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Attractions and Calendar of Events for the Market Place.

Welcome to Bolton Market Place, what we’re asking for is for this to be the greenest marketplace on earth.

But first we’ve got to wait for the old ideas to fade away…

Commercial Real Estate will likely be the first domino to fall in the next financial crisis the one we all know is brewing.

The domino of retail CRE will not fall in isolation; it will topple the domino of debt next to it.

75,000 people did not want the towns market place sold off but were ignored by a few ‘elite’ financial people. The owners went bankrupt in 2013. Now 20 units lie empty. We want the Town to own it and for the trade inside it to be the fairest and greenest market place on earth.

Perhaps they did not see the greed stacked up against common sense?

Admit it – Letting the this syle of banking into the world was a total failure, infact EVIL.

We have nationwide frauds still unwinding from every bank.

We have 50+ Lords clocking in claiming £300 a day.

We have local political issues too – this is not normal – for heavens sake ..

Finally – Dec – 2013 – Steve Hawkes reports that nearly 75% of the top 100 stores on Britain’s high streets are running promotions. So @GeorgeOsbourne and this Government have cut HMRC staff from 100,000 back to 57,000 so that ‘corporations’ owned by BAD banks can survive.

But what are global corporations going to inherit?

NOTHING – Remember the simple picture where ultra selfish consume each other

That is all History chappattes. Over 2000 years of man made MISERY for billions of people has ended.

In every town there is a place, a Market Place – SHARING IT with ALL nationalities is the only plan with any LONGTERM chance of survival

Just get on with it.

The future is not about consumption but respecting fair commerce between nations and seeing that reflected in local and national Market Places that have until recently been ‘empires of consumer consumption’.

Give it to the next generation.

Not many ADULTs will fall out then? Hopefully.. ok maybe a few but not for long

The towns ELDERs are then MUCH more likley to support it’s future and pull in the ELDERS favours to make it happen.

COPY and paste to other towns and nations and Lets LIVE with the SEASONS again and COOPERATE as towns and cities on fixing the Earth using Remote Permaculture before last 200 years of our lifestyles devastate vast areas of the earth.

Remember – TRUST is the only money.

Yes – many of you high flighers will loose your status - don’t worry you’ll feel REALLY good about choosing the right path.

The next 5 years is going to be UNLIKE any other period in your short history on Mother Earth

Go for it :)  @seanharriss @boltonFM @CLBcoopers @cabinetofficeuk @neweconomymcr – Loose your frowns ..

We want to help the community to Buy this shopping centre and make it the MOST talked about town in the NW the destination in the NW while creating perhaps a few thousand new local jobs – please pause and really ponder this one – this is all of our kids future – help this lovely 150 year old Market Town spring back to life – eternally grateful – Away we go.

Image courtesy of the local data company – Thank you kindly.

We’ve got to make this centre succeed both as a community asset and for the benefit of all retailers who are drawn to the town as well as all the traders who would like to come back into the town. We’ll have to work with other retailers and perhaps coordinate other attractions that compliment each other. We’ve all got alot to learn from each other. Other towns in the region are going to be watching and want to learn how to revive their towns historic Markets in a way that is sensitive to the town while offering radically different products and services that genuinely reduce the environmental impact of the towns existing Market Places that can be replicated in others.

We’d like to create a whole load of new jobs & turn this energy burning forest chomping river draining building into the cleanest shopping centre on earth or as close as.

In doing that we want to re-engineer the thoughts in the local and global supply chain that pump carbon & waste in here every day.

If we win we can all do it. If we loose it’s #haiyan a clock day.

Perhaps think of it as the Airport Lounge of the world but with radically localised services and products that are plugged back into the real world and that have real life affects on the world that we live in.

While we revive the Horwich Loco works and trade this technology around the world – ONLY where its needed the Greater Manchester region will benefit from it’s MASSIVE industrial history and contacts as it pulls the WHOLE country UP from 100% certain GLOBAL RETAIL FAILURE.

AS more and MORE flooding in UK and Huricanes hit – we’ll all be MUCH better off hunkering down in our towns and playing the new real life repair your world game. What a great fun …

At the Main entrance it could have the worlds Co2 reading for that month. Octobers reading was 393.66 - 350 would be real progress.

If we could see the problem we could solve it.

You recon you could do one of them for NW & Bolton? @CarbonVisuals @GMLowcarbonhub @Seanharriss 

Greater Manchester chucks out 41.2m tonnes CO2e every year. Thats about 15 Tons each.

Greater Manchester 2016 could chucks out 30m.2m tonnes CO2e every year. Thats about (we need a carbon accountant) Tons each.

Greater Manchester 2020 could chucks out 18m.2m tonnes CO2e every year. Thats about (we need a carbon accountant) Tons each.

There wont be a small bunch of  GLOBAL FASHION brands trucking clothes from one side of the earth to the other.

There wont be a small group of DEFORESTING BANKS trucking FURNITURE around the GLOBE

There wont be a banking system that EXPLOITS EVERY person in the world and EVERY political process.

Just REALLY REALLY honest humans like the everyday people in every town on Mother EARTH.

We’ll make everything we need on this Island using circular economy model and the latest 3D printing that we can and we’ll FAIR TRADE the rest WITHOUT BANKERS and WITHOUT POLITICIANS.

Why do you need a bank and a politician when you ask simple quesitons?

Does it work – yes – leave it.

Does it work – no – fix it.

That is what we’ll do because after many thousands of years there is no other way of doing it.

So on with the PLAN.

So if you’re familiar with the idea of the whole town buying and converting the Market Place into an energy efficient Market that generates some power for the town and provides a focus for the towns best food, housing and agriculture in the region then what better place to revive, after all they are the three areas that are causing the most environmental damage on Mother Earth. In buying this Market Place and understanding how it connects to the wider world we can bring a new understanding and opportunity for the town to revive it’s former attractions and solve many misunderstandings in the global supply chains that get our food and clothing here at huge environmental cost. Lets say that again.. in doing this together we can positively change the global supply chain, reduce waste, energy, mistrust and get real advice on what actually works in a safe retail space that we all own. Nobody is going to knock on your door or try and sell you things that don’t work in the old world for your home in Bolton.. all or nothing. We all have a stake and we can’t blame anyone but ourselves if we get something wrong. Blame culture has to go.

We can create jobs together across a wide range of areas. Retail in the centre.  New Veg Fish Market and all the little shops that were thrown out. That’s quite alot of new jobs. If we get to run it or buy it we can also put some affordable homes (£20 a year to heat) in the place & rent them out at affordable prices to demonstrate that we can as a community offer a working model of an alternative housing scheme. The money could go in our own community bank and we can have some jobs in there tallying up at the end of the day. An honest energy centre that give advice on how to save the most energy in your home and if you are building new homes how you can build one that costs about £20 a year to heat. There is a home in Oldham that does this and so it is our hope that we can as a town kickstart these new ideas if both the landlord (that could be all ratepayers in Bolton) and Treasury who charge business rates could pause for a couple of years we could get this one off the floor and begin to get feet in the town centre and new jobs. We have a set of ideas about other empty shops across the town and those are ideas that we’re trying to put together but we need feedback from other groups across Bolton and We think it would be good to pause and think together for the whole town what we want to see in the market place and help the retailers in there to boost footfall. We think every ratepayer in Bolton could agree together then the Council might consider such a plan and the Government MIGHT just give it a go. If they did we are absolutely positive that the town centre of Bolton would start to come alive after a long time. What have we got to loose?

Attractions in the Centre:

Food Market: that does not cost the Earth. The towns current Veg and Fish market migth want to trade there over the moment and think about Weather there are enough feet on the ground – The waste food goes into the towns food waste generator.

Innovation here is this idea.

If Marks & Spencer can power 33 stores from their waste food, then we definitely want the veg market in the shopping centre? This way we can also use waste to power a shopping centre – a world first maybe? All local food waste goes there – no transporting it to venus.

Powering the shopping centre from waste food is going to be really easy?

Landfill tax is hindering food waste-free future The landfill tax system is failing to divert food waste from landfill but introducing mandatory separate collections of the material will help the UK to achieve a food waste-free future by 2020, according to ReFood.

Stuff that comes out of the towns food generator (compost) can go in bags and be sold from the GreenHouse for peoples Gardens or go back to the local farms (circular loop).

With a bit of persuasion we can get the towns supermarkets to tip their waste food in and we’ve got a green power station for the town hooked into the grid that provide some power to the market Place – this could bring jobs to our common market place.

So that’s one of the innovations and could be the basis of the community energy company – buy your shares here (sometime)

Teas of the World: Starting with herbal teas that are fresh and sourced locally like Peppermint that can be grown in Bolton you can suddenly see that a community tea shop could be stacked up with seasonal local herbal teas and then moving onto the exotics and the community cafe has a wide range of teas available to both retail and food bar, this saves all sorts of logistics for the kitchen and simplifies the ordering etc. This would reduce transport costs and provide local jobs growing Peppermint and other useful things on the Towns surrounding farmland.

Community Kitchen: A variety of foods cooked by the Bolton community, served in a nice area perhaps with a set price but you can pick and mix. Global TAPAs if you like. We can all show off what we think is great about our food and we can all agree to differ , the main thing is we’re talking to one another and learning from each others food cultures. Innovation. Lets just get one delivery of stuff needed for the food centre not 20 different vans delivering cooking oil. We dont want to see people going hungry in the town and eating out of bins either. That is when its too late and before you know it, civilisation goes to the Hospital & it has a problem to deal with at the towns shame and expense. We can fix this and no Bolton family needs to fear not having something to eat.

Figure out the most energy efficient way to washup and treat it like a design project (fab lab). Could it use spare waste heat from the Market Place in some way? Calling energy bods from the Centre for Alternative Technology please they have a global network of good ideas like this.

Market Place Job centre – all those different new jobs and existing retails jobs could be fed into one page. Invite the Bolton hackathon team to write an open source app that powers the towns jobs. Get it organised by season so you can see the seasons jobs coming up and pick and mix your jobs across the town. Loads of ways of getting new experiences and also volunteering around town if you dont know what you want to do could count towards the town time bank – maybe there’s an app for that linked to Bolton Time bank? Hey it’s a playground if we want it to be and your free efforts should count in the town.

Town hacka thon:Your organisation got a problem? List it on Hack Day and we’ll put a calendar up & online. No point in pretending there are any business secrets any more, lets do it & get the problems solved if they are worth solving. Themed Hacks (Our kids future jobs n Housing / Jobs that support the traders in town / How we can help all of our relatives in the town Hospital tis winter) where the towns life hackers can fix the days issues over a cup of coffee in the community owned Market Place HackCafe. Bit of open source brain hacking and we’ll have an app where you can book a hack like the genious bar on apple – lets hack the town problems away and build a new low energy problem free town one hack at a time real fast. Lets make sure we do that in the Market Place we all own. Lets put a lovely dinner on and some music in the evening and hack the heck out of the stupidity we’re  in. Bing bong . Hey you guys up for this Hackathon?

Young #datageeks, govt data crowd & @RHCabinetOffice, at the @cabinetofficeuk ‘s #opendatastorm for #ParliamentWeek


@SeanHarriss – Cheif Exec of Bolton council is listening and we believe willing to give this a real go and @GMLowcarbonHub are really well connected into universities and people who can bring electric taxis to Bolton – even if we tried then for a few years we’d have clean streets and would have NO fuel bills and taxi drivers could save more money and so on. Maybe we could do a trial and put a few deisel cabs to one side and Plug in some new eletric ones – see how they work and if they save people money – bing bong. Fed that back up to the big nissan people or whoever and everyone will then want to try an electric taxi. Maybe if the scheme was introduced slowly and local radio fed it back and local paper @BoltonNews did same and printed an updatte every week we caould all ive feedback and get it sorted cheap clean taxis that don;t kill out kids with deisel fumes. BUT we’d have to consider the people who were repairing taxins – we can’t just do it – but this could work out right is the town gets on the page with it.


Creche: It must be possible to run a safe community creche that serves the needs of the community so that people can come in town, pop around and know they can get alot of extra face to face advice from the Market Place that they cant get from the local shop or from some over stretched telephone advice line. Book a Creche and a Hackathon? Fix the world and eat some food from Delhi cooked by a Chef from Bolton – cash up and deposit in the New Market Place Bank that brings a real bank back in town. No overnight lending. Lets slow down and fix the world together.

Clothes: From the existing retailers and new shops who are keen to join in the circular economy. Please get involved and fix the waste in the supply chain.

@MUDJEANSNL - yes onboard – jeans

@maryportas @MaryPortas_MCR  - What about it?

Fleece to Lease - a new concept pushing though where garments are made and retuned back into the manufacturing chain. So its’ kind of like you buy but you lease. When you’re sick of it or wear it out it comes back as something else you buy. Behind that it’s the circular economy – reducing resource waste.

Latest fabric trend Levi’s WaterLess jeans, which use a finishing technique that reduces water use in the finishing process by up to 96 percent for some styles use, taps into consumers’ desire to help the environment.  Now sell faster than standard Levi’s jeans. Companies that have this technology need to release it open source into the new FAB lab in Boltons Market Place to see how this works for all fabrics there’s @BoltonUni here and they know all about fabric – if some kind of ‘gift forward’ could be paid by the major corporations on any IP that’s going to work in a low res fabric world then some new traction could get going. Lets face it, what use is corporate IP worth if the eastern hemisphere gets a #haiyan every year and Boat people are heading up to Europe? How you think about that Depends what boat you’re in. Overcoming these corp outmoded thinking is the way forward. Get this right and all fabrics / curtains / tshirts / upholstery / could go through the global mangle in Bolton Market Place and as the pioneers of the fabric world we have a duty to mash it right. What comes out of this is hopefully something where all fabric in the global supply chain is 96% less – drop that on the designers – pop it in the Market Place Waterless clothing shops and you really do have a river swelling ground water replenishing Sari resonating down the supply chain. All of you pay forward your IP rights to kick start it. Get the Market Place website up selling ranges via small independents who wanna stay cooperative and share the rest of the products out through retail. People are going to pay more – that’s their gift forward – think about it like a global crowd fund and you’ll sleep real safe.

Hairdressing: All sorts of the best hair products for the planet and your Hair. This one’s going to be popular – get it on TV.

Book Shop and Book Exchange: For all the people who remember the quaint little Sweetens Bookshop it’d be nice to see reading back on the high street. This might be near the community kitchens or it might be upstairs who knows.

Railway link – Boys Toys – There is a new 70M railway link – We could vote for a Model Railway: Starting at the new railway station, and perhaps going down Johnson St, Down Maudsley St, Past Marks and Spencer and disembarking on Bridge St where people can walk through the town GreenHouse on the way to the centre. That’s a direct way into the town, clean and fun way to end a journey on a big train. It eliminates diesel particles that are ranked up there with Aspestos for cancer already linked to the death of many people this year in Bolton alone. Yes that’s right it’s official Deisel fumes are linked to Cancer and Manchester @GMLowCarbonHub is trying to do something massive about it by cleaning up the towns transport. If we don’t like that scheme perhaps a cable car from the new station and direct to the lift station of the town Market. Must be some ski lift enthusiasts we can run that one by and perhaps a model rail would suit elsewhere? Anyone know Jeremy Clarkson – he’d love that one on TV!

Furniture - One of the industries that have been identified for the circular economy is furniture. Many of the frames are made of wood and much of the wood comes from — forests – and forests are our friend – so we can circulate all the old frames in town and hey presto we have a resource that many many generations can sit on without upsetting forest people, filling ships that send forests to to china to be made into seats that are brough back to Bolton and displayed in showrooms for people to buy on credit, we own the frames, lets do the right thing please. There are enough people in Furniture in the greater manchester area to build a new economy reupholstering and manufacturing IN BOLTON again and displaying those products the town shopping centre with furniture / upholstery our parents can remember when this happened all over Bolton / ten or twenty smiles and deliver it. Yes this will all take time to re-align (that why we need to try it – and that is why George Osbourne could vote for a pause in the business rates for a few years while we all pulled the town centre around for our kids future) but the alternative is to do what – argue like parliament or fix it together?. So the old furniture can go to the remake warehouse not landfill or incinerator and orders coming in for that style can be allocated on a first come first serve basis and this can kickstart the upholstery choices that could be made in the shopping centre where people can also go about their other needs. Several weeks later and you have a phone call from the delivery bods and they are smiling too becuase they can take your old item and return it to the frame store for more and more and more until everything in town is done like this. That is where all the new economy jobs are.


Electric Taxis in Town: Using the open source vehicle concept and the manchester Fab Lab idea – can the towns university @BoltonUNI  and college @BoltonCollege come up with some of these vehicles, perhaps with the aid of Nissan or other car company that is willing to stick its neck out and build a clean, long lasting set of vehicles that are fit for taxi service in the town. This would meet all the clean air targets that are currently killing thousands of us across the Northwest including our kids believe it or not and reduce the burden on the Health service and trauma caused by watching family members suffer with Cancer. Come on chaps lets Pause and think this over for the whole towns benefit and mull it over togther. We don’t have to argue – just mull it over find a way forward – The big shops want this to work to so we’re all in and cant blame anyone.

On the subject of the town centre stores lets establish a common understanding of how much energy is being wasted as we shop.

Via @Close_the_door Why do 80% UK chain stores waste up to 50% energy & up to 10 tonnes CO2/year heating the street? #closethedoor #airquality #enoughisenough

Lets put that energy to better use and begin to think about the urban fabric of the Town in new ways. We could use saved energy to power the new food market and make the rents and energy cost lower for the market traders – We’ve bounced the idea to @SeanHarris that with a bit of thought Perhaps Lost heat at the new train station could warm a greenhouse at the new railway station that grows things for the Market Place. Perhaps the new station has Solar Panels that feed into the grid for the benefit of the community owned power station? We would all benefit from learning this new jobs. The big retailers would gain confidence that the towns residents wanted to shop in town again.

Bolton Bake house: That’s an astonishing waste of energy in the town. Surely we could save that and bake bread in the Market Place providing another little business – there’s no way that’s competing with the Greenhalghs family or the Warburtons, perhaps they could chip in with some advice and get another little business cooking and banking in the Towns New retail Market Place Bank?

Perhaps we could establish a flatbread oven in their too for the Community Kitchen – wraps to go. Then we dont need to import stuff for all the events we might line up, we’re ready to go. :)

Product Design central in Bolton.

Want something making or remaking in the town? Why not use shopping centres to ask people what they REALLY need making / remaking and then do live prototyping 3D printing in the centre, get fast feedback what Bolton needs and away you go .. fast forward relevant circular economy.

Bring in a FAB lab into the centre connected to the world – connected to @GMLowCarbonHub connected to the emerging Circular Economy and@BoltonUni @BoltonCollege @BoltonSchool and other schools go for it we need to understand this economy fast.

Watch the next gen collaborate and bring life back to the town. Watch them go. Free them from restraint overly bureaucratic or political rules about what town centres are. Introduce new ideas all over town.

NHS 3D services? – there’s a great 3d printing design that moulds foot and leg supports to perfection. How about that on the high Street not tucked away in room 101 on corridor G.

You want some funky 3D opensource frames? Get the towns opticians involved – Come on down to the Market Place in town.


Once Fairphone get going they’ll have a space in the shopping centre and we can all buy our Phones from them – same thing – when it breaks, drop it in an envelope, goes back to re-make –  jobs across town and new phone.

And finally the most controversial subject on Earth where for better or for worse huge amounts of our lives, savings and pensions are invested at a cost of about 30% of global emissions and rising. We’re going to be as fascinated by this one as the new ways of working out how Clothing and Agriculture can be reconfigured. We’ve all got a huge stake in this one.

And Japanese Whalers can stop whaling and haul plastic JUNK from the Oceans and make PHONE BLOCKS

Homes: New kinds of homes for our kids and their young families: That cost from £20 a year to heat. These might be part of the Market Place Affordable homes project where a number of low energy homes are rented with the proceeds going back to the Market Place Bank. This could be run as a cooperative like Boltons very own Sensible Housing Cooperative with some training so that people begin to learn how to co-operatively run a small housing scheme with the rental / energy figures displayed online. This could be extended across the town to a self build project as more people get confident in their own abilities to build and manage homes where they want to live, this is something that is very peculiar to modern towns in UK and could help to build a pool of skilled people very self sufficient  housing schemes across the Borough for the benefit of all those that cant get on the present housing ladder because it keeps getting moved by one thing or another. On a larger scale and more appropriate for Head Teachers or Landlords or Businesses at a town wide scale there might be be photos and small scale model examples of Schools and Offices that save lots of Energy that are based on actual buildings that are functioning and proven to work. Like a sort of showroom these could be a non sales orientated space with the best the region can offer with advice on where to get one if you want one building. That way we’re going to make the right choices before we poor more concrete.

Infact – many of the UK’s 8000 supermarkets can be retrofitted to provide low energy homes. Yep – you just read that.

Grand Designs – but real ones we can build together here in Bolon – We have to overcome alot of ideas about what housing looks like and we’re hearing all sorts of things about housing being built that residents are then not happy about and it results in a Councillor having to get involved. This is all very time consuming and costly. It would be the aim of the centre to provide the best possible Housing and Energy advice for the region and then they go to the Architects and Builders that can do it with at least some kind of idea of what they are about to build. People who really know their stuff and who are impartial are going to save the region a good few Billion over then next 10 years. That can go into real ventures across the region and we don’t have to go to the zombie bank and ask for a town loan.

Gradually people are going to warm to the idea that there is alot that you can do with new buildings that are currently not being addressed. It’s too late once you have poored the concrete and set out the master plan. That building will be asking for gas/coal/wood/electricity for the rest of its life and as other nations also build homes like we do the competition for the GAS to heat them increases and the wheels start to come off in Parliament. Better that we build and design that problem out now so that the Towns new buildings can become immune to energy increases and we can concentrate on how the great renovation is going to work.

Renovating homes: Individual advice on renovating your home with examples and contacts of the construction trade who are working together for the benefit of the whole town rather than being in competition. This might be like the Carbon Coop in Manchester where Architects and Energy advisors survey your home. For example a proper survey would involve a heat camera and real advice that you can make a decision on. There are too many elements to cover here but the local authority have a database of all the homes in the Borough and certain homes in the Town are of a certain style and period. So as a town we could develop a blueprint for the homes (EG Deane Housing, Chorley New Road Housing, Halliwell Road Housing) and see what the best way to renovate present terrace/semi/detached house or street are and decide accordingly. If a whole street decides it wants to renovate then the most appropriate plan could be put together and a work program established. The most energy efficient homes in the Town could be shown in the centre with advice from their residents on how they went about it. The Bolton News could run a monthly page showing what’s really going on or we can make our own news paper if that’s too difficult.

The basic idea of the energy centre would be to try and avoid the need to import any energy for new homes and build town wide capacity to decrease the energy needed in ALL existing buildings.

If we can figure this out in Bolton and get it right then our skills and products are going to be very useful to other nations who are trying to do the same thing. At a wider scale @GMLowCarbonHub is trying to make this happen from central government and as we all know this is becoming heated but that won’t warm our homes.

If we get this right there will be opportunities all over the northwest to do the same. Each time we build a new home / school / hospital / office we’re importing less gas. That’s not to say we don’t want gas at all, we don’t want to upset present suppliers and have arguments in Parliament but we don’t want to compete with other nations for energy we don’t need. We can spend that saved money in the local economy. If we can teach other nations how to do the same we’ll also reduce their need to import energy to heat their buildings and so the competition will reduce and we’ll see countries becoming more harmonious as they too learn how to pause and plan for new kinds of buildings than they might have bought.

If we are very lucky we’ll get to produce no end of these buildings that could become an export grade product – that means you could say with all certainty that it was built for the Chinese climate in such and such a region and it would be guaranteed to function for say 50-80 years with 90% less energy. That is like saying we can make carbon capture and storage products that people can live in. Yes we can design out heating needs and save 90% of energy in most new buildings on earth. It really really is possible.

If the NorthWest were able to get contracts in China, India, America, Mediteranian where lots of energy burning buildings are being built then we’re really using our shopping centres to increase awareness about the importance of energy and demonstrate it in real life but we’re developing our region back to where it could be with products that people want to buy and live in.

Moving on a bit further this would give real confidence and people might be persuaded to invest in these kinds of buildings for the longer term. You know pension funds. Heck you might even want to live in one if they have this affect?

 Calendar of Events

This is all very fluid but here are some ideas.

When we’ve bought the Market Place Shopping Centre we can agree a calendar of events.

We could create a series of all year round food events that are relevant to the towns residents. We’ve got people from all over the world here in Bolton and It’ll give the town a chance to sample food by the Chefs from different communities and will draw many people each time this happens. If there are weddings and events related to the festivals they can take place in the town centre so that people are drawn to the centre to celebrate and learn together.

Image courtesy of the local data company – Thank you kindly.

An example might be the Market Place drawing the crowd for Diwali in the centre.

The banners at the entrance might reflect this and continue through the centre so that people get the full flavour of the event. Retailers can plan in advance and the centre adapts to the seasons and flavours for that community. If we agree the basic Calendar a year ahead then supply chains can plan and react accordingly instead of rushing around trying to get everything sorted last minute.

People from towns around could come to town to sample food – the community kitchen could cater for this.

Make the event prominent so its a massive success.

The best types of homes on Mother Earth are right there in the shopping centre because we put them there. Around the world word is going to get out that you build climate friendly homes on earth using a very simple idea and attention to detail, they are amazed that you can build homes that don’t melt icebergs, whatever has been going on? The word quickly spreads to India where orders come flooding back into the @GMLowCarbonHub for a few hotels built like this and a Hospital and quite alot of schools. The best kinds of materials for the job are agreed and the whole project is fully transparent.  A deposit is put in for the first versions and that gets the supply chain moving. Richard Leese head of Greater Manchester falls off his chair with respect and amazment that something so simple could kickstart the next revolution between Manchester regions and India, wow that flushed the cobwebs out of what we call a shopping centre. The best Earth saving planet mending ideas are brought forward onto the Market Place floor and we’ve heard the feedback directly from residents in this town who have relatives in a country of over a billion people. Heck that was some festival.. wait till you get the next one.

Hang on.

What’s just happened, we’ve  spend £100 each and the Market Place is able to sell products made in Bolton & Northwest in India with clean orders for all types of things that are the best examples you can get?

Yeah £100 mate.

Kids are going to love it – they can throw pumkins around while mum and dad look at buildings or eat a meal.

On the way home you can see peoples faces light up, their families have spent time together, shared some pretty radical ideas, sent facebook messages to their family and kickstarted the only revolution worth having. Bolton families might take their plans for a new home from the Market Place and liase with the Loco Works in Horwich where the old train sheds are repurposed to deliver.

There is a look of astonishment on peoples faces as the first passiv haus schools comes off the assembly line and floats off to India on a low energy Barge that Rolls Royce Sail It Bonkers Man & Oars Ltd are working on. Bye heck grandad i could have sworn i saw a miracle or was it a mirage? We’ll never know if we dont try it Gromit. In the meantime, lets go to the flea pit and celebrate some real ale in ancient comfort and spread this new work round town.

Several weeks later we hear back from India and it’s all gone ok – some people from the NW went over to plug it in and before you know it the orders that were coming off the fax machine in Horwich were too much to handle. There was some real collaboration going on the global low energy supply chain that day.

Meanwhile back at the pub .. Hey Bill, have you heard about the Reggae Reggae festival in Bolton Market Place next week. The Marley’s are in town. Yeah it’s a gonna be a good one, apparently Paul McCartneys in town too, he wants one of them new houses that cost no icebergs to run and he wants to learn about how to upgrade some of his buildings for Earth Day 2014. Apparently he’s made a donation to the Market Place Bank to help sort out the community food waste generator that’ll power the next festival, pretty symbolic really what with Linda’s link to food activism and His Link to Music.. wow. Keith Davies from head of business re-generation recons that’ll be real useful and will extend the food waste scheme to the whole town so that food waste from the new Rail Station can be tipped in too. Sean Harris got a call that day from the supermarkets in town, they want to chip in and regular meeting are setup to figure this out for real. (It was a hum dinger of meeting @BoltonMarkets @WrapUK @Supermarkets @BigRetail @Transition Towns @Permaculture @People on the ground) The meeting was set up to throw all the problems on the table and gave people time to really understand how this was gonna work for the next 150 years. A bit of victorian engineering gromit but not as we know it. Meanwhile as the ideas percolated across town and the region got involved, various other ideas bobbed in over the TV network, you know, one reporter to another, word of mouth.

December 2013

The buzz in town meant that people wanted to support traders this Christmas. You could see people actively helping each other, being polite. You could tell for the first time in 30 years people were exited to have a share of the town they grew up in that they began to set aside their differences and build a future together. There was alot of bad news too but papers tend to print so much of it. Perhaps the town could have it’s own Paper. Maybe that’s a bit too radical.

January 2014

Meanwhile the sign went up on the towns new Bank and the share offer went out to the town. The worlds media stood by the print button eagerly wondering what would happen.

There was snow on the ground and all sorts of ice on the roads but the article that day went viral. The phones came off the hook, multiple ahhhaa moments and there weren’t enough people to cover the responses.

The snow was 3 foot deep in some places but the queue ran around the block.

The results were in. The town supported the ideas for the market Place and wanted to do what they could for the Low Carbon Economy. They could see a way forward for the town and this was their prefered option after listening to the other potential owners. They also had comfort that the town was being re-purposed.

A moment in time.


A real cold month but everyone is focused on the task on hand and planning for the spring. The deeds are signed and the Market Place becomes the focus of the regions low carbon hub feeding out the right information for all to see. A team of Humans is set up to manage the above, bye heck they had a laugh.

The snow began to clear and two massive snow men were built outside the centre to draw people in, still very cold.




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