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Ford Motor company reveal £31BN/YR gridlock in UK alone – That’s HALF the City of London brings in Taxes. FT.

Here is how 200 years of  ’competition / market share / ‘global race’  is looking at the moment ..

At todays global vehicle production rate FORD say we’ll hit global gridlock in less than 9 yrs – it’s already here in UK costing £31BN.

But what does this mean if you are a central banker or a government taxer?

Well it’s quite profound really.

So the more cars that hit the road – the slower everything  goes,   the less oil is used and ALL oil drilling investers / pension funds governments tax revenues drop so governments go bankrupt – yep that’s right Gromit – ha – what a laugh.

Oh .. May 2014 - it’s 40MPH now on UK motorways – that’s good – we can save some fuel, perhaps get home less stressed or maybe we need campsites to open up at the side of the road. Maybe we can vote for more growth and an austerity omelette with a gridlock salad?

Why not bang your head agains the wall. Not once but several times – are we mad – maybe.. but so is every other nation.

And you say the longest traffic jam on Earth was 11 days in China where many of our goods come from – Yes Gromit – it’s very funny isn’t it – welcome to Mother Earth – planned by linear father time and ‘investment’ loans for the last 200 yrs …

Can we stop production?

Yes – it’s technically possible to transport goods anywhere without roads, boats, planes or oil… if you modify the design.

And you can provide enough food & transport from farms to towns and cities without roads – Yes, if you modify the design.

Write it all off! how will all the bank loans get paid off for the car plants – what will people do – how will they get to work to pay off their mortgages – how will they get to all the new airports being built around the world? How will they get to the olympics in 5 years (oops Brazil olymics lookin mad 100 mile traffic jams in Brazil) – How will their children get to school – oh dear Gromit – the best thing to do is Laugh and Laugh – because that is the only way to overcome the epic logistics melt down caused by 200 years of Linear credit.

So back in the real world – away from banking professionals spreadsheets.

21.11.12 – Mmmm something happening with London deliveries – cyclists getting killed – failed deliveries then having to come back out of London, take off Lorry – lost in the warehouse coz 800 containers of stuff coming in, 2 weeks later new appointment arranged for delivery – try again – menwhile holiday period traffic rising as people go shopping – road rage – 3 more deaths – 64000 more containers docking – Mmmm

So the reasons for city gridlock – congestions / cycle death / christmas delivery / upset customer day off work / stress full moment causing daily re-occurances that we all see all day all around us in every city in uk are due to abundant credit from American bankers that drive American (ford) LINEAR ECONOMIC 200 Year old production line mentality? Yep, it finally filled your school yard, your motorway, your whole world – ha.

Key points were profound but in the profanity lies the seed of the answer.

So Ford Motor company said that in about 9 years we’ll reach Global Grid Lock.

Yes a baby born today anywhere in the world will wake up to find their whole street full of cars and ALL of the motorways on Earth. Laughing Buddah thinks this might be important. Gromit thinks so too.

Yep – so the issues above are gonna increase in the logistics supply chain and so it’s not something anyone can solve alone.

Think about that again but do not panic, just LAUGH all day and re-wonder what a lovely problem that is to solve for humanity on earth.

One traffic jam was 11 days long in China. Guess eventually it made it to Bolton Market Palace where due to delays in fashion retailing it went out of fashion and hit the give us a clue – what do we do , how do you do shelf. Give us a digerydoo man lets sing this problem away.

Ford estimate the UK economic damage to congestions is about £31bn. Not sure if that includes road rage. Hit and Run. Air Particulate lung poisoning. Parked cars blocking pavements and civic space that are genuinly trying to get this family to an appointment – pick the kids and drop of a hamper for xmas.

So Pick the northwest UK who are tasked via @GMLowCarbonHuB

Pick a historic town Like Bolton where the Industrial Revolution kicked off full swing that’s ended in Bling.  If you want to revive the human spirit and turn an old market place into the worlds first global experiment in Green Shopping Centers. Retirement Villages in Towns and Cities (may 2014 idea)..

If we’re lucky we can work out   How Societies can grow older better and stop all this tomfoolery. 

Can someone please Ask Mr Ford or whoever how much of that £31BN can we use in Bolton to kick start the answers to the problem that actually make a difference to ALL of the Town issues related to congestion say in Bolton 1st so we can feed it back over the airwaves open source hacakathon days. Whats the point of secrets. Thanks.

Gotta go – got a big logistics melt down where big ceo made a process change and all the delivery chains are failing deliverys – people shouting staff screeming. Customers upset – repeat rinse wash no go. Update: feb  - cant do anything about it – problem never thought about back in Feb no global communication down the chain. Update May 2014 – gone pop.

Oh – it’s even worse in Jan as thousands of containers are backed up the docks due to FLOODING across the south of the Island .. economic slowth in full swing ..

Lets stop pretending and fix it.

Nice clean streets – smart cities watching – mash it all up – stress levels down – carm hospitals – Laughing Buddah Towns.

So the more cars that hit the road – the slower everything  goes – the less oil is used and ALL oil drilling investers / pension funds / governments go bankrupt – yep that’s right Gromit – ha – what a laugh.

Oh and that is why AMAZON is bankrupt – their investors have piled all that cash in and AMAZON haven’t even paid it back yet – you wont even get deliveries into their warehouse never mind out to their customers – ha – what a laugh – oh well.

And you are saying we live on an intelligent planet – no Gromit it’s ruled by only one half of the tribal brain – females would have worked it out 200 years ago but were always ignored.

Oh yes and Russia is planning to drill for oil in the ARCTIC using a Nuclear Powered Ship – having a laugh there aren’t they? Does somebody want to ring PUTIN up and tell him he’s wasted his money? oh well .

What to do about it everything local and low energy. Heard of the circular Economy?

You’re in it – even if you don’t know it.


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