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Bolton’s Affordable Warmth Strategy 2011 – 2012

What is Bolton council strategy on  affordable warmth?

This question arose at a Transition Cafe meeting in August,  attached is the strategy for 2011 -12 and a response from a Bolton at Home representative.

Affordable Warmth Update Feb 2012 v11 

The Strategy itself was a three year Strategy and although this has lapsed slightly we are about to start reviewing our approach.  We have continued to deliver the Strategy and have been successful in doing so but there are a number of changes coming up which means we want to take a comprehensive look at how we can continue to make a difference within a new context. For example, We are part of a Greater Manchester approach which is also changing, Green Deal will be introduced shortly and locally in Bolton we are taking a much more targeted, holistic approach to Prevention work and interventions in order to manage resources effectively.


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