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Farmers, Bees & new Supermarkets

Simple things like food and shelter are the basics – get them right and things might work?

Put the right ‘infrastructure’ in and we can vary our diets more locally? bring less in? Agriculture = number 1 planet burner.

If you are a big farmer please read this… we’re the humans – we’re here to help you… Half the worlds farming real estate was missing and it was putting a big pressure on the existing way of farming just to feed the middle man supermarkets so we could feed the nation.

Old mac donald was getting fed up of being ripped off by bank traders who don’t want to be named – How Rate Rigging Squeezed U.K. Farmers real Mac Donalds were looking bankrupt too … what a mess sucessive UNgovernments had made of it …

Supermarket chains were closing many branches.

What do to?

Simple – copy a successful working idea from Americacopy an urban farm idea from Montrealcopy an idea from Manchester Trafford Centre called yo seeding or crowd seeding

Welcome to the Founding Farmers & Urban Farmers, Beekeepers & Crowd Seeding

Just one outlet – The flagship location, three blocks from the White House, has generated $68 million in sales since September 2008.

The bread and pasta at each restaurant come from farmers’ union wheat growers. Honey is sourced from rooftop apiaries in downtown Washington. Perishable goods such as eggs and milk come from mid-Atlantic family-farm cooperatives.

70 Local farms within 100 miles represented by Founding Farmers supplier Keany Produce in Landover, Md.

How a combination of local and rooftop farming will change how we eat. This roof feeds 2000 ppl a day & get £5000,000 free energy every year & no lorries needed to deliver – ha ha ha.


Those farms on top of our current out of town shopping centres…

It were going to be a big job remaking stuff and we all had to realise there were going to be many other people loosing thier jobs while all this were going on…

Innovate UK@innovate_uk RT @pittso: #cleansf @AzoticTech have a non-GM bacterial coating for seeds helping any crop to fix its own nitrogen from the air. —- Less chemical spray then? ha ha ha

What to do?

Community based ownership – cut out the existing middle men & their friends the secret traders hiding in the banks.

Looks like it’s ready to go Grommit :)

Sainsbury’s too 25% of stores UNDERPERFORMING because spreadheets don’t include the big flashing angry mother eartho that you live on.

Look at the store above and the millions of landuse sheds like it and count to THREE or is it 3.

With a roof farm – number 1 below is more and more likely.

Intensive farming in your own country or the people who fly mushrooms 7,450 miles is right ther ein the number 3 flashing red extinction zone.

Thank you Pavan Sukhdev – p13.

ARE you a fisherman?

Fleetwood Sea Temperature – 21 Jan 2015.

(Today) 21st Jan 2015

What kind of fish live in brackish water @ 7.2°C in January? … and about 17 degrees in August? etc etc
Did you know?

Thank you Pavan Sukhdev – p12.

If the fish are getting smaller and smaller and we’re all falling out over sea fishing – can’t we agree to pay the WORLDS fishermen £250k/yr  to come inland & do urban fish farming for parts of the year on some half used shed roofs?

What’s the point in risking their lives out at sea, chucking half the catch, processing n big energy freezing it n big energy driving it to guess where – one of the bit retail parks if thousands of small fish could fall off the roof?

Did you know it’s 18-30+ °C in January? On that SHED ROOF? a world without much refrigeration.

Does that mean other species could easily be farmed – who knows – someone does? Algae proteins grow easily too. And Quinoa superfoods.

Donkey technology gets us out of the crud … ey orr ey orr :)

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