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Dealing with the emotional Toll of economic recession and industrial collapse.

Cheer up you are not alone. TT is about helping each other cope.

There are a wide range of people who also share your anxieties and the mixed feelings that you may have about todays economic problems and they are ahead of us in thinking these things over.

Carolyn Baker is one and there are many articles on her website that resonate within the Transition Town movement and most likely many others.

This article deals with emotional resilience in Traumatic times – take care

This article is about teenagers and the emotional stresses playing out in their generation – hope it helps you to take care of the younger generation.

And Carolyns Book - Navigating the Coming Chaos deals with many of the topics Richard Branson (peak oil), Chris Martenson (Peak everything) and many others have warned us about and deals with the emotional responses that allows us to be better prepared for the changes.

Navigating the Coming Chaos is Carolyn Baker’s latest, and most important work. As we face up to the reality of collapse, the difference between those former citizens who cope and those who don’t may well be a simple case of who has taken heed of the lessons contained within these priceless pages.

Use this book like you would a longtime friend who is willing to listen to you thoroughly but will still ask you the tough questions. It is an invaluable tool for people who are committed to creating a fulfilling life no matter what the future brings. Andre Angelantoni, Founder of Post Peak Living

An honest look at how you feel after you understand peak oil - Who am i in a post petroleum world?

Sally Lever – are you thinking about downshifiting?



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