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Bolton BAFTA Awards – 1st March 2014

Bolton Banana Awards For Fairtrade Acheivement – Sat 1st March 2014, The Festival Hall 11am – 1pm, Entrance Free. 

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 The current Fairtrade Foundation campaign is MAKE BANANAS FAIR. 

What does that mean? 

When you go into a supermarket to buy some bananas you often have a choice.  There will be some bananas carrying the Fairtrade logo and some without. Those without will no doubt be cheaper. That will be because the supermarket buying agents have pushed the price they pay to the farmers down and down – often to below what it costs the farmer to produce them. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the farmer. You spend your whole working life producing bananas for people the other side of the world to enjoy – and they do not even pay you what it costs to grow and harvest them.  

Buying Fairtrade bananas, even if they cost a little more, means 

  • you can eat them with a clear conscience 
  • you can eat them knowing that the man or woman who grew them is getting a fair price and an added amount which enables the community to improve their lives by building a health clinic, or a school, or improving the clean water supply, or the road to the local market
  •  you can eat them knowing the farmer has grown them with respect for the natural environment, and, when required, has been provided with proper protection against any chemicals used 
  • you can eat them knowing they have been grown without using child labouryou can eat them knowing that you have taken a step to help some of the world’s poorest farmers trade themselves out of poverty 

Join us this year to MAKE BANANAS FAIR –

  • by buying Fairtrade bananas
  • signing the petition to the supermarkets and the government
  • get more details at


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