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TT Business – The Northwest & the cradle of the Industrial Revolution.. does it understand the next one?

Today we have an important presentation by Richard Branson followed by an Interview with Telegraph business reported Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and then an interview with Chris Martenson that pulls all this together.

In February 2010, a group of business leaders (including Richard Branson) came together to issue the UK government a warning: we’ve had the credit crisis, the next crisis will be a peak oil crisis in 2015. (When he said this, we hadn’t had the Arab Spring or seen the Wikileaks cables showing that Saudi Arabia has overstated it’s oil reserves)

2015 – peak oil report

(Successive Governments over the last 10 years have not publicly debated this – not sure why because including the general public and business in a 10 year response plan would be a reasonable and humane thing to do. Robert Hirsch thought it wise to allow 20 years but for some unknown reason our governments don’t seem able to listen)

When Interviewed March 20th 2012..

“What this tells me is that there is a fundamental structural shortage of oil in the world”. Business reporter for the Telegraph Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

THE POSITIVE!! – How should we view this opportunity?

If you are reading the above videos correctly – Global Growth has gone away .. we talk about that here.

What does that mean for Business in the Northwest?

The real focus is to bring North West investors together to understand the predicament and to convert resources while they can towards a low energy economy across the region. It seems that London will not tell business or the public in the North the real truth. surely if they have no ideas for an economy with &5 annual oil depletion then they don’t deserve to lead us with more talk of Economic Growth?

Collaboration is here .. the new economy is local, small scale, very shared and this is rapidly becoming the global trend.

If you are thinking of rushing for Gold – forget it. The future is a shareable world, you can’t eat gold and someone’s army will find it [iraq-libya-syria next-germany-switzerland] – what you can do is gift infrastructure [property, land, skills, machinery] into local economies and become a gifter and modern day angel in the truly epic times we are in, we are going to need epic gifters who really understand what this page is about and who want to save the Northwest from the worst impacts.

We are going to need time to repair our understanding of what an economy with depleting oil is and together retrofit our towns and cities so they stand more chance of surviving external economic shocks. That’s a key concept of the Transition Town movement.

Make sure you are ready to give or you’ll be left on your own ‘island’ defending something that will not work in a low energy world.

There is only one Pension available now. It’s preserving the earth we live on, understanding and embracing this next chapter in our human history is our collective pension and the most precious gift we could ever do for each others children as they look at our adult induced predicament.

What’s next?

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