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Going Dutch: New homes, New travel arrangements in the Netherlands

Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign hosts a special presentation 

Richard Armitage CMILT, Chair of the Cycling Forum, Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport

Transport consultant Richard Armitage is a member of SUNN, the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods Network. In autumn 2011 he joined a study tour of new housing in three Dutch cities. Richard explains the background:

 “Over two years SUNN  arranged for a group of 60 professionals involved in new residential developments – designers, architects, urban planners, developers, housing association managers, and one transport specialist (me) – to tour new developments around England. This was a fascinating and instructive process, showing the good, the bad and the sadly indifferent in modern residential areas. And at the end, we went Dutch………………

In the Netherlands we viewed three cities: Amersfoort, Houten and Almere. The new homes we saw have many different designs and sizes. The bicycle is frequently the best way to get around – the quickest and most direct route between A and B, the most pleasant way to travel (traffic-free). Proper cycle storage, hire and maintenance facilities abound. This leaves public transport – mainly rail – to take you longer distances (e.g. to work).Despite high quality building standards, low energy consumption homes, pleasant surroundings and significant transport infrastructure investment, the finances work. Public subsidy is minimal, yet these developments are financially successful.
The car is never allowed to dominate the streets or the view in these new urban extensions but there is still plenty of parking. It is not about ownership but use and management. Meanwhile, Dutch motorway queues are easily as good as ours, so the car has not been banished. The results are obvious to see and Dutch people are queuing up to live in these areas, especially Houten near Utrecht.”

Richard is a popular and stimulating speaker.

Come and hear what we can learn from the Dutch.

 Monday 16th April 2012 at 19 30 hrs

Light refreshments will be available from 19 00 hrs prior to the presentation.

 Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS


 To reserve a place and assist catering RSVP:


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