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How can we work better together? July 2011

Bolton College & Transition Town Bolton hold a networking meeting 7.7.11

The main theme for the evening was to introduce local groups in the town to each other so that groups can see who else is working on complimentary projects, raise awareness of the transition town economy concept and to ask the question – How can we all work better together?

During the 2 hour meetup, 20 Local groups were represented and peoples responses to the main theme are below..

How can we work better together?


Share skills and experience

Link up with groups with similar aims

Work more effectively as bigger groups

Knowing who’s doing what and how to contact them

Use libraries as community hubs

Food directory, other directories of initiatives in Bolton

Big Green Event!

Use Transition Town website to promote local initiatives and to contact each other, develop community spirit and help each other

Use Facebook page to contact more people – here are the facebook groups

The Kitchen, 20’s Plenty, Looked-after Chickens, Bolton Food Co-op, Guerrilla Gardeners, Safer Cycling, Save Bolton Libraries, BikeRight!, Bolton Gathering of Organic Growers, Bolton Urban Growers, Bolton Alternative transport (Andy Boardman (repairs bikes, reconditions old bikes, trains young people in bike mechanics), Transition Town Bolton

Improve communication with the Council

Solidarity with each other, support each other

Develop car-sharing project in collaboration with Council

Have regular themed events with speakers on particular topics such as insulation, permaculture, growing produce, safer cycling, recycling, re-use (make do and mend)….

Publicity – use Bolton Transition Town website and Facebook page to publicise your events and initiatives.

Important to promote the benefits to people, e.g. save money; fun element; not a punishment!

Later this year, a larger meeting, taking place over a few hours e.g. on a Saturday with fun activities and themed workshops, to be well publicized, hoping to draw in the wider public.

Rob Hopkins explains Transition

Rob Hopkins explains the Transition Town Concept


Liz is willing to be involved in organizing kids’ activities – it’s their problem even more than ours.

Lorraine is planning to start up a youth group in conjunction with Bolton Octagon theatre

If you are interested in helping in either of these, contact Liz and Lorraine

Jenny Lee explains the ethical and environmental policy of Bolton College

Jenny Lee explains the ethical and environmental policy of Bolton College

Working on a Food Directory -  contact Kath and …

Send photos of current projects to Transition Town website, contact Boyd

Jean is interested in working with Food group, educating people in using food properly, avoiding waste, cooking rather than using fast food etc. See also NHS project Cook4life

Justin Larner of CommEnt can help groups form legal constitution, necessary to apply for funding

Try to do as much as possible without funding, the more we do ourselves the more resilient we are

If you know of a big event where we/you can have a presence and promote sustainability, publicise it on website and get organized


Working on positive local solutions to Peak Oil and Climate change

Colin Unsworth offers cycle training/ knowledge-sharing to encourage people back onto bikes – Manchester currently has a big initiative in cycle training.

Ian Smith also offers cycle training for adults to build confidence in cycling on the roads

The audience worked in small groups in lively 15 min sessions


Contact us if you know of a venue and would like to organize a film night, and if you would like to give a talk or present a local project related to the theme of the film, we are happy to support.

Local responses to peak oil & Climate change

People work on local responses to Peak Oil & Climate Change



How can we all work better together?








Success story: Sue Slamon ran a film night in Adlington: out of this, a group of people organized to get a community allotment, one has now become a parish councillor; community activism, fun, social initiative all in one!


Contact if you would like students to volunteer on a transition project

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