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Open Source VACUUM transport system


470 Oil rigs to Go in the North Sea. January 2015 onwards.


Open Source VACUUM transport system

How are we going to get stuff around this Floody Island for the next 200 years – Lets use the force of the sea hey? HS2 ain’t going to work is it?  And FORD just announced global GRIDLOCK in a few years – it’s already hurting delivery operations right across the UK costing £65BN a year. We also need to use LESS fuel because guess what crude oil is going super volatile in a few years so nothing will get moved if we dont WAKE up.

BBC news 3.1.14

Kirkby-in-Furness 3.1.14


Oh yeah – and a flood in lovely LANGSTONE – never mind Cameron & previous governments ignore the fact that the way we build houses causes 30% of climate change and we can build homes that only cost £20/year to heat .


Dorset fields 7.1.14 by Guardian

Lets restart this Island hey? Or we’re all going to the dog house Gromit..

Dear Transport People - happy new year..

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3.1.14 Open Source VACUUM transport @neweconomymcr @gmlowcarbonhub @transportgovuk @TfLOfficial @OfficialTfGM @Infra_minister

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Welcome to opensource world where humans gift their skills and ideas for the greater good . Please join us in this new economy as GREEDY GREEDY bankers collapse all over the world we can build a new nation with Open Source technologies and financed by the Guernsey the Bradbury Pound the Water Pound delviered by Postman Pat – or even the  total write off of fake debt.

Todays announcements 3.1.14 will focus around new ways to transport CARGO that can’t be Destination Printed & Assembled  and several other related ideas.

The plans are open source and available under copy left licence.


The Materials are freely available and they always have been… it just takes a damn good crisis for things to move on and by heck Gromit we’re in one aren’t we – ha – what a laugh …

So lets look at Manchesters new transport system.

Lets take out the trains . .

What’s under those rail track Gromit – when we’ve done the testing in Horwich?

That’s right – all those rough SEAS smashing our coastline – doing what the sea does naturally only 41 miles from Manchester

A simple buoy creates the VACUUM needed for the TUBES - all the physics have been done – its a goer – just needed the vacuum hey?

Ohh – what a day Feb 3rd 2015 and they announce 470 vaccum pumps are being recommissioned :)

Taking this idea a bit further . . .

In france they run small cars off compressed air a euro for 200km hey - give em a ring hey? – do a deal man – dont hang around ..

And all that flooding – well if you put a one way valve in pipes that are in flood zones, you can use the force of the sea to pull most of the water out instead of risking Police, Ambulance, Firecrews etc – MAKE NO MISTAKE – we’re in for hundred of years of this weather if we carry on regardless and we REALLY REALLY need to understand better ways to respond to it …

Oh – if they can do vaccum cars they can do vacuum bikes too hey – might wanna get open source making em hey @GMLowcarbonHub @neweconomymcr?

Total silence Gromit … wots going on?

Here is a WAKEUP call – incase you’re not looking.

Ha – gotta laugh or you’d cry.

Thanks BlueMarble

You could PING these TANKS down the worlds FIRST AIRTANK vacuum tube hey form the north Sea and back again – ha ha ha? Bingo – there’s your new global local propellant – it should be enough to keep some form of reasonable way of life hey? :)

And if its too flooded to get around or we have  a MASSIVE snow storm we can still vacuum ESSENTIAL cargo yeah and leave the trains stood still?

Ever thought about the worlds first Olive Oil Pipe Line between Manchester and Spain – using this gift?

We could all chill out and see out the worst of the storms, get back on our lovely feet and remake what Mother Nature is gonna get real angry about ..

Sounds like a plan hey – lets do it :)

If you look at the London TUNNEL project – we could use this kind of a machine to PLUG INTO the SEA?

This machines does about 100-250Meters a week and so you’d get some coastal tunnelling done with this and plug the vaccuum mechanism in.

Better hurry up – volatile oil prices coming soon -

London tunnel VIDEO –

Do you want an even bigger Laugh?

Can you see the Picadilly to London train?

That’s right – it’s NEVER moves – do you know why?

The tube is in the inside. Ha – what a laugh – just bash the ends of the existing carriages out n put tube in. Ha,, anyway.

Get yer physics head on – Ring David Makay up at @DECCgovuk – met him once – he’s the man for those calcs  getting bored now.

Before you know it we’ll be ok yeah?

What a Laugh – can just hear the Olive oil cargo flying through Bolton heading for Glasgow – ha

Oh and the Whisky heading for Manchester to celebrate – ha – gotta laugh ?

Really bored now – gotta take a walk – really not happy at London clowns though – they MUST act or we’ll all die of flooding.

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