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16 Million new homes in the space we already have.


8 Million people want to move…downsize / upsize use that momentum to kickstart something new?

That’s 8M homes that would be available if the capital from those homes were released into a new nationwide scheme to manufacture flatpack passive tiny homes, manufacture biogas kitchens at scale for UK Scotland Wales & renovate & live in more ex big box retail spaces.

For those new to this, there is an over supply of retail spaces all over this Island – the whole world actually – but that’s really good news for everyone because it comes at a time that benefits everyone.

A. These spaces can be repurposed to cheap housing using low energy – that’s good news because it’s getting expensive.

B. It provides lots of green building jobs.

C. Rooftop farms in urban areas are getting popular.

Stick some of these on the big flat roofs in your towns and cities and you’ve got a garden town or city… feeding 2000 off each big flat roof. How many big flat roofs have you got in your town? ha ha ha what do the government central planners think?

On 8th, 9th and 11th December 2014 you can ask Planning minister Brandon Lewis @communitiesUK if you can have a community… twit HIM and ask? Don’t ask don’t get… and we’ll all end up with towns that jack built …

Ok Gromit – we get the picture… what other benefits are there.

- Solves a housing problem for 8M people  in UK who want to move, either down size or resize.

- This creates the capital from the 8M to roll forward into 8M spaces to revitalise towns, rejuvinate in town or out of town shopping centres into Garden Cities or rejuvinate into very interesting maker movement Prosumer Movement. A totally different way of living in a world with less resources.

- Get to this stage and you’ve got a very real Social movement with #circulareconcomy in full swing.

- Kickstarts the green building skills needed to renovate to passiv house standards £20/yr heating bills.

- Ideal for retired people and people on low incomes – anyone really.

- Some big box areas can become health zones – 5 a side football, cycling events you name it.

- Rejuvinates people economy – towns – cities.

- Lots of other benefits possibilities.


More info ……..



Come on we can do better than this Housing News @Housingnewscouk  ·  10h 10 hours ago

Disabled children ‘go without food and heating’  #ukhousing

Garden towns and citiesmaker mender 3d printer prosumer zones

The rise of common sense.

About a year ago we twitted about revitalising & reusing town centre retail spaces for all sorts of living – pointed out that there will be loads of space as various global trends take shape.

@Scottishcities re ignited some thinking, over at @housingnewscouk they were reporting that 8 million people want to down size or resize from the home they are in and @futurepractice mentioned lifetime homes – theses are homes that are adaptable to the many stages of your life so they make better sense to build over the longer term because more people get better use from them.

For instance there may be a need for ground floor – wheelchair friendly – pets – big space – close to or in town for easy of access to services so that difficult travel is eliminated.

If you also make them passiv haus standard £20 a year to heat (gov wont tell you that hey – no need to frack if we retrofit big box retail to this standard – use passiv stack ventilation even less energy used – ha ha) you’d benefit from very low bills so if you buy or rent the bills are low – so more cash in the local economy – also – if you’re thinking of providing social housing – it’s been noted that tennants in passiv houses have such low bills that cases of rent arrears drop dramatically – also the health benefits are massive – basically the internal temperature of a passiv home hovers around 20 degrees – perfect for elders and youngers because it doesn’t flucutate as the wild weather outside does or the tiny minds and tempers in parliament – it also has a much higher air quality so less burden on health services too – o la la.

Do you know about energy free out of town shopping centres?check out the Lowry story

Ha ha ha – that would be half empty supermarkets like tesco-sainsbury-morrisons (sign em up) and big box retail schemes (home base type things) that can be repurposed then – several million new possible lifetime homes right on the radar screen. Yep – LOADS of CHEAP new lifetimes homes that allows the swapper to price their old home so that it can be renovated using the GREENDEAL fund so that it too is priced reasonably to the new home owners. This ALSO saves the GREENDEAL scheme from financial meltdown thus providing MILLIONS of GREEN jobs with vital refurb skills over time and provides Millions of new CHEAP homes for the 8M swappers.

You know – some rents could be as low as £1000-2000 a year with that much space – that’s a rent millions of our poorest of people can actually afford who would otherwise starve and freeze until they are picked up and given some shelter in spaces that are never going to be retail again… :) Crikey they may even be the one feeding you as you get older from those roof farms that we put in now – That would just be chuffing brilliant :)

So …

Suddenly you’ve got a construction industry that’s co-ordinated and cooking on low energy gas!

- Fitting out big box retail shells. Ikea becoming BIKEAT & making opensource plug in kitchens before the forest die – Roof farms – Food & shelter.

Right up the backbone of this island – forget left and right – boring paradygm by power elites to keep us arguing – 16 Million new cheap homes for people that will be very useful.

Kickstarted in part by the capital in the 8M …

Set up a scheme where people can register in a database – what they have and what they need. A few weeks work for a few programmers – keep it simple – not a 100m IT ripoff scheme by your government.

Area by area – filter it so you’ve got a live open source page of the workload and match the swaps to fading big box retail and town centre locations.

Do a capital transfer of value from current homes enough to renovate the new passiv home/s they want and leave the old home at a lower value so the next people looking for a really cheap home can afford it.

It’s a win win situation for downsize/resize swapper, the new home maker and the green building industry.

Keep the vulture funds out – greed would surely mess it up and create a dogs dinner – How about all the Church funds divestment from oil and other capital funds? Nice long term scheme / pensions & keeps loads of people in work and 16M lovely new homes without busting your guts into the floor boards to a mega bank.

Set up an account in a bank or a shoe box if our vulture banks object not hard is it?

People could swap to Garden City homes in big box retail zones or old town centres like the M&S link below OR for the adventurous PROSUMER Garden CITIES – this will kickstart the refurb of empty retail big box space to wonderfull new living spaces and rejuvinate so many places. There’s so much we can do without stuffy governmen

All those retail schemes over the country with masses of space with the energy blaring away – retrofit town centre living – take this M&S example.

Also many old homes that are not worth refurbing – the materials in them can be reused in the garden cities – so there :)

Almost a perfect match for the #9millionrenters who will be relying on one house to make a crucial vote tomorrow:  bye heck they could be renting so much lower and kick starting the Garden City Prosumer market!


£20 a year to heat. Fix some of these up in big box retail and ha ha ha as they say.

Thanks Chris … mas comes at the right time.

Or war and death and famine and violence to get what’s right under your nose? These products can be made in the loop in Warrington newtown – once prime farmland now re-purposed & found.

Here’s a comment about a refurbished house.

Can you imagine 80 refurbished HOMEBASES they are shutting down? Oh la la – loads of new homes… £1000 a year and pick and new career in the circular economy.

Or we could just vote for more blah blah blah – shreded expenses forms etc?



@shelter England’s #9millionrenters will be relying on one house to make a crucial vote tomorrow: 

@PeterHeadCBE @c40cities @CityLab

@gmlowcarbonhub @GmLep @LiverpoolLep

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