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Remote Permaculture – NEW way of thinking about EMERGENCY RESPONSE. the new global REAL LIFE game.

Ready for a new life?
or more #haiyan #sandy #ukfloods #polarvortex
NEW way of thinking about EMERGENCY RESPONSE.
Heck even the Military can get on board – Military scale permaculture

Lets stop pretending that paying a mortgage in the northern hemisphere for 25 planet sucking years & shipping’cheap’ goods all over the planet 24/7 to fill your house up is normal  - it’s not

 Are you ready to loose your entire family to prop up the paragraph above?

7,106 Islands wiped out in November 2013

Hurricane #Haiyan was the strongest storm in recorded history. To date, the deadly and destructive typhoon has affected 890,895 families or 4,095,280 individuals.


‘YOLANDA’ SURVIVOR Melvin Castro sits in the rubble of his home in Tacloban City where 18 of his family members were killed. Four months later, he is still looking for answers.


And in the DEVELOPED WORLD too

Polar Vortex
Severe to extreme heatwave conditions are being experienced in large parts of Australia this week. Latest forecast: 

July 2014 and 70% of the global 500 mega corporations say water is a significant risk to their business models.
NEW way of thinking about EMERGENCY RESPONSE. 
Is it more important to drone on in your job to pay the bills and continue to see the earth destroyed or are we going to stop and help repair it?
The stuff you need is already there – ready to be used by PERMA / MEDICAL / SHELTER / RECROP
1st thing is the worlds FIRST REMOTE STORM SHELTER.
As soon as the STORM has passed the SHELTER POPS up and the REMOTE real life GAME begins. NO big carbon burning helicopters / PANIC and DEATH (well hopfully very little of it until we all get the hang of this new game)
Leaning Posts sit on the ground  - Old SAILS (come on big yachts lets have your old sails) -

Water and Shelter are the main things needed after the storm / emergency.
THANKS to for this contribution ✩ evonne heyning ∞ ‏@amoration15h

@TTBolton look at #seedsthegame from @GrowGames - in development now on global play for permaculture, aquaponics, social action systems

4. SEEDS chosen by Permaculture and ECOLOGY people  & suitable for the disaster region – (Already there in a seed bank as part of the emergency response – thinking forward – what HUMANS do best :)
We need ecological designs that are appropriate to the storm zones – Roesmary Morrow – Bill Mollison – Geoff Lawton – Fukuoka farming mindset people – REMOTE contours of the landscapes – ROBOT SWALERS – ROBOT seeds planters – LET the villagers get their act togther while REMOTE helpers use todays technologies – PLAY it from ANY shopping centre on earth – hey – even in the AIRPORT or at home man – SHARe the LOVE and LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH away the blues.
5.12.13 – update.
For those following the big weather response STORY – real life games got a BIG boost this morning.
Several previously DISCONNECTED organisations fell into place.
Lets just rewind: Japan 2011 – #fukushima still bleeding 300 tons of radioactive waste a day into oceans – military short term RESPONSE might be get BIG old boats no longer needed n beach them in Fukushima – fill em with that LIQUID while 2014 approachs. April 2014 – 800,000 tons of radioactive water building up at Fukushima & they are running out of space.
Under a $10.8 million contract, Boston Dynamics is currently supplying Darpa with a set of humanoid robots named Atlas to participate in the Darpa Robotics Challenge, a two-year contest with a $2 million prize. The contest’s goal is creating a class of robots that can operate in natural disasters and catastrophes like the nuclear power plant meltdown in Fukushima, Japan.
Only 5 months ago  strongest storm in history #Haiyan
Guess what – does ANYONE in BEIJING / Manchester London SYDNEY NEW YORK actually know today if this chap’s family are still alive? What about the girls in the background?
Could be your KIDS today down the WEST COAST of UK from Northumberland – to THAMES ESTUARY – to KENT – and on the WEST COAST of UK from CUMBRIA to CHESHIRE coastal FLOOD wind alerts?
DR Paul Leinster cheif exec of Environment Agency recons THAMES ESTUARIES / THAMES BARRIER will need to be shut to PROTECT LONDON.
And what happened – the THAMES VALLEY FLOODED
ROBIN GISBY from network RAIL recons it could AFFECT ‘infrastructure’ …
Oh and it did wipe out rail lines.

17.12.13 Even Westminster in London is now a FLOOD ZONE won’t be long before UK PM has to Canoe to work (Funnily enough London’s thames valley had massive flooding and YES David was there in his wellies)

The GOOD news is that in 2014 we can do it ALL differently.
RESPONSE as in EVERYONE playing a new game.
7,106 ISLANDS have been wiped out in Phillipines – getting stuff in is a nighmare –  forbes magazine today said communications was a BIG problem ALL of the BASESTATIONS are pretty much wiped out – becaase they fixed them on old crappy buildings that got wiped out so this hinders life saving EFFORTS.
The IDRA – the international disaster research station – recons as we do (permaculture – humans – thoughtfulness)
“The best way do do this is PRE – PLANNING – & preparing your infrastructure for recovery” Tartaglia says.
Do not try to REBUILD a WESTERNISED way of LIVING – it”ll FAIL – we must learn together to put back native landscapes – LOW ENERGY buildings (passiv structures and open-source technologies) and use WATER VERY VERY carefully – get it right, we don’t have time or resourse any longer – and these are the places that COULD be taking us in from the UK storms in 40 years.
Even BETTER – there are 41 states who are about to RE-LOOK at cyber security in AUSTRIA – they are part of the WASSENAUR ARRANGEMENT and they want to BEEF UP cyber security – (obviously they are sick of being attacked – but they dont connect the northern Hemisphere lifestyles with the children above) and here is their GIFT back to humanity for them – in UK we have the Climate change ACT – its LAW – in @gmlowcarbonhub it’s got LEGAL PERMISSION to try EVERYTHING new around low carbon.
Have you connected it yet to a WHOLE NEW SET of secure CYBER RESPONSE GAMES?
Game on if you have – if not you’ll get there.
The greatest game on earth – human – earth survival in REAL time.
David Livinstone at CHATHAM HOUSE has been studying all this for a while n will tell you this might actually KICK START a MULTI TRILLION INDUSTRY right here in the northwest if it wants to of coures .. its the LAW we can ignore if we ant to all DIE and wath each other on TV?
Rather not mi self man :)
Japan – 2001 – 8000 base stations wiped out – the rest you know
Haiyan 2013 – 7,107 islands wiped out – bases stations down – you name it.
NEW COMMS area – HurriBASE – the LOW bandwidth base stations are already there – like the other stuff proposed below – before the HURRICANE HITS.
Currently they mess around trying to get COWS into the disaster areas. – They are little base stations on WHEELS – yeah right – that’s like trying to get a camping trailers into the SCENE above – don’t make us laugh.
Guy to ASK about this is STEVE MCQUIILIN – comms guru in AMERICA – you’d make his day if you hired him today – go on man – do the right thing. Pay his mortgage off and ASK for his help.
$290BN of damages in 90′s alone – wot u waiting for?
If you think you have a mobile phone company – ASK STE above to come up with a LOW bandwith way of TURNING PHONES to HURRI MODE instantly before HURRICANES -’ i’m OK’ is a great message to get from your relatives in a disaster zone like the above - then a LOW RES colour or B&W.
Oh, and while we’re at it why not make a new range of low tech NEW handsets that DO the above out of floating plastic junk


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