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Could tower cranes be a part of a passiv building once it is complete?


A tower crane consists of three major components working in tandem, the base, the tower and the slewing unit.



Could the base be the foundations of the building.

Could the tower be the lift shaft that lifts materials that later becomes the lift or the stairs of the building

Then you only have to move the slewing unit or – Could the slewing unit become the pivot for a rotating roof that faces into the wind or slowly rotating to lift water, provide enough power for refrigerators or provide vaccum for clearing dust without hoovers and other fire risk items?

Pre-picked pallets of materials could be delivered into the base of the lift with all the materials needed phase by phase? A sort of manual Project management / BIM system without using complex software. For instance you might have a list of materials/items floor by floor and allocate a pick or order for each pallet and deliver and fix. It may also be possible to grow bricks onsite in only 5 days that ventilate the building and reduce vehicle movements etc but that bit depends some dedicated r&d / innovation.

Could the same technique be used for smaller buildings such as domestic homes?

Could much lighter / less materials be used to reduce the weight and cost of buildings so they don’t sink into the ground or sink taxpayers or investors as much?

A sort of hybrid technique of offsite manufacture / picking delivery and onsite assembly.

Thanks for your time.



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