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It’s very simple …


We live on a hamburger …. in the northern hemisphere were breath a thin band of hardly breathable air about 4000 meters about our heads.

We share that with about 3-4BN people depending what plane they are on jetting over the equator .. plus cars, trucks, motorbikes, pigs, chickens, dogs, frogs, sheep, pigeons …. you name it, we’re all breathing it, driving to work to pay the mortgage in it, burning trash to avoid paying landfill, spraying our hair to look like the next hamburger kid … but you’re perfect as you are.

Same in the southern Hemisphere … so yes the air is mostly separate (Weather Makers by Tim Flannery).

On top of that you can see that Orange HAZE of aerosols your’e breathing? Gaia Scientist James Lovelock recons it’s keeping Mother Earth 2-3 degrees cooler than it would otherwise be (you think you’ve seen climate chaos – ha – laugh again). Climate scientists and various Military are ready to intervene (throw out your government and you if needed) to stop any sudden temperature movement – all very mad – but so is our present way of life..

Anyway ..

Thank goodness for the circular economy where we design products that keep looping around – what’s wrong with a 500 yr old washing machine if it washes yer socks? Same for every other good you need on earth.

And thank goodness for the sharing economy – now a global rage – what’s the point of keeping 12,000 sets of garden equipment in your neighbourhood when you only need to use a mower 6 times a yr ? A few mowers on the street? You get the idea .. all that space in yer house and a local Library sharing hub for the neighbours.. oh hi dear neighbour , how yer doin ?

And that’s another nail in the coffin for global retailers (global Dimmers who act like they want you die in a pool of garbage) .. talking to Ralph Lauren person – other day – they only have 2 main designers – ones off on maternity – astounding what they don’t know about the ford problem - how will people get to their shops – ha – oh well

Had a great laugh last night with the SMITH family in great lever – we were laughing about Jeff Bezos getting our Pizza delivered on top of our car roof — we extended the Amazon drone delivery service to include yer new TEETH – n then laughed when we realised they could mess the delivery up and deliver your pizza 1st and then your teeth might be delayed due to high winds – ha – what laugh – anyway…

Gotta Laugh coz we’re in Peter Kay land man — ha

What are we replacing?

Well everything about our present culture that does not work.. yes almost all of it that wants to grow (lend money from mr Dim for dim buildings rather than scientific PASSIV HAUS methods (they got it to £20/yr in Oldham Manchester) or dim HS2 rail schemes or dim weapons you see exploding all over Mother Earth – sic of Dim) – Anyway LOADS of new ways with buildings and Humans having fun.

You notice the words ‘present culture’  - very important – no war no blood – if you want an argument go and have one but we’re not paying for Mr Dim to profit from it and we’re not putting up with local arguments – there’s no time, no resources – there is only time to heal our planet and take care of ALL families..

Thank you Mike and Connie – what a massive saving to the public purse!

No more Lords ripping us off – rent the building out as a museum – this is where bedroom tax was introduced – ha what a laugh .. £2.50 please, or a bag of plastic for the 3d printer – a few million visitors a year and we’ll soon be moving on..

any sudden moves of any kind and we’re ALL gone.. within a year - and that’s without a war… Sobering thought?

any more competition among the nearly 40,000 global ‘brand’ corporations all trying to sell the same margarine or hair spray .. acres of it in every store on Mother Earth …  as global resource prices are rising at around 7% per annum you can see that Financial Directors of the largest firms are pressured to make profits and so they ‘wing it’ ‘use offshore tax havens‘ just to make the next quarters ‘targets’ (Switzerland is land bound – that’s why they became the store house for global looters centuries ago – now it’s the city of london corporation competing to offer the lowest rate of corporation tax in a world where corporation thinking is extinct). We chuck around 65M tons of electricals out every year.. all of them mined, melted, n shipped from somewhere on the hamburger to you to drop on the pavement ..winge to yer mother that it’s not good enough while yer dad is trying his best too .. or whatever ..

Oceans full of plastic larger than FIVE times America floating — enough to keep us in clothing and washing up bowls n sunglasses for thousands of years if we used a very simple process to process them .. oh can’t wait to shrugg the old life off – utter garbage.

Anyway we’ve figured a way for Japanese Whalers to drag that crap out of the oceans and sell it back to us in our green shopping centres… then they can stop going mad trying to keep their economy from imploding under the weight of mr Dim and sons - ha – would love to see them do that – anyone on the phone to them now?

Meanwhile – due to Mr Dim n sons 80% of the planet are over-consuming and of course the bad ones in government are Bankers clowns want their perks so the clowns get the military hardware out to go n get the minerals needed to ‘prop up’ their favourite profit making ‘corporate cash cows’ so they can keep on living the ‘ fake good life’ and squash the family firm further..  the clowns love it

It won’t be possible to support the clown story from 2014.

We have to evolve – Human software upgrade please.

And that was the reason for the RANT about a Revolution Breaks out in Bolton Market Place

Then we can organise global repair holidays where we SWEEP up the utter CRAP we’ve made of the planet and if we’re lucky … survive together to tell the story to our grandchildren – ha

We can have a right laugh in Liverpool - and get the Rivington Pavilions going – and wait till the Celts join us with their global Cousins – ha – what a laugh ..

So human, so simple

Lets do it as mr branson says

Gotta go on walkabout –

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