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Unlearning trade and war

- If we unlearn trade – tarifffffs and barrierrrrrs – suddenly there’s no supply chain war.

- To make space for new ideas sometimes in history you simply have to unlearn the old ones or you just end up with 4 more years of political viollence and regional hell.

- Trade wars pepper our memory and leave no space for a civilised local economy.

- Please take this moment to unlearn before we approach the topic of more trade financed by more war.

This is a story about what our ancestors did, it’s about a story they were told, a myth they lived that we call history. The myth of progress by war and extraction. In the circular sharing economy we can break that cycle and all live very well, but only if we teach other as nations to unlearn too! Before they copy us – ha – that’s if they can find a tree this big to copy us Gromit …

Before the chainsaws, they had a saw.

We drove through trees Gromit. Is that sensible? :)

We were bloke’s you see – we could do anything and usually did daft stuff – about a thousand years back we broke away from women as equals you see… anyway…

We needed some new brain power…

Half the worlds brain power had been excluded…

Women had been excluded from Christianity for many years and you could see this in the dangerous decision making that lies all around us today.


We chopped that many trees down we needed metal horses to move em from the ports.

Here’s ‘Puffin Billy’ the metal steam horse from Lanchester.

We had young children n blokes diggin holes n dyin’ fer coal Gromit… buckets of it

10 spokes on the back wheel, 8 on middle n 12 on coal bin.

It were the beginnin of the great western ‘man-traption’

a bloke could get a job wi a spade, tippin it in Puffin Billy. Trap 1.

It were official Gromit – we’d gone mad.

Musn’t laugh though – it took us over 300 years to realise…

This bloke were just releasin the blood sweat n tears of the children n their dads into forward motion t’ move something we later called CARGO.

Imagine going back in time and telling this bloke that we had a printer the size of a suitcase that could make you most 3 home items… infact a bigger one could build you a village.

At college thi designing products n sendin em round thi worldo wi just one clicko :)

He’d think you were mad.

But no Gromit – these linear men were officially driven mad without knowin it. That’s quite an achievement. :)

Competition Gromit – yer never guess…

Another fancy billy goat were born, this time in Lancashire.

It weren’t long before this were floating on the severn seas.

The worlds first hybrid ‘man-traption’

Part sail,

And part Puffin Billy.

Yer could just see em …

Pioneeers of the Linear age up on the bridge jim.

No spade, no blood sweat or tears – navigators of extraction.

What would they have thought about ecological cruise liners?

It were the daft oil age Gromit. Coal n Oil – heck – They just kept printin money…

1886 – 1986 – 100 years

1986 – 2014 – 28 years

About one and a half human lifetimes.


Aye Gromit – Gluckauf – what a laugh.

128 years…

What were we gonna do? World had built an whole empire on extractin stuff n expandin round the world with one ‘contraption after another.

Never mind Puffin Billy n Gluckauf.

We’d had world war 1, World war 2 and the man-traption ‘con-traption’ heads in London, Washington and the Middle East were still at it. They’d run out of construction materials and half the forests had gone.

Part of learnin were about listnin to them what had lived before us.

Unlearning was about clearing your head of old ideas so it could fit new ones in without causing you to feel like going to war over money for the right to extract stuff to keep your “man-traption” supply chains going.

They were totally mental them ‘man-trappers’ 10,000% mental.

We’re only just beggining to learn about the level of CIA MI6 FBI MAFIA TRIAD MOSSAD RUSSIAN sadness…

Hundreds of years of it…

It were a blessing to be able to take a deep breath and realise you were a human being and could unlearn like anyone else.

Every one were laughing… :) :) :) Yer had to so that you could avoid fear.


anyone could do it – them folk on TV called ticians – them war mongers – generals – daft old bankers – bus drivers – teachers – fashisttas – mi5 /6 CIA FBI MOSSAD TRIAD – you name it, you know what, there wasn’t a tribe that could unlearn and save the worldo.

Them old supply chains weren’t supply chains - they were 9-5 shakels based on extraction from the mill towns of Lancashire to the slave factories of the worldo.

Unlearning extraction.

We needed a balance in the world again.

Green QE – ha ha ha – that’s postman pat :)

It were time t’ put the big light on. It were a big story in the Bolton news office. There were a story comin up about big chimneys too – Fred Dib were laughin too.

The wheel of life needed a rickin’ big upgrade.

Journalists at Bolton News had to put their Glasses on – they were in the MID of an industrial revolution like what had never been printed before. It weren’t even industrial – the closest you could get to it were circular-3d-sharing-make-mend-and LAUGH. :)

So there it were – plain as day.

The worlds first city of villages… In Manchester.

Instead of shopping we went prosuming – producing things we needed with others in the city villages – using craft n 3d printing, share and repair you could even work upstairs on the city roof gardens.

You could get everything the world could imagine inside your local defunct shopping store – a designer do dah – yep download it n fabricate it here – a rare diggery doo – yeah you can hire it for your concert too – a signed print by your favourite footballer – yep they just passed through – a cargo bike to move your family across town – yep – clothing made local – just perfect for you – yes YOU – by someone who cares and loves you and you – a place without 40 ft wagons of landfill and cyclist traffic meltdown.

Wow yes please… good job all this oily woily war zone meltdown is coming to an end – how else do we spend – the rest of our lives together?

Breakfast in bed for last weeks roof farmers – ooh heck he were rarin to get farmin again gromit …

It were 3d printin Jewellry for Mary today…

It were an immaculate conception Gromit…

A miracle… a new life on Eartho with out wars and MANTRAPPERS.

We had to think about a way to move forward without doing more extraction, or war.

That’s why there isn’t a housing crisis…

It were these daft man trap blokes who’d pushed us off the land into the mills and shopping centres who’d got us in this mess and it were our turn to come up with the answer.

Whereas private groups of ‘bankers’ had backed the Gluckauf oil age we had bailed them out in 2007-8 and they were still smashing our towns and cities up with ‘austerity’ Gromit.

Pliocks. Or were it Pilocks?

Man trappers Gromit… 10,000% mental. The men who own your political parties, sneak about causing fear and hate.

They had based their whole economy and ‘money‘ on pushing people around using a promise of coal, oil or gold, ‘growth’ or whatever and over 2000 years later it’d all gone pear shaped.

If only they’d have listened to the other half of the worlds brain power.

Not one person in the northern or southern hemisphere were gonna pay of their loan and the worlds governments were panicking about getting in power with some new chewing gum slogan.

Heck – there were some serious questions being asked at last.

The CON them and SERVEUS party were alive and well in the North of England…

they had a plan.

No Suprise…

It were the Man Trap Plan.

25 year MORTDEATH plan. We’ll chop up the planet and you can buy it off us in monthly installments.

And by the way we can’t protect little children over 11 million of them have been raped in England…

The Laughing plan was here to make you laugh… :) :) :) 3 times is always good.

1. Write off the UK debt in 1 easy go.

2. Installing waterless toilets and paying every family £250,000 a year.(these are the ones we’d use gromit – everywhere)

3. Let people move into defunct retail shopping centres. Loads of housing and open source Livingy  – 8 Million people want to downsize or resize – bye heck there’s loads of new spaces they can live and enjoy an active city lifestyle in the circular economy…

4. Every family gets free of the MAN TRAPPERS – stuff em Gromit they made a real muck job of it.

5. Learn whatever you like in the new University of Garden Village cities. No need to take out a MAN TRAP loan of £9000 a year.

Crikey… Parliament were in need of some common sense people… get it sorted @5050 parliament.

There were nothin left of the political party’s – we had to go circular and share power with everyone in a new way Gromit – no bullets or austerity.

A 3  way split – it were easy Children, Adults n Elders.

Why don’t we base our economy on the reverse of extraction Gromit?

Aye – that sounds reasonable – non violent and fair to all parties.

Pay £1 for every litre of water saved?

in 10 years about 40% of the world is going to be water shy..

at £1 and rising then Gromit? Aye. Woof woof – miow miow – Ey or Ey orr. Donkey technology Gromit.

We flush about 250,000 litres of water down the toilet every single year.

That’s £250,000 for each Toilet.

That’s about £10Million a year from this one row of houses on Settle Street in Bolton.

Everyone can do that…

We’ll invest in our own ‘infrastructure’.

God bless the waterless toilet cooking on gas bank.

We can rebuild the Island we live on without a civil war.

7 ecological policies to live by…@blindspotting

And living with the trends.

16 Million new homes to keep the construction trade going.

the Rise of Garden Cities and urban farming.

Open source Livingry – 50 machines to rebuild civilisation.

and we can take

Ecological holidays. That’s how we can work in Europe and repair the earth – living together like humans do best.

Not another MAN TRAPPER – he’s a european one.

On a big commission. Or is it a Mission – anyway you get the picture.

A eurozone MAN TRAPPER.

Heck people from Europe may even want to come and help us with our projects never mind war mongering – sure the people of Holland can teach us a few things about building greenhouses on our shopping centres.

It were a revolution Gromit – but wi no bullets n no violence.

Ey or Ey orr… Donkey donkey.

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