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Postman Pat

Hello :)

Got a delivery for you…

What Comes After Paper Money?

Early in the morning – while everyone was snoring…

Postman pat dropped a little paper savings book on everyone’s Mat. It was the beginning of civilisation Gromit :)

So basically it’s time to bail out the people who save 250,000 litres of clean drinking water every year by fitting a new waterless toilet that creates cooking gas, fertiliser and powers your debit card – welcome to bog bank – instead of using the same old trick the bank of England and the FED & other @bis_org marauding international shareholders have been doing for centuries funding EXTRACTIVE competitive daily practices. (ask anyone @bankofengland & @bis_org they’ll agree). Pay every household WATERSAVED£€$250,000 a year – every year. Period. (Don’t tell anyone gromit, it’s not the money but the power it gives to people to work together in the open source circular economy Ellen Macarthur sings about – (they’ll soon forget about the money – it’s about the power of community).

A precedent has been set in that England and Italy and probably other countries – have already counted cocaine and prostitution as part of the countries GDP in order to make the present administration look competent. Makes you wonder if Child trafficking will be the next one on the balance sheet or can we just put water saved on the balance sheet of all the humans on the Island…

Immediate benefits

- Everyone in the northern n southern hemisphere has a permanent income – as the old economy paradym collapses – gives us time to adjust – make a few mistakes and get on with a very low energy world together in a much more civilised way.

- Does not rely on high technology

- Power our own debit cards from our own waste and refurb thousands of banks & call centres into cheap homes (Bog Bank)

All by using a substance we flush away every day in a warming world AND we get COOKING GAS?

Easy to fix our incomes = flushed water saved x however many years the loo operates for – then make another.

In a waterless world like California = 99% drought there ar eno banks no investment no life if we flusjy wushy it away.


No more central banks – or currency issues – do you have water savings – yes – so you have income for all those new apprenticeships moving ‘cargo’ around the planet without fuel or ocean busting packaging a great new health service Belly Copter finance for infrastructure & new Farming models & new Train holidays with nutrastructure farming and massive poly tunnels that cover the motorway junctions for local food – Might even retrofit the 470 oil rigs in the north sea? Oh – and we can transport goods between airports and ports using virtually no fuel.

Fancy a home that uses 90% less energy without listening to political arguments on your television?

3d Print Hubs agross the Nation … It’s Trains Planes n automobiles but not as you know it Jim…

Massive refurb at UK ports allows us to print cheap homes and retrofit ecological cruise liners.

Freight Farms? Crikey 4 BANGED out old Containers give thi more food than 4 acres of land… ooo heck…

Does away with the whole banking paradym – the centralised ‘i know better – have a crock day 80000%’ loans.

Ushers in the new manufacturing called open source crowd printing – no logistical issues no boring crock.

Based on the open source internet of things – we can travel anywhere – make everything we need to make and live without debt.

Loads of cheap housing

Currently Farmers throw enough straw away to build 500,000 new homes a year that use 90% less gas.

Around all the towns are BANGED out old warehouses or UNITS that wil never be any use for many things -use the materials for retrofitting nutrastructure and put straw 500,000 straw bale homes on them so we don’t have to build on greenbelt.

If you can ship goods without boats ther’ll be lots of container? Welcome to Freight Farms man you’ll love em :)

Do you like this bridge that powers a train between Liverpool and Dublin?

All based on saving THE most important thing on Mother Earth0…

Unwasted Water as a recognised currency and as your income? Crikey …

Look at the new look London – wider river Thames and all sorts of amazing things…


Yes Gromit…

Water your daughter – sustainer of life …

Yeah that sounds reasonable Gromit woof woof to that :)

What’s happening globally stems from hundreds of years of old fashioned trade thinking – a chap called Peter Day wrote a very interesting article about a year ago. Imagine a world without shops or factories. In that world, at first, you may imagine a world where you have no job or no career and fights break out on the streets or that it breaks down into social chaos – but it doesn’t have to. You can see the NHS, Trains, Pensions, Homeless problems are just the fringe of whats coming if we don’t see and implement a civilised administration as the old paradym of ideas hits the buffers.

When you look at how we used to drive though massive treesjust because we could and then you look at the latest arctic news…

Gazprom want to drill right where arctic methane is leakingjust because they can!

It’s at that point that you realise a world without shops and factories – is a world that uses way less energy in existing buildings and there will be way less ‘trade’ – most of what you need – locally crowd printed and family made.

A chunk the size of Manhatten plunged into the Arctic ocean a few days ago – are you bored yet?

Lets be serious – you could send a tractor from Germany to Africa over the internet without a boat or plane

But as Charles Epstein says in the gift economy video – we can’t do any of this with our present 300 year old trade wars way of thinking – in this economy as we are – it’s almost impossible to repair the damage – until we come up with a new understanding of how we can do it.

Without factories and shops and with less and less resources – it’s impossible to tax people to hold up the ‘old trade’ world idea as we know it – the tax office does not exist – corporations don’t exist – supply chains don’t exist. Everything reaches it’s true value of zero until we as humans upgrade our mental software and share those spaces in new ways – all those stocks and share in pension products are directly related to ‘expected returns’ for pensioners around the world.

Water article by FT 70% of global 500 say it’s a risk to their biz models @bankofengland @cabinetofficeuk

Brazil China etc… water saved could be an ecological driver for the ecological financial age rather than the top down linear & ecologically violent finance?

Ohhh – so there isn’t a global stock market?

No – it’s all Donkey doo Gromit – how can a currency be worth more than water?

Water’s not even on the stock market yet everything depends on it…

It’s fun realising it’s all worth nothing isn’t it?

Quick get them savings books printed Gromit – Donkey needs to deliver…

Crowdprinting is the new open source circular manufacturing paradym for countries in a world that can no longer export their way out of the current ‘balance of trade’ idea – stuff that – write it all off & add £300tn to the uk balance sheet while we’re at it & you get 148 days a year to unlearn & relearn – Crowd printing – it’s the division of labour to the 3d printer iphone generation in every nation crowd printing/making what’s needed urban farmspower-stationseco-holiday resorts in bahamas gaza california or australia , the circular economy and shared purpose in one.

Crikey – america and china are fighting trade and violence wars to become dog tops or is is bottom dogs, burning themselves out with fear – more likely – anyway they are so intent on fighting trade wars that they’ll all miss the Donkey if they are not careful and go to war because they can’t unlearn fast enough – not sure if china or america or russia understand this new untrade paradym yet – ha ha ha – funny isn’t it?

1. FOOD – biggest planet burner.

Digitise and open source the machines and infrastructure and replaceable parts needed to keep it going.

- Open source local Agriculture machines – Crowd printing or crowd making has already been done for the most useful industrial machines we need – based on physics they are cheap to make and robust in your local landscape. Don’t need a bank loan with donkey savings book Gromit – just make em. Check out opensource ecology over at BIKEAT

- Urban farming takes the pressure off traditional farming – in public spacesin the Arndale shopping centre and buildings like itOhh Check out the new look Trafford Centre – can you see how it fits across the regions – Dublin to Hull never a dull day…

In America one shared food outlet branch taken $68M so far – oo heck goodbye old ways of thinking?

Just crowd print the spaces you need in the places you need sort our a crop plan with the farmers and the urban farmers and eat and laugh – three times is always good – ha ha ha :) It’s really funny isn’t it – we haven’t had to dial Parliament , DEFRA or or go to war yet have we? Goodbye old fashioned thinking – 300 years was enough for us humans. :)

2. HOUSING HOSPITALS SCHOOLS – using non extractive materials to house ourselves. EXTRACTION/MINING 2nd largest planet burner.

Digitise and open source the machines and infrastructure and replaceable parts needed to keep it going.

- parts of the NHS equipment are already being open source 3d printed in Oxford – so the savings per machine are in the multiple thousands per item – a few years and the whole of the NHS catalogue will be open source and we can all contribute only to whats needed in our regions by sharing the making of it all? You could even be on an eco holiday in spain and 3d print something for their new open source supply chain … Aye.. you’d never get bored or locked into e zero-hours gontract? It’s a zero boredom world?

- Mr Lowry comes back to see how we’re getting on with our no energy out of town unshopping centres – some were turned into smaller regional hospital spaces using very little energy – wow that were good when the storms took the power out – he’s impressed with the no heating out of town unshopping centres we could make and what can be done and he’s gonna hang around to see what the dinosaur 2015 300 year old election drama brings to the island….

- 16Million homes in the space we already have ? It’d be real easy to raise the capital in every town Gromit? Aye… real easy…

- There’s loads of cheap housing ? Aye .. lots of interesting possibilities – like if you wanted to stay on the carpark in your camper van and help on the food farm at the worlds most ecological shopping centre / MALL you could do? Aye… you might like the digerydoo class over at the Arndale later?

- Together we can do amazing things with open source crowd printing that can’t be done by the top down peterloo method where front benchers get to violently plop the coat tails of 300 year old really bad ideas on your region and then try and extract it back out of the region with higher taxes and future promises. Look out for them man trapppers – they think they can fool you… or maybe they are just trapped inside their own cartoon? Either way it’s funny – civilsation has just got to move on… :)

3. WATER – All Funded by the 250,000 litres a year of clean drinking water that we don’t flush down the toilet.

Rather than the old extraction brain – get stuff n burn it – the non extraction brain – save water n pay ourselves to make an ecological economy…

Have we got water gromit – yeah we have – lets based our ecological money and economy on looking after that then?

Have we got Gold Gromit – don’t need it – can’t live wi out water.

Have we got things the wrong way round? Aye…

At the moment we pay ourselves for hanging onto the coat tails of an extractive idea of global commerce that’s become increasingly unviable. Instead – the world Peter Day wrote about is rapidly becoming a reality and threatens the interests of hundreds of millions of existing jobs and old fashioned ways of propping up failing institutions, most pension funds are invested in this old crock and old fashioned ways of thinking and so you see all the financial people falling out (2008 onwards) trying to protect ‘an old fashioned idea called market share’ but everyone knows the whole global ponzi pension scheme is at risk of resource depletion – no body wants to loose face or their their job – their savings – no employer wants to say look , things aren’t working out, i’m going to have to let you go,  nobody can afford to give up what they are doing to jump whole heartedly into their new circular economy world – so you end up with horrible headlines and a powerless parliament because they too rely on the collapsing linear paradym for their salaries and like Peter Day says – they are from families that hold on dearly to ideas that worked 300 years ago – they, like you & me Gromit, are trapped inside an old fashioned idea of what needs to happen and so they panic too – they have never seen such unstability and it’s rattling everyone.

Some water – some housing and some food – all you need really? :) :) :)

Vote Donkey – ey or eyor…

Power as in permisison to become a civilisation.

Just incase you are a person in power now and you don’t understand what you have just read – So if we use the same ‘Power’ that the Bank of England and the other central banks of the world @bis_org where you all meet on a Sunday night to try and fix the unfixable world that Peter Day described above – that world that has been issuing ‘credit’ for hundreds of years to enrich only certain extractive and violent peterloo ‘ideas’ then we can provide Citizens of Ireland,England, Wales, Scotland a saftey barrier to allow us to drop old fashioned ideas, chuck our hostility on the floor and move forwards together in a new way on this tiny little Island – but it’ll work anywhere Gromit – crikey, better not tell them it’ll work anywhere – it’s enough of a jobby getting them to understand it working in one region of the world never mind everywhere… Ok we’ll not tell them that then ;)

We as humans are not violent – we do want the best for each other. It’s all about ‘Power’ – specifically about Power to issue ‘money’ to one idea over another in each country and ALWAYS down the same supply chain always feeding the extractive and violent – that’s got to end this year. It’s a power that has to be a HUMAN SOFTWARE UPGRADE in the minds of POWER MEN and POWER WOMEN 2015 so that we can all make plans to move on without holding onto a pack of foggy old ideas.

In the North of England there is talk of giving the regions more power – it’s hard to say what those ‘powers’ will be but the ultimate power would be to pay all citizens equally based on something ecologically and socially useful as the globalised world falls away and we all become much more involved in caring for ourselves and others in our towns and cities.

Just grant the whole region – an ecological zone and pay it’s cizizens £250,000 a year to revise the 300 year old thinking.

But as Chales Epstein says in the gift economy video – we can’t do any of this with our present way of thinking – like he says – it’s almost impossible – until we come up with a new understanding of how we can do it.

The main benefits of doing this are -

- To based our money on water, love of each other ecology, common sense – not gold violence, war, credit and ponzi LIBOR rate sums in banker spreadsheets. These are all things that mean nothing to the earth we’re carving up and dumping in our shopping centres.
- Pay your debts off and enjoy your life.
- To finance people (FARMERS-NHS-POLICE-ARMY-TEACHERS-BUILDERS-CLEANERS-BUILDERS-LAWYERS-MECHANICS – ETC) in the towns and cities as jobs and industries collapse – it’s not their fault it’s going belly up.
- To modernise the financial system and our involvement with collectively fixing it. Keep it simple – a postoffice savings account…
- Everyone has a permanent income – as the old economy collapses.
- It’ll put an end to all the trafficking in people across borders – one mayor in europe is being investigated for trafficking – making more from that than cocaine – if these families were getting us lot turning up with our ecological holidays and postoffice savings books we’d be breaking that cycle of ‘extractive and abusive’ power?
- No need to worry about pensions – because the stock market is a mega ponzi as Robert Maxwell and  Bernie MADE-OFF with it too stole pensions so will others and it wont pay out. Infact this government wants you to take your pension early and only last night on TV it showed the vultures ringing them up and trying to sell pensioners a car parking space in the desert. It’s that same old 300 year old slave drivers lie. BP and other oil / frack and Coal is failing and one day it’ll fail to pay your neighbours pension who is retired and they’ll say to you blah blah bla and you’ll wonder what happened – what then? Did we call ourselves civilised and yet we give up our right to issue our own common sense currency? Across England you can also see that many buy to let investors are trying to make something of buying property to rent out for a pension but they are struggling too – over 30% of renters are due to default in UK January – that’s about 4M families hitting the streets for the already stretched police, social services, ambulances, charities, churches etc to deal with. More champagne anyone?
-Anyway… with 250,000 water backed pounds a year coming in we can all fix the jumbo jet before it falls out of the sky.
- No need for elections – Parliament, MP’s,  people can decide what they want to do.
- No more central banks, manipulating prices all over the globe and doing these daily television violence warmongering.
- The more you think about it the more it makes sense.
- No treasury or tax to take the fake kings to war – go back to sleep and snore – ha ha ha
- JP moregon, Goodbye sachs – all big banks – have about 99% the worlds ‘corporations including your local government’ swimming in fake debt. It’s ok while your local rulers are getting 10k a month to carry out orders from the elected ‘above’ but they are powerless until we change the rules and back the people and stick up for Postman pat.
- Issue a simple £250,000 annnual post office account to all the workers in those corporations and it’s goodbye to Jamie Dimon (demon) and global associates.

Water article by FT 70% of global 500 say it’s a risk to their biz models @bankofengland @cabinetofficeuk

Just grant the whole region – an ecological zone and pay it’s cizizens £250,000 a year to revise the 300 year old thinking?

Good bye money changers – nice try


How to implement…

Do you have a flushing toilet? Yes – ok we’ll open you an account in the local post office and pay £250,000 a year into it so that you can have the latest toilet fitted that provides you with non arctic methane cooking gas and saves you FLUSHING about 250,000 litres of fresh drinking water every year just in time for the global water shortages due to bad farming practices and global drought that will affect 40% of the earth within 10 years.  If your local hospital needs a few beds buying can you help finance or crowd make it. Do you want to help us crowd print & share the best of 3d printing and traditional manufacturing? – Yes – ok let go.

Water is more valuable than oil or gas. Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem and much of the middle east runs out of water next year. Oohh So water is worth lots? If we retrofit our big box retail fast enough we can invite them to stay over while the worst heat waves hit the deserts and we can collectivly rig up the deserts with Solar Melters for our football stadiums and regenerate the desert using permaculture and retrofitted military equipment?

Fancy a nice ecological holiday – loads of new eco villages we can re-make together :)

That’s about it really.

Quantitive easing 3 – 1&2 didn’t work for humans…

What do you think?

Imagine that…

All the billionaires won’t care – they can’t tell the difference between a zero hour conract and £250,000. Don’t hate them – they don’t know the answer either but they’ll notice they can walk around without gated communities and violence and when they see Picachilli gardens they’ll wonder why we didn’t try it earlier.

So basically there will be 99% getting £250,000 a year going in the right ecological direction with no violence, cooking gas… and open source crowd printing

Postman pat…

Thank God for that… :)

God bless the…


Hello :)

Got a delivery for you… the last 300 years were a right pile of slave driving donkey doo weren’t it?

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