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Ecological cruise liners from Liverpool to Lesbos – Dubai – Sydney

Easy to flip parts of the failing assmblyline model to full scale ecological earth repair & keep going until we’ve done it?

Stop all war and build ecological settlements at industrial scale using the assemblylines skills and resources the world already has.

To survive heat/cold hexayurt villages could easily go in first – while the cruise liners deliver products made on the assembly lines & repair the food chain.

Shelter @ChathamHouse Hexayurt villages … … only one day to make tested f heat&cool @BishManchester

First part of the ecological villages…

Second stage of ecological villages – below – hello Thomas Cook – can you please help cook these holiday please?

Millions of new jobs in ecological repair holidays – holidays that can be designed by biologists – oceanographers – permaculture designers – holidays that you can book on your high streets and instead of worring about trying to get a zero hour gonetract – pick an ecological repair holiday working in mummy’s earth repair department.

Oh Dubai too, did you know they are ‘stimulating rainfall Gromit?” – hello Dubai – waterless toilets make cooking gas, electric and saves 250,000 litres a year of flushy flushy :)

Can we buy some solar pottery from you please?

We have to repair the west faster than the east tries in vain to go west :)

How many areas of the world can we repair using holidays as a lifestyle?

The whole world has changed – from extractive to repairive #circular – but what does it look like?

Have you heard about the new age of ecological repair holidays?

Imagine… we noticed what’s happening?

In Jerusalem,

What Will Israel Become?  @ed_miliband @vincecable @ukip @nick_clegg @david_cameron @gmlep @liverpoollep #gaza repair

Unlearning our high streets,

Unlearning trade and war @ed_miliband @vincecable @ukip @nick_clegg @david_cameron @gmlep @liverpoollep

As we unlearn,

Pop Pop Pop – the guns of peace @ed_miliband @vincecable @ukip @nick_clegg @david_cameron @gmlep @liverpoollep

And trade in new ways,

Rebuilding Liverpool and warzones using ecology holidays #gaza @ed_miliband @vincecable @ukip @nick_clegg @david_cameron @gmlep @liverpoollep

The most ecological shopping centre on Eartho – crowd printing and crowd planting oo heck – can make some nice things when we get on together.

Imagine going to any Thomas Cook in on the island and booking an ecological holiday – with ecological cooking gas too. How many areas of the world can we repair using holidays as a lifestyle?

Oo, that’s alot of  new and interesting possibilities…

This was originally a post to help Richard Branson champion the design of a new age of ecological cruise liners, to revitalise over 12 miles of docklands – anyone can do it.  But like @SirRichardLeese said last year – if we can’t do it no-one can.

Hi Richard,

Thought we’d try and design you a much much better cruise liner. This is our Benidorm version, hope you like it :) :) :)

Cruise boats that have a symbiotic relationship with the oceans they cross, the citizens they float, the towns they visit at the ports around the world.

Here’s a typical sunshine destination that has all the same issues all big cruisin floaters have.

Lets get the Sewage out of the way.

The idea that ship loads of cruisers is good for ‘developing nations’ is a good cause.

We’re all in favour of trickle down economics but when cruise liners leave last weeks dinner on the islands they visit…

It’s not really the kind of economics people had in mind.

The sewage settling pond in Bahamas for the seweage, you can see where it has been dug out of the natural rock

Or they dump it at sea – billions of gallons every year.

This is the global floaters mentality that you’re competing with…

CruiseShi s need to get their act together really? Heck there’s 7BN + u’d think we had the where n withall?


Welcome to Virgin Sewage – Designing Ecological Cruise Holidays

Just so you understand the design parameters of the big big floaters :)

Writing in Outside earlier this year, Mary Catherine O’Connor noted that modern cruise ships are “floating mini-cities.” She cites Ross Klein, an industry watchdog who maintains the Cruise Junkie website, as stating that a 3,000-passenger ship produces “over 450,000 gallons of gray water, 4,000 gallons of oily bilge water and as much as 19 tons of solid waste” every day, and that a ship’s carbon footprint can be, per passenger, three times that of a Boeing 747.

While cruise ships operating are required to discharge only treated wastewater within three miles of the shore, beyond that limit, pretty much anything goes in terms of sewage discharge. According to Friends of the Earth (FoE), the Environmental Protection Agency estimates an average cruise ship with 3,000 passengers and crew produces 21,000 gallons of sewage daily — which, calculates FoE, is “enough to fill 10 backyard swimming pools in a week. That adds up to more than 1 billion gallons a year for the industry — a conservative estimate, since some new ships carry as many as 8,000 passengers and crew.”

The organization notes that sewage pollution “can cause gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea, hepatitis and other illnesses in people exposed through contaminated seafood or water. Fish, shellfish, coral reefs and other aquatic life can suffocate due to surplus nitrogen and phosphorous from ship sewage.” And that’s just the sewage: cruise ships also dump untreated “graywater” from showers, sinks and baths, which can contain many of the same pollutants. Source – discovery – not the kind you had in mind.


Words to remove from virgin floaters.

4,000 gallons of oily bilge water daily – Graphene filter maybe?

Could also put a sail on the front of your boats- perhaps even less oily bilge? Could put – Virgin Ecological Holidays on the sail?


450,000 gallons of gray water daily. Graphene filter so even those little nano size beauty products don’t get in the gills of fish you eat on your plate in hawai or singapore – no one wants to eat last weeks shower gel micro beads while they propose to their loved one?

- at the extreme end of design – you could offer passengers a lower fare if they reduced their footprint by agreeing to go eco-class – so it’s a case of how low can you go – 11 liter showers with eco products only, no micro bead beauty products & also with graphene filters just incase.

- this creates a brand new industry for people making eco stuff for floaters and saves people having to bring anything on board that causes gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea, hepatitis and other illnesses for next months passengers on their coastal floaters journey.

21,000 gallons of sewage daily. Suddenly Fish, shellfish, coral reefs and other aquatic life start to smile at Virgin sewage customers instead of poisoning them at holiday floater destinations.

So watts the SEWAGE answer?

- Waterless toilets create cooking gas – yeah that stuff chefs use apparently.

- Waterless toilets charge telephones – them talky things.

- Every day waterless toilets save 21,000 gallons of “gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea, hepatitis and other illnesses”

- Ooo thats 21,000 gallons of clean drinking water we can drink onboard every day? Oh yeah – are we mental? Not today.

- 7 day cruise x 21,000 = 147,000 gallons of water saved.


the Tsiky Toilet uses Loowatt’s patented technology to harness value from human waste by producing energy and fertilizer. Easy to transport and simple to install, the durable Tsiky Toilet is suitable for CRUISE SHIPS.

The Tsiky Toilets provide clean, safe sanitation, electricity & hot water.

Try not to laugh :)

A packed audience sat on their loowatts powering the screen.

You get the picture – 3000 passengers + crew … looking after their health, their environment and those that float past in future.

the Tsiky Toilet uses Loowatt’s patented technology to harness value from human waste by producing energy and fertilizer. Easy to transport and simple to install, the durable Tsiky Toilet is suitable for CRUISE SHIPS.

the Fertiliser created on the CRUISE SHIPS can be given to farmers at ports around the world instead of dumped on their islands?

How funny would that be? Walkin down the gang plank with a bag of fertiliser for the local rooftop farm?



Thank goodness for loo what?

The human beings are taking over :)

Meanwhile in the kitchens the cheffoons were makin’ grub. We like Grub.

At Loowatt, we built a 1-cubic meter digester in the UK in 2010. This photo was taken the first day our digester produced gas. It has been producing gas ever since.

Really? That’s interesting because David n Golieth - keep harkin on about fraking all over the UK, America, Europe…

Frack off – no gas needed.

CRIKEY… there’s some big investors just lost a lot of money Gromit – pitty they don’t listen to enviromentalists. Heck they’d not only save billions but they’d actually make a decent living while saving the earth. They’d be welcome in any town on Eartho?

VIDEO – Check out “Best Virgin Sewage Toilets! Customer Testimonials of Luxury CRUISING Loos” on Vimeo #Vimeo #loowatt


Human waste + Anaerobic digestion = Biogas + Fertilizer

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a biological process in which organic waste is consumed by micro-organisms in oxygen-free environments. It is used for industrial or domestic purposes to manage waste and to release energy. As it decomposes, the waste releases biogas.

Biogas is composed of methane (CH4, 65%), carbon dioxide (CO2, 33%) and other trace gases (2%). For comparison, the natural gas supplied to ordinary gas stoves and boilers is about 80% methane. When biogas is burned, the methane converts back to CO2 and water vapor, so the gas is clean burning.

Fertilizer is the other by product of AD. The microbial process homogenizes the nutrients making them easier for plants to access. The output is a semi-liquid manure that is easily separated into liquid plant food and fiber-rich manure that’s perfect for digging in under newly planted crops.

Digesters can be built at any scale, and there are many established methods and configurations. In this example, the biogas drum floats up and down inside the digestate. This means that the pressure is created by gravity – the weight of the floating drum. Small-scale digesters like these are commercially available in India.

Did you notice that? gas supplied to ordinary gas stoves and boilers is about 80% methane.


Never mind the story of a car that runs on poo – that’s the sort of size digester you might need on yer  Virgin floaters Richard.

Given the rediculous ecological state of affairs in the sea why not speak to your peers and pass some laws to fast track all this? Lots of new jobs in England. Also quite important when retrofitting California, Miami, England, India, China – infact anywhere that water is runnin low.

That’s 40% of earth drying out in 10 years apparently – crikey – what a market.

That’s why we don’t need crooked banks or parliamen any more – did you not know – we can pass a simple water bond law and pay ourselves for every litre saved – ha ha ha – don’t tell anyone we’re worth 250K each though, they’ll think your mad.

Everyone on the Island could get one of these – halve their water use at home – and get paid £1 litre for doing so.

And have some cooking Gas at home – how useful would that be? No more arguing about fracking.

Kickstart a new economy Gromit…


Get away…


Onboard clothes washing – Virgin filters the 1,900.

When ecologist Mark Brown studied microplastics on shorelines across the globe, he discovered that a full 85% of the plastic came from man-made clothing fibers. Experiments with washing machines reveal that 1,900 pieces of plastic microfibers come off of a single piece of clothing every time it’s washed. Since nearly every major clothing company now uses these sorts of man-made fibers, it adds up to a huge amount of plastic microfibers entering our waterways each year. And just like other plastics, plastic microfibers contribute toxins to our environment.

Each time we wash a shirt, jacket, or other clothing made from these materials, plastic microfibers get washed into the sewage system and flow into the ocean.

The oceans play a critical role in our food chain, so the plastic microfibers filling our ocean pose a threat to humans and other life. “Ingested and inhaled [plastic] fibers carry toxic materials and a third of the food we eat is contaminated with this material,” according to Dr. Browne.  Source Story Of Stuff

Enjoying your cruise?

“a third of the food we eat is contaminated with this material,”

We can all do better?

A boat that creates water

Some of your passengers might like to excercise and make water too?

This Water Bottle for Bikes Generates H2O From the Air

Under hot and humid conditions, “Fontus” claims to “make” 17 ounces of water in an hour as they cycle around deck.

Might even be able to stick a bigger one of them on the ship? Whatever it’s doing you might be able to do it bigger – create some water as you float?

Lets not mess about Richard… could have an amazing new start in Liverpool for Ecological Ocean going cruise Liners.

Retezár’s “Fontus” system, which is competing for a James Dyson Award, is a sleek, two-piece contraption that attaches to a bike’s frame. When a cycle is in motion, air is funneled into the top holster and distributed over a “condensing structure.” A solar-powered cooling element then turns it into moisture that drips down a pipe into a detachable water bottle. (Any kind of half-liter PET bottle will work.)

Under hot and humid conditions, “Fontus” can allegedly produce about 17 ounces of agua, just about enough to sustain a sweaty cyclist. But Retezár sees broader uses for his machine, wanting to put it to use in regions where fresh water is scarce. Those places are shown inside the circles on this map, which also shows in darker red where meteorological conditions make the device most efficient:

On the front of the ship 2 big gills – using Retezár’s “Fontus” system

Condensing water down the sides of the boat… ?

Little trailing ball valve pumps it up to a water tank?

There were another interesting reason to go on an ecological cruise…

Yer could fix up ecological waste dumps anywhere and turn them into housing.


Virgin builders – holidays for eco builders – so if you wanted to go away for winter – whoever you were, you could go n help build a village somewhere with other eco builders. You could get a lift back 6 months later all part of the Virgin Sewage cruise.

Take a look at that small village you just built with your mates and a whole bunch of other interesting people.

Free Range chucky eggs for breakfast Gromit…

Looks like a waste dump Gromit..

It is, but over @peelports they’d loaded up some old shipping containers with enough waste materials to add to the ones above – it wer’ no use to Greater Manchester – we had tons n tons of it and Peel could get as much as you liked from ports around the world – so it were a goer Gromit.

6 months later – here it wer’.

A small village made of rubbish.

Bye heck – imagine an holiday like that Gromit…Source SwimCity

How did they do it?

What with a 3d printer? ha… who’d a guessed.



Them cluck clucks were really impressed with the quality of the humans that were visiting the island…

Every house had a loowatt…

Remember – humans are taking over… :)

Some nice grub cooking Gromit -  Donkey technology taking over – Ey or Ey orr.

Frack off.

Wouldn’t want to be a fracking investor like David’s friends Gromit – crikey – they WILL go bankrupt – but it’s ok they could lobby for waterless toilets and we all get to go the other way… win win – ha ha ha.

Oh la la – keep on laughing and we’ll fix the world Gromit.

The israeli defence forces even joined in, they knew their elders were just plain mad – so – they modified some old rocket launchers and started firing seed bombs on the island

Better hurry up… this gross peaceful product idea from @blindspotting is getting really useful :)

GPP – gross peaceful product is the economy we can live in when we direct our energies away from warmongery and towards symbiotically helping each other with 7 very simple policies from @blindspotting

Do you remember Benidorm Richard?

Can you see all them hotels with loowatts in them…?

A big black bag in the middle that looks like a hotel – hardly anyone noticed the new cooking gas station at Benidorm.

Another one of Virgin Sewage holiday refurbs … Refurb Benidorm – winter holiday £267 free accomodation for the renovation teams and nice grub.

Could have Virgin SEWAGE on it – who cares?

Virgin does…

We’ve covered some interesting reasons why you shouldn’t even bother running a conventional cruise line.

Here’s some more.

Largest fines for polluting oceans

Outstanding environmental fines for polluting oceans.

Why not get a hold of them nice people over @gmlowcarbonhub – they have a memorandum of understanding signed and are fully plugged into the climate change act.

That means investors can build the worlds best sewage liners at Liverpool Docks again and away you go Richard.

Save us a ticket :)

Donkey technology saves the world.

CC @gmlowcarbonhub @RichardBranson @peelports @LiverpoolLep @GmLep


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