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Warrington newtown – ha ha – BIKEAT – taking care of the forests


Special offer … limited time availability.

How to pause & remake global forests while changing a familiar global brand before it runs out of resources using 2 letters.

B & T

Incase you have missed the news – half the worlds forests are gone and half are flaming away nicely. No worries :)

- There are many ways to make new kitchens & furniture for our homes using wire on the link above is just one way and using much thinner panels that clip onto wire frames thereby using less forest materials. We can also create more of an eat out culture in the many big box retail or warehouse spaces that we have peppered all over the northern and southern hemisphere.

If every house needs a kitchen and there is no wood – how about every house having a voucher to eat out at BIKEAT or YESCO or ALLMART OR….? You get the picture?

- Greater Manchester has both the law of the climate change act and a memorandum of understanding via @gmlowcarbonhub to drive investment into new ways of doing things that benefit society and the environment whilst creating new possibilities to change direction as far as the importing of so much material that ends up in landfill.

Welcome to BIKEAT

Up on the roof the greenhouses are chugging along nicely on the roofs of so many defunct supermarkets. Peter Head@PeterHeadCBE Nov 11 @TTBolton @c40cities @CityLab Have you seen the video we did of retrofitting Manchester with many of your ideas!

Ohh look a big greenhouse on top of IKEA in Warrington

All that sun shining on that roof – all that gentle heat rising to jerminate seeds that just goes wasted upto heaven.

BIKEAT – double the ‘real estate’ before it’s too late.

Lovely food fresh off the roof & local farms less food miles – loads of new possibilities. Oh the fish vans turned up.

Flowers groe there too. Even more big wagons off the road. Even Less cyclists killed and wars over oily woily.

Birch sap health drinks in the spring time. There they are just sat in the car park – Silver birch.

The willow weaving workshop had just begun – local carpentry for many household things you needed.

BIKEAT worked with local waste streams and circular economy people and produced a whole range of interesting home modules that you could pick and mix.

If you wanted to stay for winter or summer and help out you could pick your bathroom, roll it over to your home space in BIKEAT or many of the other local big box sheds that had been kitted out using passiv haus shells so very little heating bills – and off yer go – new age living in a world of no forest it made sense to make sense and stop tripping each other up competing for market share to the extent of having to move your capital offshore and push people off their land to take forest. Why can’t we stop and repair mother eartho?

Grab yourself some bedding and could spend a few months at BIKEAT on a try a new lifestyle course growing FLAX for next years fabrics…

Over 500,000 people helped rejuvinate the warrington industrial estate so heavily advertised by Eileen Bilton – do you remember Eileen?

Come on Eileen.

The local farmers needed robust farm kit that could be made local.

Over at Renault open source Farm Kit division…

They’d been introduced to – 50 industrial machines to remake civilisation.

All the local transport garages were making all sorts of open source usefull stuff. This saved the farmers from going into debt to buy huge machines thereby risking their farms being taken away from them in a bad year. The north west was starting to look after itsself.

Renault – really liked the MICROCAR concept of the open source team and decided to join the open source world.

The Velocar is Open Source Ecology’s first prototype of the tilting microcar – one of the 50 tools of the Global Village Construction Set. Velocar is a minimalist machine, with a top speed of 100 km/hr, range of 100 km (extensible by that much with each additonal 5kg battery pack), an equivalent mileage efficiency of over 1000 mpg, and human power assist. With its radical design-for-simpicity, the Velocar is designed to provide 80% of personal mobility needs at 20% of conventional costs.

Gradually – we were becoming PROSUMERS – people who could make & use stuff with an appreciation for what went into making it and return it back into the circular loop store below once used.

No one was homeless and there were loads of new things happening all over the North of England that had never happened like this before.

Self service warehouses were scattered all over the Northern Cities with open source thinking – everyone began to recognise that out competing each other wasn’t the best way to get on – but out collaborating made everything so much easier.

This was a huge conceptual problem for Parliament and the EU and America and China too because of their linear thinking business models that were collapsing just as circular was rising – Best thing though – it was a huge leap forward for wo-mankind.

Farmers began to grow FLAX for BIKEAT and other clothing makers in the region. Some of it was grown on rooftops too. Plenty of them.

FLAX? – Yeah that stuff we use to grow here that makes lovely clothing.

Part of the Garden Cities re-design series. Where ordinary human beings fix the world for the Love of humans being and other species.

Incentives for energy efficiency

“It’s difficult to absolutely quantify the impact ESOS will have, but we know from the nearly-10,000 companies that will be covered by this scheme that they are wasting at least £2.8bn on energy a year – that’s a big win.”

So Stack your ESOS on the roof and of yer go?

BIKEAT was operated by

- capital taken from deforestation projects, divestments from fossil fuels etc & green bonds / pension funds

- ratepayers in the region- yep – you get something real for your money.

- local schools colleges and universities who kept the innovation rolling and bad ideas at bay.

and that were that – 3 way ownership split. What a day.

God Bless.



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