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50 open source machines for civilisation


Marcin Jakubowski: 50 Open-sourced blueprints for civilization

Things that are designed to last a lifetime . . .

Only 1,267,679 people have viewed this – guess it’s mildy important? – yep u bet — tis the future Gromit…

If @GMLowCarbonHub @neweconomymcr n London’s good bondoogle team get together and mash these things out  - ha – all those engineers who just lost £6BN of contracts for weapons at BAE systems – well what a laugh we can all have building these and remaking global farming – right here from the northwest – ha – what a laugh – we need farming machines not war machines here that help not hinder our good and kind farmers and we have 50 open source machines and we have the climate change act.. unlike any other country – laughing is good for you hey? :)

Might even pump some out at Horwich Loco hey?

How many commonwealth countries need them – oh … that’s nearly a quarter of Mother Earth – if we lucky we grow food n survive the storms hey?

No need to BURDEN any good people on Mother Earth with BANK LOANS for this stuff – no that was the evil past.

Remember – Rat races are for rats . We’re not rats we’re humans..

Anyway ….

This idea above and the remote permaculture go hand in hand don’t you think?

We do at Gromit central..

Oh peace and goodwill is so welcome in the world today .. no more competing with each other to get a loan to make some stuff to pay back the man … bring it on man .  So heart warming to be a human .. magic hey? :)


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