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Dissembly – just do it :)


The main concept to get here is that we can make 5 times the value from taking down old buildings carefully AND reduce HURRICANES and FLOODING – quite simple really.

This idea came about after having watched 7,106 Islands wiped out in the hurricane Haiyan – We bagan by Chatting to Tony Lithgoe (designer) and ALF (CAT) then Michael Odocherty – Manchester City Council and then Property Construction Investors in Adlington.

This concept is also related to making sure we ONLY finance the BEST and most energy efficient buildings on Mother Earth – there – for example in Oldham in Manchester there are buildings that cost only £20 a year to heat – YES you really have been let down by successive housing ministers – very sad really – but rather than cry – lets smile and fix this brocken world hey?

So lets go with Dissembly?

NEW economy thinking @Suss_quatch @GMLowCarbonHub @neweconomymcr @boltonFM @OfficialTfGM @Seanharriss @CLBcoopers

What is the point of smashing a building – putting it in a wagon – driving across town – landfilling it – hardcore yes but landfill no.

Get a quantity surveyor a carbon accountant and list the items that could be re-used – gently take apart what you can and palletise it – stack it back on outside warehouse racking and write a software application so people can order it  1st come 1st served. Then when the time comes the pallets are delviered to postcode of the small building project that needs those materials. Not hard is it?

Just think way ahead and put the ITEMS that the building is made of in the NorthWest @GmLowCarbonHub (open source – ready to roll out to other regions) second hand stock system and let people place orders for stuff from their phones / pc / over the telephone / at the local shop.

When the building is taken apart – you know which postcode its going to – drop it on a pallet. Moved only ONCE and Bob the Builder doesn’t have to run around so much to help the local town. Bob the builder isn’t going to Buildbase who are selling more carbon bricks..

Get this right with Buildings and massive energy savings on materials and transport – can also be rolled out to other stuff like old wagons – old trains – old cars – motorbikes -

PHONES / TV’s / FURNITURE / CARPET / DOORS / OLD BOILERS / WATER TANKS / OLD BICYCLES / GEARS – everything that has no further use.

get the picture?

And these could be the second hand materials database for overseas buyers – they may have old materials we want and so on.

What a great project.

Get this process right and the old buildings are worth much more? Possibly 5 times more.

What the OLDSCHOOL simply MUST do in 2014 is slightly alter their way of thinking – like only a few degrees and we’ll all survive.

In very simple terms the coal fired bricks made in Bolton / Manchester / UK / World still has the CARBON floating around in the upper atmosphere for 100 years or so. Same with the concrete, the window frames, the old transport costs are still floating around up there above your head as you use a silly old word called DEMOLITION – you are really demolishing the very thin atmosphere eco system that you are asking your children to live and breath in while you are your place of work. Obviously funded by mr Dim and others who care not for human life..

Wow – nice flooring area there – someone might want that in NW?

The carbon you can’t see is wiping out the south this Christmas – and more to come because we EXPORTED this DEMOLITION method globally … Mmmm Gromit if only DISSEMBLY became a global norm – Mmm if only.

Those STEEL GIRDERS – all mangled – Laughing Buddah talking to Surveyor last week Alex Knowles – he said these COULD be reused if they were ok in other local building projects – he surveyor – he work for bolton at home – he know… he agree..

so do we..

This way of taking down old buildings this way HAS to stop GLOBALLY – it’s so DANGEROUS to human survival.

Goodbye old HURRICANE MAKER – you lovely curvey corner building .. bless the hurricane survivors..

HELLO NEW WORLD where we change the diagrams to SAY ..

Buildings for DISSEMBLY


MJ Finnigan – DISSEMBLY – ha what a laugh we had when we stopped dying of hurricanes :)

Here a black n white from 1980′s in Tongmoor in Bolton – heck we’d have been ok if dissembly were mainstream then?

 Yes this was Bolton in 1980′s – ha – what a laugh we all had – buildings with LEGS – ha – anyway

Make a wish hey – for a better home on Mother Earth? Wing n a prayer n all that stuff .

Better get yer skates on man – winds coming

Ooops its here

No matter what you read – tis the same Gromit – chaos from our ancesters ways in the past – and the clowns wanna carry on? Ha – NO WAY on EARTH is this gonna carry on.

Tony could see part of this idea becuase he’s a creative -

Michael Odocherty (Manchester City Council) could see this being useful for small builders – but we ran out of time so i said i’d email him.

Andrew Porter – property owner got it rightaway – see , it depends who you’re talking to.. 5 times the money from taking a building down – ha

Webshak – look at all sorts of business processes and make software – they say this would be a doddle – any opensource developers could do it and gift it to Northwest / UK and away we go hey?

ALF @MakerofThings thought about a whole range of things – but this would be ideal for say projects like at our house where we wanted a gate made from second hand materials. Good use of an old warehouse in each village / town. A PROPER community space for items we need around the house / garden / school ..

Fixing a fence – whatever.

You can apply this ANYWHERE.

Let’s do it all over the world? Before we increase hurricanes and things get too difficult yeah? :)



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