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Compensate each driver with Carcoin – captures cars & carbon – makes every home debt free with a tradable local / national asset.

Look back in time.

Take this stone currency idea.

Ownership of the stone is passed by word of mouth to transact business.

This alone will not work, however if we jump to the present and have a quick  look around on website with big open eyes and a sort of ‘heck how did we get here so fast’ sort of a look on your face.

Then visualise carbon capture and storage in a new way. Capturing cars (by agreement) and parking them on a street or a drive or a compound and assigning the full ‘economic cost/gdp value to what these heavy four wheeled stones represent. raw materials mining, melting,spraying, oil, war, tyres, bulbs, insurance, mining for motorway materials, cracked paving stones, hit and run drivers, uninsured drivers, driveby shootings, carbombs, pm2.5. those sorts of things.

And assign that cost to the registration plate.

Suddenly your numberplate is worth say $£€10M? It must be worth compensating this much not to drive?

At this point you have an offgrid bitcoin item that could be part of the global currency reset. when the internet stops working – your numberplate bank account could operate across towns, regions, nations quite well?

On paper – you have a non violent item sat there outside someones home of business that could be integrated into the tradable currency system and would recapitalise towns, cities and bank balance sheets without firing bullets or digging anything up. Yes it may sound radical – but it’s understandable at a local level – countable and has worked in the past with big heavy stones – no reason to think that is will not work with big heavy cars when the dust settles on currency wars?

The metal can be drawn down locally to make things of great use? Thus reducing the massive energy cost of forever mining. Even if we agree to do this just for 100 years? then go mental again? Perhaps it will get us all to an agreeable reset?

All those new places growing food on motorways will need metal made from cars right? And here they are – ready and waiting.



Your local council / actuary department could easily display the weeks accounts in the local paper. Central government does not have to rely on taxing people and trading some international landfill while pretending that progress is being made every four years. We are adults – this is simple – children could run it easily.

Please do it. Peacefully.

And keep a set of wellingtons handy.

It’s easy enought to trade with others and tally up – even if computers get scarce those assigned digits that are linked to towns and cities can be traded on paper –

If you want a fancier version of a blockchain debit card rather than bits of paper – but still one that’s linked to the REGISTRATIONCOIN – then you could have a self powered blockchain debit card with the reg number on that allowed you to trade your post regplate extinction currency with others in a very energy efficient way. #JustPayBuildings


God bless.


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