thi river fun day out :)

One day thi Canoe will just be on thi RACK – like thi SHOE TREE?

No point in moving much around thi planet? Boring – just go there and prebook it.

ha ha ha. do you really need a car?

PADDINGTON – more freight farms n cheap cardboard homes for people who miss their connection because of the ICE storm or whatever – did thi see what thi were doing at Manchester Airport in the last storm delay? ha ha ha – FREE because thi need looking after on thi slow travels retrofitting NUTRASTRUCTURE n global travel could be an ace lifestyle – n gettin paid 250k?

Kissing frozen yoghurt Gromit – not fer me :)


Can thi think in thermals Gromit?

Have you seen the 3d printer that prints SEEDS – found it when we found the $56BILLION consortium rash – ha what a laugh?

3D printed seeds embedded in a nutrient rich yarn spool. Based on hydroponic methods, the embedded seeds in the 3D printed yarn are cultivated in water using mineral nutrient solutions.  No soil is needed, and you can print your garden in any shape you like.

Ok so then lets have some real fun? STICK some real fast SEED PRINTERS on the side of the CARDBOARD trains we might eventually make and by the time 800 people have got on the train the printer has printed an acre of SEEDS on the tube wall – nice n warm and wi a bit of water …

So stuff thi ADVERTS – no need fer em – you can have any design yer want upstairs but WATER n FOOD is the thing yer gonna need in the cities and INDUSTRIAL AMOUNTS.

So there you go tube printing seeds over all of the space you can as the train stops or a special train overnight and it picks them and delviered them a few days later sprouted seeds – very very good fer you.

 LED LIGHTS overnight to sprought them – loads of energy now all the cash machines n ticket machines n computer oyseter card charges have been ripped out?

Trains that are farmers too hey – whatever next?

Welcome to postman pat :)

UP UP UP above

A freight farm underneath wi a restraurant above? Copy n Pasto? Makey makey hasto.

Ping – CRESS draw opens

PING – mint – whatever.


Like Lowry said – he’s very hopeful that we can all pull back from thi brink of extinction if we can just introduce thi water pound and go full on fer innovation.

Oooh at last Gromit – i’ve found thi a home – Crikey – thi think were were mad in Bolton when we wanted to buy thi local shopping centre fer 10M to showcase 3d printing and home innovation – but as we’ve seen we’re trapped in an accounting child abuse crime gang banged out idea of commerce – even they are freakin out so hopefully they’ll come quietly to understand So Nice – Let pray so hey.

Home SWEET HOME fer radicals like us Gromit – get thi CLOGGS n CardBoard hat on :)

Cardboard homes fer thi Summertime Skate festivals?

Waterless Toilet wi cookin gas.

Book on thi WHYPAD

Did this see the SKATEPORT idea in Southport – Like the SHOETREE?

Bearings banged out – click – new ones repaired wi 3D?

Another industry?


Boring this water saved money?

God bless thi :) :) :)

Some BENCHES make thi think

And some don’t.

England has a Parliament wi 2 opposing benches and somehow over centuries we’ve ended up close to sinking London.

Must have been SNOGGING frozen yoghurt?

Anyway – 3d printed opensource phones – click clok clak check that cool hat.

We’ve got a CARDBOARD one Gromit – thi’d laugh at us man…

Hav thi seen his nose is ‘itchen’ – ha anyway what a day.

This guys getting 250K in water pounds – how cool is that :)

Her’s another person who’se just totally flipped out at getting at POSTMAN pat account too…

He maybe runs the 3d print bike skate acrobat shop?

Lifes a beach in So Nice?

Them orange containers – no not 22M tonnes of waste wi got rid of all of that – thi Mushroom farms now – thi grow mushrooms in thi dark yer know – a bit like the people in thi shires – have thi heard of the mushroom position – it’s not in 50 shades of why?

keep us in the dark n feed us loads of *hit.

Them mussel bed sticks r comin on ok on the right Gromit and them tall things in the back – well – could be vertical food storage.

One way to store grains and pulses and rices and things might be vertical boat storage?

So the various boats come in fold their sails down and sink down like bouys and that that really – tons of it n easy to store – get it right and it’s survive massive storm surges and when it dies down pop out n get some rice?

Insulate them – whatever – as it bobs up n down it self generates the energy needed to keep it’s temperatures?

#IOT monitor?

Fry a few mushrooms up from the Orange farm and laugh yer head off.

Probly only need ??? many for a years supply?

Especially as we’re freight farming and hopefully vaccum transporting (could do pipes down rail lines or motorway embankments or central reservations maybe?)

Another industry?

PALLET BAY PRINTERS (R&D new apprenticeships – climate survival – mining = 2nd biggest planet burner.)

And as recover old buildings perhaps they could go though a proper dissembly process where the materials we can reuse in flooring & tiling fer the 500,000 annual new STRAW homes is graded etc from skips.


Loads of old pallet bays doing nowt coz there’s no freight containers we’re growing food in it.

Great – meet the pallet bay printers.

A. Mrs StrawbaleHome would like a new floor – 3d scan – pings it back to pallet bay printers that make the tiles to fit bay by bay – spray or dip the glaze (there is a water glaze somewhere) and LASER glaze it. Drop it on a pallet – bit of ecological splodge to fill the gaps and it should in theory sit perfec – wi no waste?

B. Could be a shower tiling job or floor – same idea – scan fer measurements and make the tiles fit perfec all numbered like a jigsaw – when thi do em again bring back thi old tiles n do it again?

Just keep crushing old buildings and using it fer that as we move back from the flood zones?

Anyway – God Bless :)

To be Continued…


Low carbon winners last year … from Boris

Inter City retailing without transport or waste. @ECHarrisLLP @ARCADISglobal @JLL_Guy @JLLupstream @excellondon

Inter City retailing without transport or waste.  @slaughterandmay @PwC_UK @PwC_LLP @kingsturge @JLLUKRetail

Inter City retailing without transport or waste. @cityoflondon @Clifford_Chance @RICSOceania  @Arup

Inter City retailing without transport or waste. @LinklatersLLP @AllenOvery @RicsNEWS

Gold winners

EC Harris, Excel London, Intu, JLL, Linklaters and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Gold winners gallery not displaying correctly? If so, you can view on Flickr here.


Silver winners

Accenture, British Land, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP, Deutsche Bank, EDF Energy, PwC, Reed Elsevier, Slaughter and May, and Southside Shopping Centre c/o Metro Shopping Fund LP.

Bronze winners

Allen & Overy LLP, Arup, Asda, Boots UK, Deloitte LLP, Ernst & Young LLP, Hebert Smith Freehills LLP, King & Wood Mallesons LLP, Marks & Spencer, RBS, Savills (UK) Ltd., and Time Inc. (UK) Ltd.

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