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Crowd Printing n Crowd Planting – zingy zing zing

Mmmm Christmas and New Yeary

from… Temples of ecological destruction to Temples of ecological constructions.

As the old world falls apart quite nicely, it’s lovely to see the new one start… :)

Very few lorries, wars, mining or deforestation were needed to fill these new ecological Temples and yet everything you needed had been made just for you by caring human beings … like you …

Welcome to Crowd Printing and it’s friend Crowd Planting and the end of global wage slavery.

All over the region there were millions of us and we’d made an open source crowd printing application. Today we’d clicked, YEAH i can print it n suddenly the NHS had 2 million new 3D printed toothbrushes in 1 hour – perfect for everyone – wi no supply chain contracts – no imports- no privatised melt down – no argey bargy – just – yeah i can do it. The idea were based on the peer to peer file sharing programs of the internet – all open source. So if the NHS digitised their mass items (each component could be made by a mix of traditional and home or pro 3d print and controlled by open source software that detected your 3d printer capabilities or your small batch engineering cnc lathe n served you the bit you could make in a click with a reference on it and an assembly point where it need to go) we could all start being the suppliers as open source makers – and one day when were were in hostpital someone would make our toothbrush – ha ha ha – don’t laugh too much though – it’s fun having fun … :)

We could even crowd make or print clothing in these places you know – mix n 3d match – hand craft – swap – share – borrow – it’ll catch.

The designer you want makes a design for you and the crowd who are going to the unshopping centre – help make it. And you do the same for others in the open source unshopping centre.

Shoes – handbags – umbrellas – hats – jumpers – phones – Have you seen the new solar range in John Lewis – boots – h&m – debenhams – selfridges – marks n sparks – open sourcery – ha ha ha.

this saves all high street brands from ecologically melting down the planet with their mad 40ft waggon supply chains and quarterly profit targets and we can all get the stuff we really need to fit us. It’s design we’re buying – good ecological design – not fast fashion landfill in order to pay the rentman who has to pay the ‘treasury’ who does what with it – more trade war – unlearning trade and war?

So… We can take that idea to our temples of ecological landfill doom and retrofit those temples into new temples?

When we get bored indoors – could go roof farming or making another zero carbon airport with the crowd makers.

We already know that there are three main groups of people in England – settlers – prospectors – pioneers.

And this is prospector territory gromit – can’t come in here lookin like a trampo wi holes in yer clarkes shoes … heck security’l soon chuck you out. Better put a posh jumper on hey n they may not notice… :)

China were in town n they’d heard about our crowd printing boom – it were exciting to them coz they needed even more toothbrushes Gromit n they had massive distances to drive their 40ft waggons of toothbrushes.

But little did they know – there were another suprise they could take away from the world’s most ecological shopping centre.

Come on lets go walk-about shall we Gromit – see what we can see as the old economy falls rapidly away from our minds.

Ha – a cruise liner…

Crikey – were were only thinkin about them last week Gromit – makin really super ecological cruise liners over in Liverpool so that the Chinese can come over and see us, park up at Albert Dock n bring some fertilzer for our rooftop gardens on the trafford centre and take the Crowd printin idea and others home with em…

Anyway – this food hall in the Trafford Centre ran on non methane cooking gas from waterless toilets … waterless toilets? Yes don’t tell anyone about waterless toilets or you’ll bankrupt the global banking ganster system and we wouldn’t want to do anything like that would we Gromit… they are just like the ones on the cruise liners above – it were amazingly simple really and it were another good reason to come to see how the North of England were adaptin to global resource depletion – n pretty quick…

Didn’t need frackers – but we used their drill to drill under that swimming pool and it provided a warm paddling pool and heat spa from the geo heat – remember it’s not a shopping centre, it’s a city of villages where people come sometimes for a few weeks to prosume… making things other people really did need and appreciate before the planet melted n we were too late.

We can do anything when we unlearn and relearn – Alvin Toffler wrote about it being the sign of a litterate society, he said it wasn’t that we needed to be able to just read and write but that, literate societies would quickly unlearn bad ideas and absorb new onesHave you seen the unlearned Manchester Arndale refurb?

Even Boots the high street chemist had begun to understand prosuming…

Just above their heads, there were a missing bit of real estate – it were missing from most of the buildings on Mother Eartho and it were the reason we’d got slave factories, lorries, ports and all sorts of complicated trade barriers and trade wars with one big corporation fightin another for high street sales n offshore banking tax avoidance… there’s no future in that Gromit.. none.

anyway enough of that… Boots thought as boot did…

their cosmetics range came off of the roof – everyones did – it were made of protein n bio GOO in the building and from local flower farms Gromit n you could bring your GOO container back n refill it. ha ha ha.

Algae roofs (part of the missing real estate) were comin in useful..

It were a really really big roof Gromit, they had spare protein for makin protein foods for the food hall too…

Win win situation for the planet – no chiller trucks runnin around buring unnessesary energy when fresh food mainly came from upstairs farm and around the region.

Crowd Planting – ha ha ha – you’ll like this hopefully – if you like eating, anyway …

Ooo – that were funny – you could part pay or full pay for your YO food by YO SEEDING or Crowd Planting

That’s right, last weeks visitors had YO SEEDED yours and you were eatin fresh roof food with your meal before you went off to your favourite crowd print event – ha – thanks for coming along :)

Here comes the little fishy in the little dishy – who’se gonna plant the fishies some food for when the next persons boat comes in?

Micro planting with your mates before you went home – to help the upstairs fishy farm or herby farm or booto skin herb farmo.

Can you see it? We can :)

Press a button and a bowl of this seasons seeds for the roof farm or boots turns up – you scatter them in the special greenhouse bowl and SQUISH a bit of water on them – in the summer time they made their way outside of the building floating in a little water channel and gradually to the noria lifting wheels were were using to repair Jeusalem that lifted them upto the roof farm above the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

The Chinese were impressed, the Indians too – the Arabs and the Jews were were laughin so much at the new world we could build together without going to war with each other – fancy a Yo meal? ha ha ha. We loved one another again..

Big light had come on as Peter Kay says..

Everyone were welcome n could help out :) :) :)

Steeple print …

Up in Ramsbottom they’d heard of this weird new unshopping centre and they were keen to see if crowd printing could help their local Church.

Yer could see St Pauls stepple in the window of the local art gallery  – the Gorrilla were wonderin if humans were intelligent enough to get Crowd printin and Crowd plantin and apply it to their towns and cities before there were no Gorilla trees left…

It were real important these human were up to speed Gromit – Gorrillas were watchin.. :)

Local’s had a design sorted shared the files n design info and part of it were Crowd Printed and Part were hand crafted…

All done over winter… bingo

In the summertime it were CROWD ASSEMBLING it n next thing it were done.

Heck – Mary were cryin in the window – finally – humans workin together to eliminate bad planet wrecking ideas from society.

Better hurry up – the heavans were opening in Ramsbottom n church had already been hit… someone weren’t so happy about our way of life…

better pray for a better way Gromit in harmony wi dogs n Gorrilas too…

Steady on Gromit… things aren’t that bad – as long as the old ecologicalyl destructive ways die fast without us dying grommit – that’s the trick :)

Things were lookin bright for a crowd printed Christmas in 2015 – all them lorries air pollution, wars, cyclists dying, trade barriers TTIP TTP as well as investor state settlement dispute where gansters could sue your government for not letting them make a profit out of cutting down your last 3 trees. All that madness gone so we could fill shelving systems n put price tags on – were were mad alright Gromit – but luckily we were all unlearning

We were rebuilding UTOPIA not the one where banks get to steal and manipulate everyones life.

People with no where to go were always welcome at the prosuming unshopping centres, the upstairs farms and BIKEAT centres all over the country …

Heck – if they wanted they could even go on an ecological cruise to China or Benidorm n help them out


There were a big sign at the manchester Markets pointing at PEDESTRIANS…

We were prosumers Gromit – living in a brand new world together wi no homeless – cheap housin and with as much money as we needed.


In Little Lever there were Eucalyptus trees growin – ideal for all sorts of ailments… right opposite a big new store called ESCO where eucalyptus oil would cost you dear – if you could get it. In the Trafford Centre they welcomed locally cultivated varieties of good things like this … they were propogated using Crowd Planting and soon the whole region had essential oils from local trees. Why do you think they call them essential?

Crowd Printing Holidays

It were a sell out, orders had come in from round the world for waterless toilets – they were running out of water and so they couldn’t make them themselves, they had always relied on tourism – luckily we lived in wetty wetty land and so we Crowd Printed them and took them with us on the new ecological cruise liners. As demand around the world grew for waterless infrastructure and cooking gas demand for larger ecological cruise liners went up and Liverpool docks one more became the ecological toilet export capital of the world – great holiday in those shacks once we’d retrofitted the local villages.

Lovely grub.

Next up… it’s an air Ambulance Gromit but not as you know it.

Richest biggest baddest n goodest gansters had flown in from around the world for the annual gift print fest where a new trend were rising called the gift economy – gifting back to society and repairing it (lovely 12 min video for how we could all behave).. it were biggest trend in world gromit…

They’d come to pay back to society from all over the world and landed in Manchester to see our new unshopping centres.

The gansters and richest goodest had finally begun to realise what peril the Island of England was in with the failing dictatorship sabotaging the health system and had read about the 2 hour emergency waiting time for Ambulances…

Gromit its bad – this whole parliament are going to hell. Friends of ours were run over by a car last week – lay on floor bleeding from the head and waiting 2 hours…

The richest and baddest had drone copters made – you pressed a button and Air crew were directed to your accident and quickly back to the hospital. In really bad emergencies a drone copter would land and you could accompany the person to A&E all done using existing WAR technologies and ALL because we were unlearning trade and war.

oney oney oney – ust be unny in a ich mans orld.

All the things we could do if we got paid for not cackin the planet up. :)

It were a planitary SOS…

God bless.

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