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Really exited about the circular economy

Changing the way we make and use ALL products and services will reduce the costs. Reusing all materials is how it’s done. Its called the circular economy.

From timber to metals and plastics we can all do better.

The one-way production model has dominated global manufacturing since the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

A few things about the circular economy stand out loud and clear ..

80% of the $3.2TN of materials used in consumer goods each year are not recovered !!! @charles_haine @janpaulkimmel

Remanufacturing uses 80 percent less energy & almost 90 percent less water than new !! @charles_haine @janpaulkimmel


How vunerable is the global timber / furniture business?

Despite greater awareness around of the world of the impacts of deforestation, the scale of forest loss since 2000 has been significant – data from Google and the University of Maryland says the world lost 230 million hectares of trees between 2000 and 2012.

Forest campaigners say this is the equivalent of 50 football fields of trees being cut down, every minute of every day over the past 12 years.

One of the big problems in dealing with tree loss has been a lack of accurate information. Over the same time period as all these trees were lost, around 800,000 sq km of new forest was planted.

Ellen Macarthur identified furniture as being IDEAL for the circular economy.. so lets go hey?

Our Original OPEN letter to the North West’s MEP Chis Davies was about bringing furniture making back to the UK to reduce climate change and increase jobs.

The notes at the top of this page are updates for those following the story…


10.1.14 So today even David Willetts, the Science Minister, has announced an £8m technology competition for ideas to “reinvigorate” the high street. The cash, which will come through the Technology Strategy Board, will be used to fund innovative ideas to address the issues of logistics, travel and traffic. – So there you go you can’t get fairer than that can you? TTBolton wrote to David Willets on 10.1.14  and copied in Julie Hilling MP for Bolton and Alasdair at Enworks in Manchester who are happy to work with furniture trade for Manchester Area.

Even China are heading FAST in the circular economy direction…. EDIE reports 30.12.13

China sends strongest signal yet on circular economy leadership

China has set up a government-backed association to promote circular economy growth as latest figures reveal that its value is starting to outpace that of the nation’s linear economy. Look it up on

Basically the whole world has run out of materials and energy to keep on trucking goods all over the planet – factories are closing all over the world including China as the old LINEAR economy collapses. Also the worlds largest 3 container lines have been loosing money since 2009 and the 352 largest container ships are being taken into special measures (by US/EU/ASIA) to try and help them survive the collapse. Aslo there their is a HUGE demand collapse by ‘western CONSUMERS’ who are fed up of working all their lives to buy SHODDY goods made the other side of the world that they then have to buy again 6 months later because they are made so poorly .. should be an interesting 2014 in NOT TRANSPORTING CONTAINERS of goods from One side of the world to London and Manchester.

Update 14.12.13 – Trying to build a circular FURNITURE/FASHION/everything we need economy (see below) for NW/UK starting in new yr. Spoke to Chris Davies – public relations chap last week Called Richard Marbrow – Chris’d have to ring Brusells first before they can make a decision.. Lets give em the benefit of the doubt.

Update 17.12.13 1:45pm Rang Richard Marbrow again to see where he was with it – Chris is busy until Friday when he hopes to get this letter to him.

Update 20.12.13 11:50AM Popped out to pick some festive Holly and the last of the cooking apples for a lovely winter Apple Pie… thought it would be wise to chase up my @ChrisDaviesMep , the phone rang and rang at @ChrisDaviesMep office and it finally said – ” our offices are open Monday to Friday 9-4pm but there is nobody to answer the phone –  i know that – by heck Grommit these people charge us all this money and they cant even answer their own phone… bondoogle town – anyway will try again later..

Update 20.12.13 Rang again – Richard answered and @ChrisDaviesMEP is happy to meet up in the new yr and fire off relevant letters of support etc – can’t promise anything but hey – wing and prayer and all that – So there you go – FURNITURE movement wow.. FANTASTIC news

Meanwhile Alisdair from enworks & working with @gmlowcarbonhub is VERY interested in greater manchester region firms – (you’ve got to understand that enworks can ONLY work with GM furniture firms but that’s a start) Chris Davies MEP for Northwest has to go to Brussels to get a nod or whatever that can then save forests/cyclist deaths/oil/ Russia’s floating nuclear power stations that they want to drill for arctic oil with, yep for oil to power global trucks of silly imported furniture/ ALSO not to be out competed.. deepwater oil drilling going ahead 4KM deep near deepwater horizon.. ha – play it again sam – are these guys mad or what – or is it just the way we all shop? Anyway somewhere in all that crud we’ll get an answer. A do or die moment. Are we going to save every child on earth from certain extinction or not … Lets hope Chris Davies MEP gets back next week they have our direct telephone number – it’s a £50 windows phone but it works most of the time..

PS Mr Furniture – one of our customers has been in UK furniture for 30 + years – knows everyone from the people who supply Ikea to local mom n pop shops – happy to start meetings in New Yr – tis a goer if we all want it?

Update 6.1.14 Due to HUGE flooding in the south of ENGLAND the containers of furniture cannot be delivered up NORTH – yet another reason for the circular economy as people are sat tapping their fingers on their desks – It’s amazing what Tranport Ministers are going to have to plan for ..

Sarah Ludford MEP, initial Link shows various areas where NW could apply for funding to move this forward.

Mobility for growth (2014 budget: €375 million) – Less trucks = 63% less oil consumtion

Transport accounts for about 63% of oil consumption and 29% of all CO2 emissions. Research and innovation on equipment and systems for vehicles, aircraft and vessels will make them smarter, more automated, cleaner and quieter – while reducing the use of fossil fuels and improving air quality. One of the main objectives of Horizon 2020 in the field of transport is the deployment of innovative traffic management and information systems, advanced traveller services, efficient logistics and construction and maintenance technologies. For example, the first calls will fund projects aiming at developing new technologies for very-low emission vehicles and vessels, at reducing urban road congestion as well as improving intelligent mobility.

Waste: a resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials (2014 budget: €73 million)

Full compliance with EU waste policy could create an additional 400,000 jobs within the EU and an extra annual turnover of €42 billion. Research activities will address the whole production and consumption cycle: from waste prevention, the design of products and processes for recyclability to re-use and waste disposal. The calls provide stakeholders from different sectors with the opportunity to work together in new ways. Citizens will also be involved in developing and testing innovative solutions for waste prevention and management.


Original Letter dated 12.12.13 to Chris Davies MEP – The North Wests’ Member of the European Union – make a wish hey? Wing and Prayer :)

Saw a TWEET yesterday from @SarahLudfordMEP about low carbon investment in south.

Asked if we could have a bit in NW..

@TTBolton: indeed! see …, esp re calls on low carbon. Also suggest ask @chrisdaviesMep

So over to Chris Davies.

Hi Chris,

Basically we have the climate change act and in the north west Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub @GmLowCarbonHub has been tasked with rolling out some action.

It’s pretty important for the whole region / country and should kickstart a whole load of new industries.

Just so that you have a bit of urgency about the task at hand.

In a few years FORD motor company say we’ll reach global gridlock  - yes that 1 yr old child today will open their Christmas curtains only to find a row of cars everywhere on mother earth. Mum and Dad will try to get to work but heck – they’ll have a bondoogle of a time trying. So none of the mortgages on Mother Earth are gonna get paid are they? BANK RUPT comes to mind.

Oh yes and Mr Ford says congestion is already costing UK £65BN a year. So this time next yr £130BN smakarooonies down the telly tubby.

Ok so on with the day now.

Ellen MacArthur the round the world YACHTY person came up with a corker a few years back - the circular economy.

In there FURNITURE was mentioned as a key industry.

So having helped the UK’s largest furniture, warehouse and and delivery chaps – we quickly recognised the issues that MR ford was highlighing.

So had a meeting with Mr Furniture UK already and he is very open to political and other business get to gether to get this sorted out, kick start the new jobs in the region.

Basically the size of the UK Job opportunitity / carbon reduction / traffic jam  is (£120BN above – plus) the quantity of containers coming in (carbon reduced – forests saved – Haiyans and UK Floooding damage BILLIONS this yr alone) and whatever pot you can get your hands on.

So What we were wondering was IF YOU can get access to move this forward – lets have a meeting with the Furniture industry and get on with it.

Are you ok with that?

When would you like to meetup?

PS you can TWEEt TTBolton – friendly lot..

Thank you kindly.

Mr Lee.

On behalf of the good people.

Even China are heading FAST in the circular direction…. EDIE reports 30.12.13

China sends strongest signal yet on circular economy leadership

China has set up a government-backed association to promote circular economy growth as latest figures reveal that its value is starting to outpace that of the nation’s linear economy.

- Boyd up at 5.27am on 12.12.13 to kick this one off - 


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