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Bolton wonder – Solar powered football stadiums kick off.


Over et wanderers’ the wer’ somethin shinin’. It weren’t smiling but it sure did put a shiner on your face every time yer went te’ match :)

Come what may every day…

But this marble is no toy. It concentrates both sunlight and moonlight up to 10,000 times — making its solar harvesting capabilities 35 percent more efficient than conventional dual-axis photovoltaic designs.

O la la – they don’t say that in Bolton very much, it’s a bit french really but we like the wine.

Even on a deep winter day, there it wer’ Sunshine amplified 10,000 times.

Or more – Like having 10,000 suns.

There were glass footballs over Bolton Wanderer’s – wind turbines hd been turned down at the Bolton planning meeting… ooh heck.

We had the wind alright…

But all them football towns – Aye – they were ok wi that. They cud see somethin ok in footballs.

Yer can see it can’t yer?

A big ring of em on a giant washer – above the roof line or just below that blue be a rock sign.

Roastin’ fresh grub.

From the roof farms – haven’t you heard about massive roof farms on flat roofs and bags of cheap housing? – loads of cheap food where ever there’s a football stadium – where’s that then – all over the island really?

Lots of new green jobs.

All them flat roofs just behind the stadium – can you see it – we can. Takes a bit of pressure off the local farmers (who don’t have to go to them naughty bankers fer a loan for farm gear – we can make loads of new jobs with open source ecology making what farmers need here) and no need to go to war for oil or drive food half half way around the planet at £3000+ a week per truck or whatever. Gave time for the land to repair from intense plouging for thousands of warzone years. Goodbye.

Can yer see inside the big roof farms down there?

There were a bloke on telly …

Not hard to imagine Middlebrook roof farms owned by the locals 3 way split – children/schoolsadultspension funds who are getting out of dirty energy, violence, vice drugs and war where we could all see each other through some very interesting times :) what do you think?

Why didn’t we do that before gromit – we did – they were called market gardens and they were flattened for shops.

Started in the early 1970′s… some odd folk moved into london, someone we know helped a few of em with a property deal n lost £13M one day anyway they took over every aspect of life on the island – took over Mi5/6 – they didn’t miss a trick – ooh it were bad – nearly 50 years of it.

Who knows – wi moon light – it could even power blue LED’s at night – they are used up in Norway to grow food in the arctic circle.

Ha – it’s a circle Jim, but not ask you know it :)

Got yer wundering?

You could have a whole load of em stacked up that triangle – right te top grommit. 10,000 suns… each one – ha. And that ones south facing — don’t get yer fingers burnt – lighting yer fag :)

Twas a thing of great beauty when we’d made it – we cried because we’d been lied to for so long and ripped off by pestminster bitehall and nasty brutish demons…

It were like heaven comin home it were… Ye could smell the food cooking in the breeze…


10,000 footballs – as the sun set in the west – What were score Jim? 3-1 today – bye heck the food were good too :)


There were Different ways of lookin at it. Dif were good – it were spreadin to airports all over as oil got more violent to get and war zones were catchin on tooDif were good.

Donkey technology were simple – Ey or.

All over this island and beyond – footballs – in everyones land. Twas peace Gromit — peace.

Can you see it?


No need fer gas or frackin this region – Oh heck – at least the locals had loads of new jobs and the investors in frakin and oil were gettin the message loud n clear – they’d been ripped off fer years – 1st solar power station were in Eygpt 1912 n Lord muck shelved it Grommit – could have had solar powered markets years back.

Ey or – Donkey technology were lookin a real winner – don’t tell the gansters grommit – they’ll want to make it happen – how good wud that be if they said sorry and jumped ship – whisleblowers go on blow -  is this not a better world you’d rather go?

Funny what yer see when yer a Bolton wanderer.


Yer had to laugh or y’d cry – 2000 years of violence and bloodshed coz wo&men just wouldn’t work for the common good.

Shining through time…

Look after the youngest – think 1000 years ahead – try not to use the complex technology steering wheels or you may end up dead.

40-50M waves in some of the oceans Gromit.


Time for a solar future – click n collect?

Hey London gansters – if yer reading this and you feelin guilty and want to give the £13M back you know where we’ll be spending it… Samuel Champagne (no longer with us – rip) and John Horne (?) – St Johns Wood – we can forgive and forget. Write your names on a football :)

God Bless us all.

If only we understood.

The power of being good.

People came for mile n miles to see the football stadiums – thank god we got rid of all the daft people and regulations or there’d be no-where to park yer Donkey – ha.

There must be some thruth in that old story hey?

Life were like a big play ground when we designed it right…

That Japanese Farmer had it right…



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