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Understanding Housing Ministers – bondoogle time again – BUILDINGS cause 30% of climate change

Homes that cost £20  a year to heat… and examples of schools and offices too… What would that mean to tennants and what value would the really bring to the buildings?

Have you noticed how your govern MEAN hearted housing ministers do not want to tell you about no energy housing that could be the norm and how it could become normal to refurbish vaste areas of useless retail space to this standard?

Once you pay attention to this you’ll understand the other Buildings that don’t need heating or airconditioning systems. AND most ARCHITECTS are not even close to this standard :

HOMES – Here is the technique explained in simple terms – (video)


Manchester Homes in Oldham: These families pay only £20 a year for their heating because the homes are better built.

Offices: Worlds first passiv haus 20 storey office building accomodates 900 people and uses 80% less energy:

SCHOOLS : Amazing new school just built where a traditional heating system is no longer considered essential.

51 affordable homes with a mixed 1,2,3,4 bed units. 80% GASHEAT  savings. @gmlowcarbonhub @Dieter_Helm #passivhaus

So we TWEETED this to @Deiter_Helm – he’s the guy who influenced a top bod in DELLIOTE to figure out a GREEN DEAL HOME REFURB for 7% Loan.. anyway.. Deiter did not retweet to his 2,200 followers – maybe he’s not up to speed on twitter – he doesn’t follow any one of his followers either – defeats the object of social medial really but – hey who are we to judge – we just know about low energy buildings and he’s only a professor of energy policy – no match hey? Anyway … boring…

All new homes could be built to a higher standard but every time we at TTBolton try to get the last housing minister @grantshapps to push it he ignored it, now you get another housing minister @krishopkins and again we’ve got NOWHERE on twitter with that guy – ha – COMMUNICATIONS DEGREE – don’t make us laugh any louder man ..

Lets look at Mr Hopkins


Kris has a degree in communications and cultural studies from Leeds University. Hope they haven’t churned any more comms officers out in Government – by heck we’ll be bondoogled to death.. by huricanes and floods at this rate ..

And there lies the problem – another CLOWN running the housing department – clowning around with your heating, the way your buildings are heated and they way they are renovated . Would love to see the clowns internal memos about how cold everyone is going to be because the political and banking clowns spend all their time ignoring science and human progress … who the heck are they if they have no qualifications?

Enough. We cannot run a country with these people…

So we’ve had 2 housing ministers in this coalition and in the last government Laughing Buddah met Ed Miliband in 2009 in Horwich an St Josephs school and asked him about the wonderful building standard above where a NEW HOME could cost £20 a year to heat – “what’s that” he said.. we were 4 days from running out of heating gas that winter.

So there you go – it’s totally hopeless having a parliament with unqualified people in – fill it with Donkeys maybe – at least you could laugh when they went EEyyy ORRR and dropped a large poo on the floor – at least you can drop some seeds in the poo and get some plants going to feed yer kids while the CLOWNS fart around with yer life.. Ha – Donkey Housing Ministers  - what a laugh..

From now on Why can’t we have Low energy homes AS the NATIONAL standard? (the uk was only 6 days from running out of heating gas last winter) and we will fund them using the GUERNSEY experimentCould even use that DISSEMBLY building material hey? – goodbye clowns

Just had Manchester Market here last week – it was about £5000 for a small stall .

Homeless have moved back in now … where does all the money go for stalls? Can’t the wasted retail space in the window be converted in to KIPOVER space and give people a store card for a range of meals at this time of year – what is happening with our crazy way of living? Oh yeah the Dim bankers and eliteos

ANYWAY : What can a minister do about homeless people? Write to SHELTER and Announce a way to upgrade homes to decent home standard – (hang on a minute we’ve been on planet earth for over 2000 years and the best the communications officer can come up with is upgrading to a decent home?) the other thing he wrote to SHELTER about is a help to buy scheme (that’s where this government borrows loads of cash from mr dim and sons – builds homes to make profits – not exactly a housing strategy for yer kids homes is it? What a crazy situation hey – no wonder the planet is bankrupt)

Then the ‘communications officer posing as a housing minister’ goes on to blame the last government – yer know like they ALWAYS do – ha what a laugh these children clowns are.

“Although homelessness is at around half the rate it was under the previous administration, I am far from complacent on this issue and want to make sure we maintain the strong safety net we have in place to help people facing the frightening prospect of sleeping rough.”

Something about building “150,000 homes” by 2015. Nobody’s told him it’ll be impossible to get to work to pay the mortgage (mort gauge is french for death grip don’t yer know – does a good job hey?) so the banks will go bankrupt wont they just – they already are so why bother pretending – lets fix it n live our lives hey?

Something about putting private landlords out of business with their own scheme .. oh the need for greed is built in just like charles from Gift Economy says … maybe nobodie’s told Kris – who knows he could be all adrift in the Dim lie – it’s worth pinging him this page @krishopkins ?

“And for the millions renting homes privately, we’re investing £1 billion in our Build to Rent fund to build new homes specifically for private rent, and taking measures to crack down on rogue landlords who make their tenants’ lives a misery.”

And right at the bottom of the COMMUNICATIONS ministers letter – gotta laugh


So is he a housing minister or a Local Growth minister – kind of schizophrenic job title from a Communications officer hey Gromit – CLOWN.

Donkeys invade Parliament – poo everywhere – tons of new food and plants thriving off the Co2 in the communications departments – ha

Laughing Buddah

MSc – Energy and Architecture

Cost to TAXPAYER – £0.000 –  funded it mi self n paid with mi own sweat

150,000 new passiv homes at £20 a year = £3 million pounds rather than 120, million (approx £800 a house per annum and rising hey + all the war deaths caused by countries fighting over gas supplies in syria and qatar and iraq and iran and David Camerons mate Lynton Crosby FRCKER man who want to FRACK england )

Clowns hey – yes indeed Gromit clowns indeedy..

Makes yer think dont it?


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