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David so so wants his pension ..


And that is what happens with the ‘pressure’ on MEN to ‘succeed’ in ‘office’ .. you’ll do anything for his loan… and that is what DIMON wants… he wants you to die trying for your wife, and to ‘provide’ for your children. And Goldman Sachs are their competitors – so are they the same? Yes indeedy….

93% of all derivatives (LOANS) in the U.S. banking system are held by 4 banks. They are JPMorgan, Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs…and in very distant fifth position is HSBC USA at only $4.47 trillion…1.96% of the total. So 4 banks hold $207 Trillion of derivatives, that’s 14 times the US economy… ha

4 banks hold $207 TRILLION of unpayable debt … oh well – on with the show..

But their whole way of life is over …

and so is your governments – they were bought – they were fully bought… resulting in this in nearly every village on earth..

and you know it

A rat race is for rats. We’re not rats. We’re human beings.

your children can run Mother Earth better now and always could do… Ken Robinson explains how your children are dumbed down by the age of 7 ready for a life of servitude to mr Dimon and his other ‘friends’ – change one letter in his name and what are they working for?

Happy ChristMas :)

Love is all you need.

And Mr Lennon sang that …

But yer know .. mr dim was quite something of an illussion to folk – until you shine a light on him..

Now you know what he is and his competitors like mr Goldmn Socks

Follow your heart




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