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Mushrooms fly 7,420 miles to New York so good they named it New York


Every few days – yes mushrooms :)

The closest Shitake’s & Portobello to New York city travel 135 miles.

King Oyster from China 7,420 miles.

Gets yer thinking.

Apricots & Kiwi Fruit get their boarding passes every few days and fly 8,885 miles, they are not allowed hand luggage or duty free but they sure clock up some nice air miles weekly.

Boats too slow.

Without trade what else would they grow?

Meanwhile closer to the Arctic – they was messing with some gas stuff – or was it black stuff..

In pipes.

Ey up Jim, if we stick these things together we can move stuff about real fast, without oil – heck we could have more peace?

Gromit we must try harder to explain how Gross Peaceful Product works .

Lets carry on shall we … Mushroom that fly 7,420 miles?

Ha ..

It’s not too hard keeping them level and there’s nothing oily worth stealing in them – if it’s not oil Jim – what is it?

Thanks ittar for the pics - hope you’re really building a vac machine :)

Wat – no oil?

You sent a laser message down the tube to check it were lined up right and PING you fired a crate of mushrooms over 6000 miles an hour t’other side e’t world Gromit.

Wer it cheaper than fighting wi other nations over black stuff t do same thing ?

Wer it not better to stick these in and have done wi it? Add it to the worlds basic pension fund – That’s what the churches could divest in – a peace pipe?

Welcome to GPP – where a component of war spending is diverted to peacemaking activity like this page and COUNTED in the global budgets of war mongering nations – intelligent transport is planned and factored into planet wide repair.

In doing so it avoids conflicts and brings many benefits.

Where do we get the vaccum from Gromit?

A simple buoy creates the VACUUM needed for the TUBES - all the physics have been done – its a goer – just needed the vacuum hey?

All those old ships that are going to be decommissioned anyway because the very very big ones are more efficient. Leave em floting around offshore with a valve in. Ok so storms are going to take a few out? Weld a lid on em retrofit them and call them vacuum boats?

Ping – there’s your Mushrooms / Kiwi’s — fresh water to coastal disaster zones.

Quick – Lets remind MI5/MI6 , Putin, Merkel and Netanyahu and Obama if they can drop a message to the pre – world war 3 department and just remind everyone what Harry Patch said n see if the pre-world war 3 department will see global GPP as common sense.

Harry Patch died for everyone who ain’t a war monger – so who is makin wars Jim?

Legalised Mass murder – just so they move stuff around with black stuff? Are they Mental?

Harry would love GPP .. Harry Died for me and you Gromit.

D.C. To Beijing In 2 Hours
Vacum packed mushrooms - From one room in one country to another room in another.
New Zealand to London – Kiwi crate coming in — yeah …
Don’t have to transport humans at that speed to we – humans at that speed is gonna get messy?
But small crates or food and water to #hayain zones – could do a few sub sea tubes – experiment?
How’s we gonna pay fer it Gromit?
Game of Thrones could pay us all to upgrade out ‘infastructure’ in the different regions. You could pick yer favourite project n go off n fix up the planet.
Tis wot humans are good at. :)
thank Harry.
Lets hope our global ww3 gang get the hang of this GPP thing.
It’s a peace pipe Jim – but not as we know it.
Describes ET3, a project developing an evacuated tube system. Includes a summary of the technology and application, list of benefits.


  1. Great blog! GPP overcomes the political objection to anyone telling them how to spend ‘their’ budget. So instead of saying, as people always have said, to divert spending from war to peace – it provides a super simple incentive to do the diversion. Countries spending less on weapons will have bigger economic growth which reflects well on their politicians. These countries will also invest in non-military security of different kinds, so they can solve problems that can’t be solved with more weapons. This also reflects well on their politicians. The effect would be to create a political race to solve the most problems with the least weapons spending. This is NATO’s only published proposal for reversing the arms race. Should be easy and fast to implement globally.

  2. TT Bolton says:

    Like it :) The effect would be to create a political race to solve the most problems with the least weapons spending.

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