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Water saved as income? – a store of value – the value of life.

Hello, it’s the Aquarius age … and the Gette Age ha :)

perfecto for Water €£Yuan$ banking – a currency based on paying people not to waste water :)

Why is this important Gromit?

Every household in the northern or southern hemisphere with a flushing toilet WASTES about 250k litres per bathroom so why not fit a new bathroom toilet & pay each household 1€£$ for each litre of valuable resource saved? Take it further – pay people £water400,000 for NOT buying a new car because that is what manufacturing a car in water really costs. Pay vegetarians £18,000 for not eating a kilo of beef. Pay hotels 250k a year per bathroom for not wasting flush water – puts a new value on hotel chains around the world – and that way people can go on ecological holidays repairing landscapes open source ? Pay landowners not to create fake snow with scarce water in switzerland? Can you see how simple our income is?

Also towns, cities & coastal regions are getting flooded more often so sewage water is flooding towns and oceans.

And water saved could address the nitrogen bombs like long island and others?

Get paid – 250,000 water pounds EVERY YEAR from now on until we either fix the planet or die trying. We rig up our towns with these and use the clean drinking water (250k litres per bathroom) and energy make cooking gas, laughter and repair the family. Oh yeah – and no central banks needed, this toilet powers your own bank ledger and credits your debit card with 250k annually?

So no banks or bank loans?

QE for the people & planet – one toilet at a time.

Every property gets an income for water saved …

Everyones a winner?

Yes, this toilet makes your cooking gas too – ha ha ha 250,000 a year and some cooking gas.

With half the worlds timber gone – you’re asking people to cook with wood man – we didn’t come this far to act like cave wo&men.

Imagine having lots of digits on the last bit of paper but no more trees in this picture coz we made flatpack and fires with it.

Now for the boring bit. Gotta convince the gangsters and crime syndicates politicians and other sceptics ooh and those old money people … without getting killed or wiped out in an unexplained accident.

Dear Jacob,

Dull day in Bolton but some interesting ideas bobbling around UNLEARNING our habits from the last 300 years and changing the banking system from the dynasaurus age extraction age to the Aquarius age and usher in the Water Pound?

Even Paul RosenBerg recons …

“Humans need goals, and we as a civilisation currently have none.”

Its very radical in that it’s none violent – doesn’t need policing and nobody has to pay for all those failing linear orientated institutions in the west or the east – or anywhere really – it takes all that fear out of the world. People can turn em into cheap housing. :) :) :)

You wouldn’t need any banks, any wages or bonus calculations, any political lobbying and all that boring waste of time – you’d be free to enjoy you life knowing the world was gonna be ok…

You’ve probably already worked it out – give us a shout if you need a hand with the idea – God Bless.

What does David RockerFeller think? Water not Oil?

What about Mr Sokarno’s trust? What do they think? Water not Gold?

So in a waterless world we base our currency on water that’s rising in value every day – not gold – not violence – not paper – not lies – but water saved and that way none of us have any fear about loosing our jobs, our families or friends in an increasingly waterless and resourceless world – but much more importantly it allows us to decide where we channel our hearts and energies – we can drop all the boring crock that doesn’t work like pretending theres a constant war between the east and the west and get everything we need in the refurbed unshopping centres across europe and uk france spain india china australia – anywhere really – using crowd printing & planting our way out of the chaos. We don’t have to be patronised by 4 year election cycles – all that boring ness gone – free at last from front and back benching, MP’s can join us humans… and can follow their hearts desires too.

Parliamental… banker central, people disrespecting the weakest in society — all gone.

It’s gone hasn’t it ?

Welcome to global thanking :)

About 70M humans on this Island alone x 250k each per year = 1.75E+13 or in boring maths terms 17,500,000,000,000.00

2015 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

2016 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

2017 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

2018 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

Have you worked it out yet – your average UK voter will be 2M water pounds richer and the world will be 6 years from droughts…

Oh California dreaming … dreaming … praying some water savings and a new water saved economy your way :)

2019 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

2020 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

2021 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

2022 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

Have you worked it out yet – your average UK voter will be 4M water pounds richer and the world will be 2 years from major droughts…

2023 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

2024 – 17,500,000,000,000.00

Have you worked it out yet – your average UK voter will be 4.5M water pounds richer and the world will be in supply chain melt down as 75% of the worlds biggest corporation say water is a material risk to their business & ASDA wallmart say 95% of their supply chain is at risk of climate related issues …

And we’ll have transformed a tiny little waterlogged island into thing of greatness.

If we don’t do this other nations will and where do we stand then? Don’t be late now :)

Only takes a radical Northern Powerhouse to issue water pounds into the local credit union account of everyone in the north and bingo the norths off to a good start – don’t want to mess with them flat cappers…

Even our most hated figures will be able to buy a sandwich and help somewhere in the world.

But hate will not get us where we need to go.

Take the h off and lets ask ourselves what we ate at the new look trafford centre in the great northern powerhouse.

Last weeks crowd planters on the roof at the refurbed trafford centre. Plantin your grub…:) and getting paid 250,000,000 a year doing what no zero hour contract on eartho could ever do – a few days of this – get bored – go off repairing the bahamas or benidorm or gaza – even corfu – you get the picture?

David would love it – he’s a water guy.

There’d be 3-4 BN humans fixing mother earth every day instead of mashing it’s brains out :)

Oh la la as they don’t say in Bolton.

That’s a shed load more money than any other nation on earth has coming in and we’ll have it coming in EVERY YEAR so we can kickstart all of the ecological thing’y we want to do and social justice things that have been swept under the carpet for over 1000 boring years of tears.

Also – just to make you laugh – all the gold in the world or oil in the world won’t come to that …

Also Also… a car costs 400,000 litres of water really – never mind the constant war to keep it poodling along… sure we’ll still make a few – but heck we’re only 9 years from filling every road on earth, so all the cars will have to go slower and slower – so there’ll be less n less oil sold – so the car assembly plants will go bankrupt – so we can rejig em and make waterless toilets and greenhouses for urban farming.

20,000 litres for 1kg of cotton.

18,000 litres for 1kg of beef. Next time you’re in the restaurant check out the 18,000 litres of water stacked on how many pallets next to you :)

Anyway , puts that bank below, the one between his legs to shame.

the Water bank – ha ha ha


These blokes still hadn’t unlearned… they were trapped in the not ok corral but no body had told them the world had unlearned… and that the old fashioned banks of yester-year were a man made construction to expand the need for global trade & it’s companion war…

They were purpose designed only to give to the man who would kill others or nature to expand the profits of the lender it were an astonishing 12 minute movie & to think we’d come so far away from our natural desire to help each other.

Anyway – things were getting interesting at the not ok corral… them blokes had their pipes drawn – they were ready fer doing sheik or shale – it weren’t the festive glamour & figure fixing outfits of you magazine they were playin…

No, it were in their unlearned heads that they wanted the biggest pipeline, biggest bank, biggest economy – back in the 1970′s the American paper dollar were linked to the weight of gold the country held and so Dollars were backed by gold n later oil – still a mad system but one we’d grown accustomed to over thousands of years gold had this sort of alure (gold frankinsense n myrrrrrrrr) and men would do anything to get it and based their micro empires on it. Some would even call themselves Goldman – n god’s banker – oo heck.

Anyway – Nixon scrapped that link between paper dollars and gold held in the vault & in the 1970′s and he got caught with Kissinger war mongering in Vietnam n the Dollar’s value were based on oily woily. Daniel Ellsberg, a former marine broke NIXON and KISSENGER’s vietnam crimes.

You see – gold diggers, gun slingers or pipe slingers work together to deceive their populations about what is valuable, often hanging out in their versions of the party dog saloon… or were it dolphin square… anyway they’d pop out for a show down now n then when things went wrong.

God bless the widows of the world if the brains of these men don’t change. There it were – the word Wing on the top right of the album – wingin it though history.

Just needed right the prayer and it would all come to a peaceful end Gromit.

They could have astablished a water bank way back then but that were still the age when the men who set the rules drove though trees so cutting them and selling them were their money in the bank.

Plank in the bank but not many planks left Gromit.

It’s interesting because they would have been on the cusp of having towns that didn’t need refrigeration if only Nixon n Sheiko’s hadn’t backed global 40ft chiller waggons and ‘supermarket’ stores with chiller shelves runnin 24/6 no Gromit, it’s 24/7 now they scrapped sunday trading laws …

Anyway – all of the world banks since 1970′s had lent other peoples savings and paper promises to every dick tom and harry.

It were a crock of a ponzi do dah thing they’d built and they called it an economy… It were like tryin to prop a deck of cards up in a hurricane – it were insane…

Look around you and laugh as the fake not ok coral looses it’s last chance saloon.

It were folding like a folding plane Gromit – the banks – governments – whole regions – institutions…

But don’t worry, they were all just bad ideas. Insane man traps trappin mens brains for thousands of years into strange habit forming rituals where they’d be forced to do the worst to others for a 25 year mortgage just to survive for ‘money’.

“Thank God men cannot as yet fly,” naturalist Henry David Thoreau once exclaimed, “and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”

Folding airplanes Gromit … ha.

Anyway – moving on we have to use new words to revive banking so lets stay with the aquarius age – waterbank and another age old behaviour that we must look out for and eliminate from our so called leaders unlearning human behaviour… peterloo.

terror and humiliation… God bless the whole world as those two words get flushed down the loo Peter.

It were poetic justice … St Peter and a Loo.

Hello :)

Folding planes – ha ha ha – aye – bit like folding kings cross trains – folding global ‘banking’ systems, folding ecological systems n folding human values…

Are you ready to unlearn and do some crowd printing – it’s proper good fun?

Might want to give Jacob a call and ask him what he thinks before waterless world reaches London – ps – don’t tell anyone London’s running out of water – especially the Queen. She’ll wonder why & what to do about it – don’t feel daft suggesting waterless loos for London with cooking gas – you got a better none violent idea?

Every property gets an income for water saved and half of the income can go to the residents even if they don’t own the property?

Everyones a winner?

Reform – not of parliament, but the human mind and power.

Reform — is none violent.

Say hello to the Aquarius age.

Equal power for Wo&Men equal pay – 250,000 water pounds every year on the Island – say goodbye to yesterday.

All those families destroyed by never having the kind of violent power that still drives global peterloo events.

And ecological holidays repairing mother Eartho?

Even funnier – a 3d printer that you can take on holiday that makes cheap simple power staions out of scrap concrete.

Welcome to 2015 – an island of has beens or the Age of Aquarius?

It were music to everyone ears.

And no more tears…

 There were enough for everyone on earhto – all families working as one.

It were weird Gromit but someone had to navigate a symbolic guitar of peace though the madness of the world.

2015 – about 100 years after this letter – things have to get better?

Welcome to the Aquarius age.

Aquarius is the house of the woman”. He adds that is in this age the woman will be equal to the man.

All wo&men

Peace in Jerusalem.

Crowdprinting – Freight Farms – Waterless Loos :)

Go on take the Z off

n we’ll take our flat caps off t’ ter yer :)











st sin



Saints or Sinners?

Wi out water – no ones a winner :)

No Saints n No Sinners?



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