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Marks and Spencer – low energy housing, roof top farming & 3d printing

Hello, thank you for your time.

This is about a revolution. A nice one of course :)

This page explains how to do the following:

- Provide housing in towns without bills for elders.

- Provide half price housing in / around towns for youngers

- Provides new long lasting jobs – heck you might call them careers even .. on the high streets

- Increases social cohesion and inclusion for all souls

- Self financing (if you keep the wolves out)

- Cleans up Europe’s rivers

- Saves agricultural land for food and further careers – Founding farmers n bees take over most supermarket supply chains. – Making components for the long farms (ideas here here here here here ) .The present way we farm globally is insane x mad + would you like a mushroom for an example? But longfarming joins up the farms and provides many benefits

- Promotes the best of 3d printing across all ages and reusable stuff for the circular economy.

- Oh and collect your groceries at the station – smaller supermarkets – even more space for more cheap homes?

- New kinds of foods – bit odd – but it’s food.

Applies to anywhere on earth.

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In every M&S store heat rises.

Most of the stores are massive. Not just M&S nearly all globalised big retailers – wow – that’s un untapped advantage – how?

The world is also aging quite nicely. ok.

Less food and more heat needed? Yeah more winter bills n scrapping around for gas … Mmm.

When you’re a bit older you don’t eat as much or buy as much.  However we’re an ageing society – perhaps we should pay attention? - Those aged 50 or over spent £276 billion in 2008‚ making up around 44 per cent of the total family spending in the UK.

• The older consumer market is expected to grow by 81 per cent from 2005 to 2030 while the 18-59 year old market will only increase 7 per cent.
• There remains a strong view that across a wide range of industries, the older consumer continues to be ignored or patronised.
• There are signs of change and increasing interest in the older consumer. But it is surprising that progress has been so slow. Research as far back as 50 years ago has highlighted the potential of the older consumer.

Oh, and do elders want to see the next gen flourish – you bet.

New technologies are also making retail spaces more available….

What to do?

Retrofit the upper floors to passiv-haus standard (offer retirement villages / appartments with no heating bills). Mmmm & Sssssss

Nice restaurant down stairs for breakfaaaaaast lunch or dinner..

Fancy a week in Dorset at Mmmm n Sssss Jane? M&S launch nationwide swop alot – twas a lovely thing to see the elders enjoying their retirement and their old homes were retro-fitted for new families and anyone needing housing providing even more ‘flexibility’. Oh – it wasn’t such a stuffy old world after all.. 2 win wins for a brand well known in the land…

Elders were soon cycling around the trafficless town centres on their lecky bikes – beep beep – ring ring – meeting friends and helping the next gen regenerate life on earth as we knew it.

A real scheme – something for everyone.

So now you’ve got a scheme – where elders can gift their homes into perpetual affordablness (elders could gift into the elder property trust or the law could step in and create the money needed to do it using the same method the bank presently abuse us with) (step back wolves – not for you) to the next gen in return for no winter gas bills so they are all looked after in the depths of yukky winter  - and the next gen get way cheap housing free from the wolves (sorry wolves) AND they get to learn and practice new skills on the high street. Forget online trading it’s gone. A pocket of sanity in a financially and morally perverted world – what’s wrong with trying that on a wednesday in July?

Design a bit of long term thinking in there so you can gift your property into it – win win choice for revitalising the high street. A national pot of double the homes in the space that’s already there.

You mean a civilisation – yes one of those gromit – a civilisation was born… oh la la.

The LOW energy town and city villages for elders – kickstart a whole network of cheaper town and city living powered by the energy saved backed by say a 3rd share in their present property value?

Oh yeah. didn’t think about that. Not that revolutionary really – demographics. housing. rejuvi-nation. making things on the high street.

Oh an while we’re on the subject of demographics – here’s this:

‘Making our Communities Ready for Ageing’ a comprehensive, compassionate and optimistic document; optimistic in that it assumes government is willing to fund the items and allow departments to cross subsidise each other.

Well of course we can all chip in, make a new society can’t we?

Carry on regardless?

Don’t laugh – but a whole new open source sharing generation is rising – using new ideas – but they’ll also listen to the generation who did spend a lifetime ‘making’ stuff.

3d printing for elder and new generation learning together?

The wasted energy importing & retailing big box gets saved £££££ the space repurposed as part of the M&S longer term reality check making longer term £££££ for shareholders and providing lovely homes in town and cities while still providing high quality goods tailor made services on the lower floors so replacing shelf stackers with quality jobs making quality clothes again for human beings on the high streets of England with fabrics from the #circular economy – if H&M and @MudJeans can do circular so can others?

Waterless Dyeing – for an increasingly waterless world.

Oh yeah – and all those clothing imports wash dyes out in our rivers that we’re ignoring – however another part of the scheme could be to upgrade the UK to waterless fabric dying and control our dyes and fashionada here?

All those plan A lorries you don’t need. £££££ saved – roads to breath – no dead cyclists at christmas & capital to be re-diverted to training and upgrading Mmmmm & Sssssss

For the high quality low energy world we don’t need to expand retail we need to rethink details.

Marks and Spencer – the better dispensers – of a world with less energy?


Heck – Miami and New York , London and California are having a hard time over water — better start thinking about retrofitting cities?

Rethinking towns and cities – part of the transition town global movement you never heard of.

Will housing experts remain in their niche space and m&s remain in their nich space  and elders in their and youngsters who don’t care?

No – not with this new mega trend rising.

Housebuilding for who?

Elders and youngers?

Thanks @HenryPryor @ggilmorekf @knightfrank lets take the demographic angle – walk together – a new path – the unheatable homes of the elders might be re-fitted (enerphit) for new families on their good journey in life.

Oh now that would be an interesting capital scheme – benefit many – take pressure of the green belt where agriculture is needed – unless of course you disagree with wall mart who say 95% of fresh food is at risk of climate change. worth thinking about hey?

Improve footfall to high streets , stop us all wasting capital on high energy schemes, focus on long term pension funds and return of capital, reduce transport costs and associated congestion.

Join in with training colleges for young people to make things again on the high street.

Become confident about downsizing our energy use as a nation with some considerable style and grace.

Change our pattern of learning from the word construction to something like  ’place making’ :)

With Love :)

Place making with love in an energy & resource constrained world – yeah . that sounds nice for a wednesday.

Do you want to join us?

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Society is ageing, affecting many different areas and changing ways in which we work, save, support each other, where and how we live and how we approach planning for the future. Key Facts:

You can download a copy of the ‘Making our Communities Ready for Ageing Report’ here

Intergenerational resources:

How societies can grow older better City villages -

1950′s cafes on high streets - make it attractive for the retiring generation – revive the high streets and watch people smile again.

It’s called civilisation – apparently we are one. and we’re quite good at it when 1980′s execs are upgraded.

11% year on year rent rises are why there’s a retail crisis in England. If you operate a giant shopping mall and you bank offshore so that you compete with others – then what are your assets really worth?

Another trend – Shared purchase of the scheme by friends.

- New kinds of foods – bit odd – but it’s food. - 

Will Americans eat #bugs disguised as energy bars or gluten-free flour? A growing number of US #startups hope so 



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