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Bail out shoes – and the clowns bail out big time


Well what do you know – its Christmas Evening – there is a GREAT peace all over the world as the whole world laughs at the people wearing the bail out shoes.. tis gonna be a great new year as the circular economy kicks in … ha

There were FLOODS & chaos in London and at many airports as 13M people tried to get home to see their loved ones…because their evil bosses keep them working to hard to pay the clowns. Sadly some people died on their way home because the clowns don’t value human life.. as Nina Simone sang in the 1960′s – are they men or are they beasts… Anyway ICE storms hit other countries as the old world fell apart…

HS2? Now there was a scheme to avoid like the plague..

David Came on started the bail out shoe trend in Westminster – as London FLOODED he began wearing bail out shoes so he could protect clown CENTRAL Westminster where the LORDS clock in to STEAL £300 a day from hardworking taxpayers – on his way to work David Came ON was seen scooping water from the flooded pavements into his assistants handbag – occasionally a dog poo would get jammed in his shoe .. Soon Gorge an ozzy bone started to wear them too – before long the whole of the bully-club and par lia meant (speaking lies in a meaningful way) needed to wear them to protect their ‘property investments’ from hundreds of years of industrial revolutionary carbon emitting greedy WAR finance and global GARBAGE on a wet bed of ubber lies.

Political CLOWNS had a lot of support in the North of England, all over the world actually.. ha  - what a laugh..

Next thing you saw the whole of the EU par lia meant and the American CON gress wearing them and ARAB dictators too… There was water and doggy poo all over them as they tried in vain to protect their sinking empires of greedy evil kack…

Australia’s elite collapsed as their particularly EVIL CHILD STEALING apartheid regime vaporised and the Aboriginal people regained their lands.. they were kind enough to forgive the non evil ones..

Gromit….. is that one of your poo’s in David came on’s shoe?

Ha – Laughing Buddha tried not to laugh as the whole of the banking system and surrounding elites collapsed in a booyahh of bondoogle

Now be kind please dear people — After all they were only doing what they thought was the right thing for society

Oh well…

Welcome to new Sun… It’s gonna REVERSE polarity and wow get ready…… if you prefer the horses mouth or a bit of goo 

HORWICH – 2013 – Happy Christmas new sun, you’re very very welcome .. tis about time too..

Boyd Lee - new sun

All over Bolton people were celebrating ….

Even Churgate looked kind beautiful for the first time in centuries….. as EVIL GREEDY BASTARDS vaporised on Mother Earth… ha
Ohhhh MEN
Silly MEN
As the STORM approached HORWICH you could FEEL it’s force from the top of the hill….
On the way down – so SYMBOLIC – so poetic – Laughing Buddah found a a little red pen… Ha
Guess what —-
ACCA – december 2013 – Zombie Banks & an increase in RETAIL Corporate Failures – caboom time – Only 9 views – what a laugh for something so important
Oh and something else…
It’s gonna be a fantastic year for Humans

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