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Lovely day in Manchester – great people – thinkin about HS2 n stuff

Well, where do you want to start?

Barcelona to Paris high speed rail is €59 Euros and you dont have to change. Lets look at the UK offering.

Sat at Picadilly Train station a women from Ayrshire was very happy with her train speed / journey at around 3 and a half hours. She felt that London wasnt that much different in distance and a similar time – what’s the rush?


For those following the story – the best trains in the worlds were built in Horwich Loco works …. until 4000 families were made redundant.

Spent a good deal of time working at GEC ALTHOM on TRAFFORD PARK – the engineers there would be pooring over the diagrams of the TRAMS you are riding today – John Mayes was mi BOSS – lovely bloke – went off to run a real ale pub i heard … anyway. NOW all those years later they are talking about HS2 – yes – a high speed train that comes from London to Birmingham at a reported 225 miles per hour hopefully by 2026 – that’s in 13 years.

So if you’ve been following the FORD story you won’t be movin anywhere well before 2026 .. Infact in less than 9 years your 1 yr old child or your 90yr old granny will open their curtains to GLOBAL VEHICLE GRIDLOCK at todays production rates. But never mind, lets go with the idea for now – let them peddle their HUGE loan to the public so their bankers can make some profit n resolve their UTTERLY GUTTED balance sheets (ALL banks) – ha – anyway lets not go there.. we bailed em out and they can’t even plan a rail infrastructure project ..

Meanwhile these guys think this is going to work – Someone wanted a new football ground and 24,000 homes in London – but they NEED taxpayers to back the infrastructure – Mr Mittal the steel guru and Fernandes the owner of QPR. The Times printed this Friday 13th.

The homes would need to be passiv haus standard because UK came within 6 days of running out of heating GAS last winter.

Anyway – Imagine in a perfect world where the thing zoomed from London to Picadilly – no changes for £59? You recon?

Heading for the North..

So London to Birmingham

By Train –  116 miles – approx – 1 hour 39 mins according to Google map directions train option.

By Car –  116 mi, 2 hours 6 mins - In current traffic (14.12.13 – wait till FORD congestion kicks in): 2 hours 10 mins M1 and M6

Walking – 110 miles – 37 hours – Mmmm could be a real nice option.. slow travel, music food – new friends – heck – lovely jubbly

Cycling –  Route 6 - 130 mi, 12 hours 23 mins - Not a bad option – a few nice cycle hotels along the way – man – that’d be cool..

Ok – so HS2 aims to get you from London to Birmingham at about 225 miles an hour. Take about 50 miles off the journey for speeding up to 225 and slowing down before they hit the station at Birmingham and you might have about 116 – 50 miles = 66 miles of super fast 225 MPH exexexperience. Wow, how much?

Gromit stop it man – you are only a mere dog.. sorrry Laughing Buddah …

Ok so that’s the first bit of the 70BN project to lend money to the PUBLIC in the name of creating jobs – oh sorry creating profit for what are called banks at the expense and frustration of the Public with the FULL support of many MP’s … MANY who are also happy to take an 11% pay rise just to sweeten the new year.. Luckily there are only about 700MP’s .. good job there aren’t 7000 we’d really be sccccwed.

Next up Birmingham to Manchester -

By Train –  88 miles – approx – 1 hour 58 mins according to Google map directions train option.

By Car - 87.7 mi, 1 hour 38 mins In current traffic (14.12.13 - wait till FORD congestion kicks in) : 1 hour 39 mins

Walking – 78 miles – 26 hours – Mmmm could be a real nice option.. slow travel, music food – new friends – heck – lovely jubbly

Cycling –  Route 5 – 89 miles, 8 hours 17 mins - Not a bad option - a few nice cycle hotels along the way - man – that’d be cool..slow travel, music food – new friends – heck – lovely jubbly..

HS2 – So about 80 miles, take off about 50 miles to get up to 225 MPH speed — so 30 miles of super fast 225 MPH exexexperience.

Probably also need to buy out tons of conservatives homelands in the chilterns and destroy farmland at tax payer expense at a time when we need to be growing more local food – bit of a bondoogle really – wonder if Lynton Crosby – Mr David Came on’s political advisor from Australia advised of this scheme? Anyone wanna ring Lynton up n ask him? Hi Lynton having a nice day good sir? Pitty your Australian car industry is utterly bankrupt – maybe you’ll need one of our trains to get you around in your old age – or maybe you’ll need an electric buggy thing – big place Australia, anyway have fun you’ll need all the luck you can muster man… Might wanna try listening to us northerners before you looose ALL of your money and your families’ respect.

Oh Yeah – and the Institute of Directors (yeah thats them blokes wot run real companies) says it a PANTS scheme too. Sorry Lynton/David Came on/Gorge a bone/ – you are bankrupt and so are ALL of your families. Shame really .. had you down as decent really and not too far wrong.. never mind.

Oh and Lynton – in Pennsylvania they found RADIOACTIVE fluids coming out of the groundwater AFTER FRACKING – 200 times radium apparently and fracking had also released pollutants that were previously trapped in ROCKS formed millions of years ago – recon times up man :) run while u still can..

So all in all about 100 miles of track max for £70BN + all the destroyed land and tax payer bailouts of properties down the proposed line.

Ok so lets assume they go ahead – yer know – and they get to Manchester – well – as we know if AMAZON are bankrupt then so too must ALL the chains stores coz they’ll have no trucks moving anywhere on Good Mother Earth unless of course they go for the Laughing Buddah circular economy that Richard Branson asked about on twittty daft last week.

So – hey ho – you got the train from London – 225 MPH to take yer kids to Santa’s Grotto ….

And here it is… well nothing in the shops – oh and mums n dads can’t drive around much – errrrr maybe a few Jeff Bezzoss drones delivering nappies?

 You know – we really know how to run a town – tis food heaven man.

Meanwhile 7,106 islands were wiped out by the hurricane and are havin a few probs.

That bun on the floor – whooa – just imagine if those 3 children could get a 3rd of that each.. man – smokin..

So you could ALL get real and help them out man – tis easy peasy - you have all the details on this page.

CARE INTERNATIONAL – “We are in Tacloban, and we’ve just driven along the coast. There are dead bodies along the coast, and the terrible smell of decay. There are bodies along the road. It’s pretty horrific. The whole team are shocked by what we’ve seen. I’ve never seen anything like this. This will haunt me for a long time.”

And with the spare change you could CONVERT the London Mayors OFFICE into cheap apartments for young families £100/month and Scottish Parliament buildings too £60/month coz there’s less work down there (yeah i’m from Australia really & you’re all upside down man). And in GM/Bolton you could convert a few buildings into same. Go for it man – you’ll feel so good handin the keys over to the next gen  they’ll never sccccwww it over like you lot and all the good mums n dads’ll help out too – what a lovely Island – perhaps it will actually be worth planning a trip to – just think Millions of people from other nations would love to visit and spend SLOW quality time – and you know what we’ll ALL be welcome there too when a HURRICANE wipes out London or Cornwall or Liverpool.. oh Liverpools cookin too

Oh Yeah n check RamsBottom – smokin.

Yep – tis the future man :) A GIFT from your ancestors … angry weather

Update: 28.12.13

Whitehall calls in about 100 private sector EXPERTS on £500 a day to fix a few of the schemes being implemented.. Laughing Buddah happy to work for free in the GIFT ECONOMY – soon to be the largest economy on earth….


Jan 2nd 2014  - Train FAIRS INCREASE – ha what a laugh

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