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G isn’t coming back – welcome to Economic Rowth… some thoughts on where the economy is going

I like to listen.

And if you listen you can hear where the economy is going.

Don’t believe me?

We didn’t hear the G fall off GROWTH it just fell and we felt it.

Now that it’s gone we can hear the new economy loud and clear.

It’s called ROWTH.

When you hear that word and really listen, what’s it saying to you?


Rowing together harmoniously.

This new economy word implies that we’re all just about to enter one of the most exhilarating stages in human history.

Pause a moment…

G isn’t coming back, you know that don’t you?..does that mean you’ll fall into the abyss?

Only if you hang on to the last drops of G … you see; the tides turned in 2005 and what was then now isn’t available for G to exist but there is now room for it’s cousin ROWTH.

Let’s just make sure G gets a proper send off and salute for being such a good sport before we move onto rowing together harmoniously and respecting what’s left.

G needed stuff that’s in very short supply.

Martin Sorell of wpp advertising was the G man’s G man. Nearly every corporation on earth goes to G man to buy advertising globally to sell stuff to increase Growth. If you bought any significant manufactured products within the last 20 years it’s likely that G man’s G men sold it to you. G man is now saying G is over. What’s behind the fall of G man and his clients old ways?

This is where G gets interesting.

8 years from now the imported oil america relies on will provide it 50% less transport fuel. Saudi Arabia, Canada, Argentina England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Iran, Africa, Australia, you name it G fluid is running out fast and causing ROWTH, war like solutions & international tensions just to try and keep G mans hungry clients and their investors happy.

G also needs special metals – can you imagine some of the worlds most advance nations have less than 60 days supply of essential G metals in their warehouses to feed the G assembly lines ready for G export to G economies and globally there are less than 5 years of some G minerals available for some advanced G wired industrial economies.

So G is over. Davos and Investors in every stock exchange know it. G one.

Thanks G i salute you for getting us this far, lets introduce your cousin and welcome in the new economy of ROWTH.

So G where is your cousin ROWTH going without you?


Lets spell that again in the new language.

Share able.

The ability to share within a;

Circular Economy…. the Earth.

In an ever lasting loop of the stuff needed to live within ROW T H.

Thoughts on ROWTH by TT Bolton living in Lancashire the green and rolling heartlands of 200 yrs of G, in a town made famous for spinning yarns literally by Samuel Crompton to wordsmiths of the day… Hovis Presley, Radio 1′s Sarah Cox and Peter Kay amongst many others.

Now that G’s gone welcome your families to the next two centuries of it’s cousin ROWTH.

It’s a new day in Lancashire.

It’s a new day across Earth.


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