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No more waiting for yer Luggage at the Airport

Hopefully you’ve been following the story of the greenest market place on earth and the Arndale and the Trafford Centre

In the new Bolton Market Place – you’ll book a holiday BUT MOST of your clothes for the destination will be delivered to your HOTEL from the local circular economy. Yer know , you only need shorts n T’s in some places…

So you don’t need ANY suitcases checking in and no security delays and basically all those boring hours of your life you can get back.

Oh yeah – and airport baggage handling systems r defunct.

Oh and no lost baggage man.

By the way thi Water sports and floating toys are 3d printed on thi local Repair Hotels

Ooh heck thi planes were delayed – no matter – wi crowd printed while we waited?

Laughing Budda n Gromit laughin all the way to a better world…

updated 18.2.15 :) Aye things were cookin Gromit – at last thi penny were droppin in t’ place.



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